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Looming, looming, looming

Sundays are always a good day for us at our house. It is the only day we get to slow down a bit and do something fun. I got a chance to sit down and loom for a few hours. The kids even cooperated with my looming, both of them took naps at the same time, yippee!!! I even got a break today, Sam cooked lunch for us, isn't he great to me :). Our anniversary is this week--4 years! Gosh, where does time go.

My tote is almost done, I finished the body, now I only have the bottom part to do, I was debating between doing the garter stitch or the stockinette, after much consideration, I went with the garter stitch-it will have better hold. At first, I thought that my tote was going to be big, however, it is not going to be big at all. I need a bigger loom to make my big tote-I am thinking a 36 Large Gauge AJAL, custom made of course, honey I have a honey-do :).

I am planning on finishing this baby tomorrow, then time to felt, then block it, then the wait for two whole days for it to dry...hmmm, maybe I will try the hairdryer trick to help things along.



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I love your tote bag colors! I can't wait to see it felted. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing!


Isela, that purse looks great, I love the colors you chose. Maybe it won't take too long to dry so you can go out and about with it.
Happy Anniversary!

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