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Knitting with Needles

Today, I started my Knitting 101 class at my local yarn store. Well, all I have to say it is different and I am way slow at it. It is coming out well though, slowly but surely.  We are creating a simple baby sweater. It has some garter stitch, some purls and eventually we'll learn how to increase and decrease for the neckline.

Holding the needles was a little bit awkward, but I managed. I was first taught how to knit about 12 years ago by my grandmother, whom lives in Mexico. Consequently, I know how to hold my needles in the Continental fashion, I tried to do it the English Throw way, but it was too difficult, so I am going to stick with the method my Grandma taught me :).

As homework, we were supposed to knit 5 inches in length from the cast-on. I finished it! And now, I am ready to keep on knitting which means I have a trip to my local Michaels to pick up another set of needles, or maybe I should finish my loom project first...hmmmm, decisions.



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Ang W.

Great Job Isela! It took me a week just to learn casting on when I took my first class. When I went back the second week I finaly started knitting and I felt like all thumbs. Then again My grandma lived to far away (500 miles) and died to young (58) for me to learn from her. So you had a leg up on me there. ;-)

Called by the Lord,
Ang W.

Hi Ang,
I was very blessed to have lived with my Grandma for a few years of my life. She is still living, but she is in Mexico and I am here. She taught me how to crochet too :). Thanks to her, I have a hobby in my life, well, besides my kids.

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