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An FO!

Branching Out is officially done. I just have the blocking to do and it is ready to go to her new owner--my mom :).


The pattern is gorgeous and I am ready to try it again. It is a relaxing lace project--definitely a good beginner's lace project.

My neighbor upstairs saw it and she asked me to make her a winter scarf. I am thinking of making one with cables and lace. Anyone know of a good easy pattern?

Just for Fun


I am a Winnie the Pooh :). Which lovable character are you?

Chugging along

I am still chugging along the Branching Out scarf. I am on my third skein of Moonlight Mohair, I will probably only use 3 skeins. It is looking long enough for my petite mom. I am dreading the blocking session for this small item, I am thinking of taking it to Yarn Today and have Tina and Rita help me. I don't want to ruin it by doing something dumb.

Talking about doing something dumb, last week, I left the above scarf at children's reach. Bryant was very happily playing with both needles. Ahhh!!! It was a most aggravating experience, I really had to contain myself. My anger was at boiling point. All I could think about was all those YO and the K3Tog, K2Tog, how in heck was I ever going to pick those stitches up. It was a nightmare come reality. Of course, I learned my lesson and now, I am putting my knitting far away from children's reach. Far, far away, all the way on the top of the bookshelf. The scarf was salvaged and I don't think I messed up the picking up of the stitches, and if I did, I can't see it.

The Kepler sweater has written chart instructions now :). Thank you Amy for taking the time to do this--it means a lot. Now, I can start the swatching for it. The pattern is now also available as a Raglan. Yippee, two combinations for this pretty sweater. Have I mentioned that I really like cables? Well, I just discovered that myself. As I keep browsing through all the different magz and books, I tend to stop and look more at the patterns that have cables.

In Secret Pal news, I will be sending my last package this week, probably tomorrow. It is quite saddening as I have enjoyed it immensely. Thus, now I am thinking of joining SP6.

Branching Out in Knitting

I took the plunge, I started a new project--a lace project! It is beautiful, as I make the loops and see them form little leaves and the yo make little holes through out the piece, it is magikal, just magikal. I can see how people fall in love with making lace shawls. The piece is still small, but you can see the detail of the Branching Out scarf. The pattern is wonderful and easy to understand, yep, even the chart is easy to follow. The pattern was created by Susan Lawrence, the same person who created the gorgeous Nantasket Basket. I am using Lion Brand mohair, it has sparklies :). This one is my test piece, if I do it alright, I will do another one for my mom with some Kidsilk Haze.


In other news, the Goblet of Fire previews are up. The movie is coming out in November--can't wait!!!

Also, I must get to Borders and pick up my copy of Eldest, I am debating between the audio or the regular. If I get the audio, I can knit at the same time...hmmm, probably audio.

Question of the day: "Mom, where do buggers come from?" Mom was seriously thinking, what in heck do I tell him, as the wheels in my head couldn't come up with anything smart to say, I said to him, "Well, you see, you have a little shop inside your nose that makes all the buggers." Bryant proceeded to stick his finger in his nose to check for the little shop, after checking, he says, "Yup, I do have a little shop that makes buggers" LOL. So, life continues in the Phelps home, now, I am awaiting the big question that all mom's must face. "Mom, where do babies come from?"

Tchau for now

One peg, two peg, three peg...

I have been chugging along at this little thing. I took it with me on my way to the shop and I was able to knit a few rounds.


What is it you say? It is a Carousel Loom. It is a round knitting board/round loom, it creates a double sided item. Both sides of the knitting will look the same, there is no reverse stockinette stitch. On this one, I am creating a simple ribbing stitch. The yarn doesn't allow you to see it really closely, but it creates a 2k, 2p ribbing look. My idea-- to make a shrugh, a close fitted shrug for the arms--maybe a 3/4 sleeve length, then a not too tight back.

How to do simple rib stitch on a knitting board:

Cast on as you normally would on a knitting board. I prefer the Lucet-Cast On as it leaves a neater edge.

1st row: Go up to 1st top peg, then down to the 3rd bottom peg. Go up to the 3rd peg, go down to the 5th peg. Continue wrapping, skipping every other peg until you reach the end of the board. Turn your board around, and now wrap all the pegs that you skipped. All your pegs should be covered now and should have 2 loops on each peg. Knit over. Here is a little diagram. Start on number 1 (follow the red line), then coming back follow the blue line. The numbers in the diagram tell the sequence of wrapping the first few pegs, from 1 go to down to the peg numbered 2, then up to the peg numbered 3, etc.



I am also working on a simple garter stitch scarf for Yarn Today's display for Sept. 17th. It is simple--knit a flat panel, Knit 1 row, purl 1 row, repeat the last two rows until scarf measures the desired length.  Knitting on a loom is like knitting on circular needles in a circular way. If you knit around every round, you will end up with stockinette/stocking stitch through out, but if you alternate 1 row of stocking, 1 row of purl, you will get a garter stitch look. It is the same with a loom :).


Well, that's it for now :).

Think twice...

So, I was sitting on my bum all day thinking on how far I have come with my needle knitting...thinking, heck, I am getting good, maybe one of these days, I can make a matching set of mittens--not three of them that don't match each other :)!

Then, I started reading blogs, and I realized that I know absolutely JACK SQUAT about knitting. Heck, I am just barely scrapping the surface. I find beautiful knitted items everywhere--socks, sweaters, ponchos, bags, etc, etc, and here I sit on my bum still, not because I can't get up, but because I am in such awe at the wonderful things people create.

In my random blog reading, I came upon a wonderful new pattern for a sweater called Kepler. It is simply stunning! Of course, I added it to my to do list, now I just need to learn how to read those charts. Miram I need your help!! :)

Hmm, I just thought of a new business, maybe someone can translate charts into English for those of us who are chart illiterate.

Speaking of my friend Miriam, she is selling her wonderful, artsy hand made books. They are beautiful, and I have recently acquired 2 of the littlest ones. Her craftmanship is superb.

So, thank you all for the inspiration and for creating such masterpieces.

Found *my* sweater

After looking through countless websites and different pattern books, I have finally found the pattern for my sweater. I present you Willow, it is a Rowan pattern from the Fable a Yorkshire Collection pattern book.


No, I don't have the book. I just found the picture from the book. The only problem: the pattern calls for Yorkshire Tweed in Chunky weight, a 100% wool yarn. Unfortunately, I cannot wear wool. Do any of you have a suggestion on yarn that will be adequate for this type of project? If I find the yarn, I am convincing myself that I can finish this project before winter sets in :).

Motivation Tactic

After two wonderful pregnancies, if you can call puking for 8 months straight wonderful and now 20lbs heavier and 8" thicker around the middle section, I have decided that enough is enough. I really need some type of motivation to get me going and shed some of the inches around my middle. So, I am posting my measurements here to get me started and I will be posting progress reports every month and maybe if this information is open to the world to see, I will get my butt in gear and do something about it, besides complain to my DH about how fat I feel.

Without further blabbling:

  • Arms: 10.5" unflexed; 11.75" flexed.
  • Chest: 39"
  • Waist: 35"
  • Love Handles: 38"
  • Hips/butt area: 39"
  • Legs: 20.5"
  • Calf: 13"

As you can clearly see, I am a little barrel with little twigs for arms and legs. I pack all my weight in my middle section. What did you say? I have no butt--yep! you are right, I have never had a butt, my mom always said, if you didn't have so much boobs, if it wasn't for being well endowed in the upper part of my body, I could be a great swimmer. I have what is called sweetly as "sugar cookie bottom" LOL.

So, now that I have come out and told you these grossly measurements, I am going to tell you that I am going to do something about it, besides complain about how terrible I feel.

I will do the following:

  • Exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Eat a bit less breads and baked goods
  • Eat less tortillas--but can't give them up, I love tacos too much!

I will not:

  • Diet--you know the first 3 letters of this word spells Die--yep, I don't want to die, so I won't diet.

Looking: Encouragement.

No more cheese tortillas for me for breakfast!

Knitting Bits

Ok, this is DeJavu, I already posted this, but for some reason it did not go through. Let's try again.

A day out of work means a day to knit, well, not really, it means a day to do laundry and the household chores, but I did get some knitting time to try out the Felted Clogs for little Bryant. The pattern is very simple, if you can get the K1, M1, K2, M1 all straight in your head. And if you end with a headache, it is ok, I think it is part of the pattern, lol. Bryant is eagerly awaiting for them to dry and try them out. Poor thing is going to have to wait til Friday as I need to pick up some suede bottoms for them.


I also have a mystery project going on right now. It is an idea I have in my head. I hope it turns out, if not, it will be an expensive experiment.


This last week, I succumbed to the peer pressure. I couldn't help it, the gals from Felting Yahoo Group kept on talking about the Denise Needles. At first, I tried really hard not to listen to them, but after an entire 2 weeks of listening to them rave about these needles, I had to try them out for myself. So, I succumbed to the peer pressure. Over all, they are nice needles, very light weight, extremely flexible cord, very pointy--perfect for K2Tog. However, that very same point hurts my right index finger every time I push the left needle. Of course, they don't compare to the Skacel Addi's, but they are nice too, especially having almost all sizes of needles. Now, if Skacel Addi will come out with an Interchangeable Set, I would be the first in line to buy them.

I am getting more peer pressure, this time, it is for the Magical Books by Cat Bordhi. They say they are wonderful and now, I just *have to* have them. Oh, they sure look beautiful. Maybe I can get them for my B-day :). B-day wishes sometimes come true. Peer pressure is sure tough, LOL.

Tchau :)

Nantasket Basket

Another FO in one week! Wowzie, I am on a roll. This beautiful basket is so much fun to make--and super easy. At first, I was so intimidated by it, but it is really an easy project to make.


It took only 2 skeins of Crystal Palace Iceland wool. I am contemplating starting another one, this time with Patons Classic Wool. This little basket will make a nice present for the upcoming holidays.

I got my next project planned out: a set of clogs for the entire family. Yep, even Sam will be getting some. Brenda from my knitter's nite at Yarn Today makes a pair of these a week! And the amazing thing, she've just been knitting about 1 month!


Oh, if you are a local and are interested in the news from the LYS check out their new blog where they announce the happenings for the month, including their classes for the upcoming months.

Yesterday, we took the kiddos to the fair. Bryant was not feeling very well--he has been a little sick for the past few days. So you can't see him action after the goaties, but here is Nyah, who was gleefully petting this fellow.


And these are some of the little goats one day I would like to have as pets.


Ready for dress-up

I finished it! It feels so soft and plushy. Now, would I wear it...hmm, I don't know. Sam says that I look like I am ready for halloween to come. Maybe I can make a Hallowig to match. Regardless, Splash is a fun yarn to work with and I had fun making it. I bet Nyah one day would like to play dress-up with it :)--both the wig and the shawl.


Idle hands never!! I have been busily knitting away at the Nantasket Basket now being sold at the Knitting Zone! You know, if you have 1 evening of uninterrupted knitting, you can finish it. I still have the handle to make, but I may leave that for Knitter's Nite. I am crossing my fingers, hoping that the basketweave will work--meaning that my slip stitches have the yarn loose enough in the back.


Now back to work in the little Bryant is sick and he is not his usual self. He is actually taking an early nap in the middle of the living room floor.

Tchau for now :)

Almost an FO

Would like to present you with my very, very, new toy. Can you guess what it does? I know it looks like a lot of the other Infinity Boards at Decor Accents, but this one is a little different. Do you see that little piece in the center--ahhhh! The board is actually a rake, and the little piece makes it possible to knit in the round at various intervals in the board. Sam is such a genious ;). Now, I just need to finish a zillion projects and sit down and knit something with it. Actually, I am waiting for another center piece so that I can knit 2 mittens at once.


I have also been very busy lately knitting away stitch samples for the dreaded pattern book. Deadline is Oct. 1 now...ahhh! I would show you the samples, but they are not very fun--just stitches.

Instead, I will show you my latest project on the loom. It is going to be a sample piece at Yarn Today. It is almost done...another afternoon of uninterrrupted knitting and it will be finito! Now, don't look at my wild pj's--just concentrate on the purplish shawl on the loom. Hey, you are looking at my pj's! The yarn is Berroco Splash--a fun feathery yarn. The project started as a scarf, then I thought that a scarf is such a boring project for such a fun yarn-so the shawl came to be. So far 3/4 of the way and have used 3 skeins.


Tchau :).

What a hoot!!

Knitter's Nite last night at Yarn Today was a hoot! First off, I did not get much knitting done, no, and it wasn't because I was yapping non-stop, it was because I was stuffing my face with some yummy cookies. As everyone around kept clicking their needles, I kept munching on the cookies. An hour after I got there, I finally started working on my project, which I had to frog because I did not pay attention and screwed it up!

Everyone, watch out Tina is going to try her first felting project with some lovely Lamb's Pride. Can you see her being sucked into the black hole--there she goes, her shoes are the only thing left, oops, she is gone!! She just started her new blog too! Check it out :) and give her lots of encouragement. It takes a lot to put your life out there for all the world to see.

Here are some snap shots from last night's Nueter's Night:

Here is Tina, co-owner of Yarn Today and her lovely daughter Taylor. What are they laughing about? Check the next picture, lol.


This is Rita, owner of Yarn Today, she is demonstrating her 2 socks on 2 needles, which very funnily resemble a bra :).


Next week, I will get a picture of our other Tina--this time she won't escape with the excuse that she is in the Bloggers Witness Protection Program, if I have to, I will draw rabbit ears and a mustache on her picture so no one recognizes her, but a picture I will get.

Quote of the day:

"Nueter Knitters never make mistakes, cuz they are already Fixed!" hehe by Tina from Yarn Today--as she goes down in history for her wise !$% remark! She actually meant to say "Newer knitters never make mistakes" but we liked what came out instead :), it gave us all a good laugh.

Open the door-Technology Knocking


The new Prototype KnitWit, it counts rows and stitches, and it is wireless too! All you need to do is knit and it "senses" the movement of the needles and as this movement happens, it counts stitches, nifty!! So far it is only a prototype, but the idea is phenomenal. Now, if it does go on the market, would they make it available in bamboo and Addis needles? The idea is awesome, however, I wonder if it also counts when you unpick--meaning does it decrease also?  It was designed by Rebecca Spender as her final year assignment for a product design. I say she gets an A!!

Thank you Gail for sending us this link to the Yahoo group :).

In family news--Bryant got a boink yesterday on his leg. He claims is broken, so he is taking care of it and wrapped it all up so it gets better fast. Yep, that is toilet paper and a small scarf I made for one of his bears.  Kids can be so cute :).


Fabulosa Princesita Gateando

Guess who is scooting along...yep! It is little Nyah. She will be 8 months tomorrow, Thursday, and she is officially crawling. She tends to go backwards, but once in awhile, she goes forward. She is super cute, as she positions her knees, she tends to make the move towards getting up, rather than bending them.

In the walking department, the little princess can walk non-stop as long as someone holds her hands, and she just discovered how to stand by herself!! Now, I am wondering if she discovers that she can get around by crawling, if then she will stop wanting to walk? hmmm, well have to wait and see I guess.

Dsc03007 Dsc03008

Those are all the news for the day--unless you happen to walk outside my house, then you can sneak up and write your name or some nasties in the spanking new driveway...hehehe. What shall we write? "Only Knitters and Loomers Allowed Beyond this Point" or "Beware--crabby lady with pointy sticks!"

Knitter's Nite tomorrow night--who's coming? Tina? Miriam?

Tchau :)

Natalya's Gauntlets

I finished my 2nd pair of Natalya's Gauntlets. This pair though, I made sure to make it with yarn that I could wear-Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Black. The pair was less than $2.10, yep! The pair took less than 1 skein. They are lovely and I want to wear them all the time. Next time though, I will try them on a size 7 needle to make it tighter around my scrawny arms. They are so lovely though, thank you for creating them Savannahchik.


And now that you have seen my pair--do you know why I am knitting another pair of black ones, in the same type of yarn? Yep, if you guess that I misscounted, you are absolutely correct! Since I altered the instructions for the thumb, I forgot to write down how much I altered it, I thought that my little brain would remember from one day to the next, but NO, Alas! My second one was a good inch longer. So now, I am frantically knitting another one, hopefully it will match one of the 2 I already have!

As I showed them off on Sunday to my MIL and to my extended family, and I told them about the slight mistake. One of my nieces very kindly said to me, "But, you can't really see it. I would not have known, and if you wear a coat, nobody will know". She is absolutely right, but I couldn't live with myself knowing that I am wearing one shorter than the other. Aren't I just a freak, lol.

And last but not least, I would like to show you a picture of our small Friday outing. Bryant was having a blast playing Tarzan :).