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Almost Wordless Wednesday

First Signs of Spring

Spring Signs

It is almost here, I can feel it. I can't wait for it! I am so psyched! Unfortunately, I managed to get sick over the weekend, yuck! I think I know how it happened too. I went to a swimming party Saturday (indoors), everything went great. The kids swam: meaning, little Benny stayed by the side of the pool dipping her feet while Wonderboy tried to learn to swim with me.

The evening was uneventful, other than a 35 lbs child jump to me on the 5 foot deep water and considering that I am only 5 foot 2 inches, when the little girl jumped, she sent us both down the pool! There I was trying to get her to the side of the pool while trying very hard not to sink in. I know how to float very well but when she jumped, I barely had a chance to put my arms up to grab her. Anyways, that was nothing. At the end, we are getting the kids dressed, hubby goes out to the bathroom to get Wonderboy dressed and little Benny stays by the pool with me, while I got my t-shirt on and pants (didn't get a chance to get this one). I sit her down, I look to the pool and there are two little kids playing around. The first one jumps in the pool and the other follows. Well the first one knows how to swim, the second one doesn't. So I see him struggling, arms flapping, head sinking, his little eyes in terror, so I instantly jump in, t-shirt and all! Grab him by the chest and push him to the outside of the pool. His Grandpa (I think it was his Grandpa) runs to him and makes sure he is okay, thanks me and they go to the side (where I am sure the little kid got a small lesson about jumping in). Anyways, my dry clothes got soaked. I ended up going home with wet clothes. I didn't spend much time outside with them on but apparently the few minutes was enough to get me a bit under the weather. I guess, a cold is not a bad trade off.

The pictures above are from our weekend. Signs of Spring are popping everywhere. Even the birds have started to chirp around our homes. I am so excited! I love warm weather. I can do without the snow and the cold. What signs of Spring have you seen where you live? Post pics on your blog of First Signs of Spring around your neighborhood, let's make it a pre-Spring photo shoot!


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We're fighting strep at my house right now. What is it about pools? When my oldest was about 4 years old we went to a pool party for a sales company that hubby had been working for. We were going to eat and then swim. Well, my kid just didn't want to wait for the dinner. He stepped down one stair into the pool and I told him "No, we have to eat first." He stepped down another stair and I said "Not yet. Get out of the pool" He stepped down another stair and I ordered him out. He looked at me and stepped off that last stair. Blub, blub, blub. Down he sank. I just dropped my plate of food and jumped in there after him. In slacks and my best shoes. Those poor shoes were never the same. But my kiddo was okay. Your little ones are so adorable! And your girlie has such pretty long hair. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have a great day!


Sorry to hear that you are sick. Get better soon so you can enjoy all the springy goodness.

I had my first sign of spring over the weekend. Two birds (one a baby) flew into my house, and would not leave no matter what we did. I have VERY high ceilings. One of them left after about 2 hours. The baby wouldn't leave. I finally trapped it in my curtains on the windowsill, and had hubby put a towel over it to take it outside. Fly away home little birdie! It did. Now I fear I may have birdie poop on the ledges and silk plants that are about 18 feet up in my house. How is a girl that does not like heights over the second step on a ladder going to handle that? sigh.......



Yeah, I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but glad for what you did!

We do have a unique sign of spring here already, but it's kind of an "Ewwww" one:

The turkey vultures are back.


oooh you did good!!
I'm here with Kim on the spring thing.. spring?? What's that!


No signs of spring here yet ;-( I did spot a mud puddle forming near the garage today when I went to bring my daughter to school today (just a little melt off from snow on the garage). I certainly will post a picture when there is something to get excited about.



What great photos! Signs of spring here Cleveland, in March? Ha! I have 18 inches of snow surrounding my house, and my kids have had 4 snow days already this year (I'm burning through my personal and vacation time already).

That's wonderful that you noticed that little boy in trouble when you did. It only takes a minute for someone to drown. A little girl drowned in a public pool in the suburb in live in a few years ago (even with a lifeguard on duty) and an aunt supervising,, and the family won a million-dollar lawsuit against the city. It only takes a minute for something to happen.


Oh, and P.S., did I tell you I'm moving back to Idaho?

Kathy N

Spring must have arrived here first (hehe). I posted a Spring picture last Wednesday -


Whoohoo, Isela saves the day! Sorry you are feeling under the weather though!

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