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Loom Knitting Tutorial: 2 stitch I-cord: for Arellis Bracelet

Arellis Bracelet Pattern:Beads, Beads, Beads!


The memories of my childhood are rare, memories with my sisters are scarce and spotty. The recent contact with my little Sis has made me a bit melancholic and has me reaching back for every speck of memory of them.

I remember one afternoon when Mom was washing clothes in the backyard. Mom was washing the clothes by hand on the lavadero (washing sink) and she kept throwing water at us with the jicara (a small plastic dish), and the four of us kept running around the yard trying to not get wet. Our hair was long and I remember my 2nd to youngest sister's hair flying around and she just looked so pretty--she had dirty blond hair that shined beautiful under the sun. I loved her hair, being a brunnette her hair always fascinated me and I remember going to the front yard and picking red flowers to put by our ears. Soon the water was forgotten and we ended up playing with the flowers and decorating our hair. Bracelet5_2

I don't remember much more than just the above, but I do  remember the flowers and the colors around the  house. Mom had bugambilia trees that climbed up on one of the sides of the house, by the front steps we had purple/blue Hydrangeas (Hortensias), and around the house we had a hibiscus hedge that gave us beautiful and huge, red trumpet shaped flowers (the ones that I used for our hair decoration).

Since my reunion with my little Sister, my knitting times are usually spent reliving memories and thinking of the day that we finally meet each other again. The bracelet above is named after my 2nd to youngest sister...it is her middle name and the one that she prefers to be known as, Arellis.

I hope you enjoy loom knitting it as much as I enjoyed knitting mine...threading the beads will definitely give a couple of hours of contemplation time :).

Pattern is loom knitted but it can most definitely be needle knit by using size 11 needles (details on the PDF file). It is not knitted with wire but with elastic which feels more comfortable than the wire :). I hope you really enjoy it!

Download PDF file.

When you click on the link it will download the PDF directly to your computer. If you have any problems downloading it, drop me a quick note below and I'll send it out to you (I am using a new service to store my pdf files).

Also, drop me a comment if you have any questions about the pattern, I know it reads more like a guide than a pattern.

Although it uses a lot of beads, the beads are quite inexpensive. I think I was able to create the bracelet with about $3 (all materials for it).


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i am not able to download anything on this computer but i would like to get the pattern for the arellis bracelet and if you have a easy pattern for a shug i would like that as well any easy pattern for my new found love for loom knitting thank you sherril

Liz Williams

Hi,love the bracelet ,I have knitted for years, but am new to looming.need more patterns.Thanks Liz


Thanks Isela. I'm making this for my sister. And you're right--the materials are pretty inexpensive. The elastic was the most expensive for me, because I had to buy a spool of it... And a bead spinner since my hands won't let me bead--arthritis, etc. But now that I have those, the next bracelet won't be such a project. :D


another beautiful creation, isela! would you consider emailing me the pattern? i'm having trouble getting my computer to let me download it. great job !


Ok, this is so easy.

here is mine:


this is so beautiful. I'm working on putting my beads all on now... to make a bracelet for myself.

Thakns so much for sharing your creations.


Thank so much Isela, My girly girls would love those..Off to Joanns to buy required materials.


Bracelet file was updated on 6/17, please download a new copy.


Hi Isela! Thanks so much for sharing your patterns. I have a ?? how long should the elastic be when you start?
I'm confused about this...


This is so pretty Isela. I can think of a *bunch* of people I know that would love these for gifts, after I make a few for myself first. You are so creative. I'm not the least bit jealous. Your sisters are so blessed in you.


Beautiful bracelet! Thank you for sharing your memories! I love the sparkley collage too! :)


Beautiful bracelet! Warms my beady heart. :-)

Brenda GA Dome-Dweller

Beautiful, Isela! Also, if you decide to expand your creative talents, might I suggest writing. I throughly enjoyed reading about your childhood memories with your family. Your words painted lovely pictures in my mind.


I LOVE THIS BACELET!!! Neto how you got the little sparkles to show on the photos like that. Sweet memories and your braclet is so pretty that you named after your sister.


Arellis is GORGEOUS! Thank you for sharing your pattern and your memories.

(You have lovely hands)


Your childhood memories are very sweet. I am sure your sisters have them about you too.

The bracelet is lovely, and naming it after your sister is so special. I don't do much with seed beads anymore (can't see the darn things without magnifying glasses), but I am going to give it a try. I have a niece that would really love an Arellis Bracelet.


Liz Anderson

OOooo, shiney! Pretty!
I'd love one in little potato/rice pearls and Swarovski crystals. Anyone have a source? I suspect it might break the budget!
This is one of those ultra-special designs that is contest worthy. Look in Bead & Button or Beadworks. Maybe they'd pay you for this!


Good Morning Isela!
Thank you for sharing such precious memories with us, and for sharing your pattern for the beautiful Arellis bracelet.

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