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Road trip recap

Goodness, you leave for a few days in a small little trip and come back to a mountain of dirty clothes--new rule for vacations: take disposable clothes :). Ok, so disposable clothes are not an option, unless you are filthy rich, especially the rich part, the filthy part most of us can fulfill easily. So, I spent half the day doing laundry and lounging around the house feeling sorry about my knees and how much they hurt. In case you are wondering, I am only 27 and I already have knee pain, next thing my hips will be hurting too! I don't know if the pain was caused by the "running" or by my lack of exercise, whatever the cause, it hurts!

So, what did we actually do in our trip--other than drive for hours on end through the dirt of Utah!?! Well, we wanted to give Bryant a real treat and we took him to Hoggle Zoo. He loves animals and is an avid viewer of Stanley from Disney Channel. So, we took pictures of as many animals as possible and we will be putting a Stanley Book together for him. It was actually loads of fun, every time he saw an animal, he said, "take a picture for my book Mom". He was a little bombed that the tigers and lions were sleeping, he really wanted to see them in action. He has a thing for big cats. His love for them extends to the point that one of his uncles, Uncle Wendel, made him a little tiger with his welder. It is a tiny little tiger, but Bryant loves it and keeps it in his toy box. I have a little animal lover :).


Nyah loved it too, although she is only 6 months, she really had fun looking at her brother get all excited. The giggles and squeals made it all worth it.

Next destination--MOAB-Arches National Park. So after driving for what seem like forever (thank goodness I had my sock to work on) we finally arrived in Moab. We were a bit disappointed when we got to the park. I always imagined this park full of arches--real big arches, but my ignorance made me imagined the wrong thing. Yeah, there are over 2000 arches, however, most of them are about 3 feet wide. The Delicate Arch is magnificent and it deserves all its fame. But, I really did imagine the wrong thing. Bryant and Nyah did not enjoy it much--we had to drive, stop, get them out of the car, get them back in the car seats, drive, stop, etc., and after awhile they got all cranky. Next time we come, we will wait until they are older, lots older, lots lots older.

The best part of the trip--Mesa Verde, just one word, AMAZING. It is completely amazing how the Anasazi people made their homes in cliffs, literally, just hanging there by a little bit of mud. Seeing what is left of their civilization makes one ponder all about their lives, their customs, and especially it made us think that the parents back then must have had great control of their children--either that, or they grabbed them by the neck and show them the cliff and said to them "either you behave, or I will drop you myself" LOL.

In the bits left of their personals, archeologists unearthed some bits of knitting too--loop knitting. Here is a picture of a sandal made out of turkey feathers.


While there, we stayed in Cortez, CO, not much to see (at all) but very good Mexican food at Tequilas restaurant. Also, if you are heading in that direction, I recommend either the Holiday Inn Express, or the Comfort Inn, the others are a bit in the shabby side. No, we didn't stay at either one of the two above, we thought to ourselves, lets save some $$ and stay at a cheapo hotel, well, it was the worst night ever for all of us.

Oh, another thing to keep in mind, if you are heading this way and you have a tape or CD player, make sure you pack some tunes with you. No radio stations for a long, looooooooooooong time, and when you finally get one, it is a lame one. We were wondering if that is the reason for all the pubs and cantinas on the way down, hmmmm.

Although it is sweet to go on vacation, it is always sweeter to come home. We really missed Cache Valley, and personally I realized that we are not as desolate as I always thought we were.  Hey, we have radio stations, LOL. Kiddin' aside, I really like where we live and I am very glad that we live in the North part of Utah where is green and not so hot, don't get me wrong, it gets hot, but not over 110. I really think it is the prettiest place in Utah--I needed the vacation to appreciate my small little world, yeah, still needs more yarn shops, but it is a beauty to behold; especially during this time, as you drive out of Sardine Canyon and all you see is this little town with green mountains all around speckled with snowy white, I am glad to call this place home. My heart is giving a little space to Cache Valley :).

For our next vacation though, we are heading over to a big city where the kids can have fun. Ok, truth be told, I have always wanted to go see Mickey, so our next vacation is to California :).

I placed some pics of the road trip in the photo album-Road Kill.

Wait...don't go yet, I got some knitting time in today. Check out what I made. I finished the first one tonight. Here is my little model, half-way through the project :). No more tight socks for little chubby feet.

Pic Details: I forgot to give the proper credit for this little pattern--Miriam has it posted in her blog. I just did the heel a little different, I did the k1, sl 1. The yarn is Simple Stripes from Knipicks in Crayon color.



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I loved looking at the pictures of your trip. Reminded me of my road trip from Ogden to St. George in the early 80s.

Isela, you never cease to amaze me. I can't believe how quickly you picked up needle knitting. Love those wee socks!


"the parents back then must have had great control of their children--either that, or they grabbed them by the neck and show them the cliff and said to them "either you behave, or I will drop you myself" LOL."

Oh, how you make me wish to move to a cliff-cave, teehee.

Cute, cute socks! The stripes are so fun!


What a cute sock model!! Cutie pie!!
OOh loop knitting.. is that like stick knitting?which is very similar to rake knitting.. or loom knitting.. or was it like finger knitting.. which is also very much like loom knitting??hehehhe..We need diagrams photos inquiring minds and all that!!!


is that my wee sock pattern? Whatever it is, it looks cute in the stripey yarn! :)

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