Road trip recap
Socks in the making

Weekend in a wrap

So, who went to knit in public on Saturday? I did, I did!! I went with Miriam to Borders and we where knitting in a very public spot--right outside the store :). Miriam was working on a felted bag for her knitting class and I was working on a pair of socks for Bryant.  Yeah, I am into the sock making now, but the felting bug has not gone away. Today, I had the incontrollable urge to knit another felted bag. I did not act upon my desires though, instead, I cleaned the house--talk about a terrible choice!!!

Over the weekend, I finished the pair of socks for Nyah. They are super colorful and next pairs, I will choose a different color. She wore them and now they are in the wash. Miriam, thanks for posting the pattern--and they do stay on :).

Nyah, like all little babies is attracted to colorful things and each time we put her in the car seat, she reached for her feet to play with the socks, it was adorable. I am thinking this yarn will make a great stuff animal for a little one.


In the cooking department, I ventured out to try Kim's Chocolate Truffles recipe. They turned out very well (if I don't count 3 of them getting stuck to the pan), and I got my chocolate fix for the day. Very rich--definitely Death by Chocolate.


And this is my family as I type, they are all learning Spanish :).


Last, but not least, I would like to wish Kim a happy birthday, I don't know when it is but I know it is this month and I don't want to miss saying happy birthday Kim :).



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Yay! I'm so glad the truffle cakes turned out! And that's so cute that your family is learning Spanish! And I'm sorry I missed out on knitting--I was so bummed! And thanks for remembering my birthday!

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