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February 05, 2008


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thank you for your videos...some of us (me) read the word but it does not really click until we see the video at lease one time!

Lori Jones

I love the keepsake loom, Id like to have 1 or 5 or 20 of those, I already own two of the bigger ones that yall make and enjoy them so much. If you do decide to sell them, please keep me in mind.
P.S. Thank you for all you do for the looming community, id be lost without your tutorial and your books ;-)


Ok silly question time. When you are doing a cable. I see you showed a right cross and a left cross cable. When you are knitting, do you use the same cable, like you use the right cross cable the entire time, or do you do the first right cross, then the second one left cross.
I hope that makes sense.



Thanks Isela!! Are these included in your new book?
Kristin D.

Christine Durkin

Thanks so much for posting the videos. I do have a question. I have been using your weekend mock cable sock pattern for many other items besides socks. I have also made a hat using the simple cables. I wanted to try your thicker cable that you have posted that uses 6 pegs for the cable instead of three but my yarn simply would not stretch and in some cases I broke it because I was working it over too hard. Do you have any suggestions for keeping the yarn from breaking? Also on the patterns you show above what is the row repeat...is it every third row to work the actual cable? Thanks again. I also love the cables! Christine


You rock girlfriend! Thanks for the videos. It is much easier to learn something when you actually get to see it being done.



oh thank you... I so want to try cable on the looms.


Must resist getting loom out! :D Evil loom pusher.

I'm trying to wait for the book. I have yarn set aside and I want to follow your instructions.


Thanks, Isela, for the great videos! :)
Question: When knitting what you have just demonstrated in a project, do you have the tendency (I know I do, and I've been wondering if I should actually be doing this)to take the slack out of the carry over lines in the back, so that they are nearer to the pegs they are going to end up on? Or do you just leave them loose and long?
Thanks! Bethany~


Thank you thank you thank you Isela! I've not been able to get the new book yet, but know that I do much better with your videos than I do with written directions so thank you for sharing this with us! Can't wait to get the book and get cabling!!!


I am so glad someone is going over this!! Reading the instructions is not as easy as viewing someone doing them!! Thanks so much!!

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