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Felting Adventures

I have been wanting to felt for a very long time. It seems like a fun way to create purses, and items for the home. I am getting two of my "wish list" books-Knit one felt two and Felted Knits. They should be coming in the mail any day....can't wait!

Today, I started a new Fun Loom Felts Yahoo Group, dedicated for looming on the looms. Hopefully, we all learn lots in the group about felting techniques and patterns for our looms. Everything out there is made for needle knitters and we are left out in the cold. But, don't despair loomer, Lori L., will help us make some nice things with our looms. I have a few ideas in my head. I just need to set some time aside and try them out.

Tomorrow is my first knitting class, Knitting 101, at my local yarn shop. I will try to learn everything I can so that I can translate needle knit language into looming language.

In other news, my little boy was claiming to be sick yesterday. He has a cold and he was claiming that his ear hurt. We took him to the doctor and sure enough, he has an ear infection in both ears! Baby Nyah is having some solid foods now, I know she is only 4 months, but she is doing great with it. She loves bananas :).


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