What a blast!!!
Road trip recap

We are back!!

Hi Gang :),

The trip was fun and wonderful but we are super happy to be back home in Cache Valley. Over the course of our trip to Mesa Verde, we stopped at Hogle Zoo, then a two night stay in Moab where we got to see Arches National Park. Then we headed to Mesa Verde.

The driving was not bad at all, the kids behaved and little Nyah was an angel most of the time. By the end of the trip, she learned that crying did not do much, so she just went to sleep. Bryant loved staying at hotels and playing in the pool non-stop. He thinks is so cool to stay at hotels, he likes it so much that he wants to go back to "Hootels". But, I can see that he is super psyched to be home again. All of his toys are scattered all over the floor--Sam says that Bryant is simply marking his territory again :). Nyah is tuckered out and she is taking a nap.

I will give you more details of the trip with pictures tomorrow. I think is time for this all hag to go to bed--my knees are killing me!!

But, I would like to leave you with a picture of my first pair of needle knit socks :).




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Welcome home and WOW! You did a great job on those socks. You never cease to amaze me Isela!
:) Becky


Those look great! And that's your first pair? You did so well!


I love the socks!

Welcome home and glad to see you had a great trip :)


YAY! SOCKS! That's so cool that you got through them! They're not so very hard, see? Now you'll be addicted! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

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