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October 2005

Testing...are we still here?

Dsc03511 Saturday was a full day for me. It all started at around 1 am when I finally decided to sit my bum down and write down the instructions for my knitting board class. Of course, I first sat down around 10pm with full intentions of starting the whole thing, but I started reading blogs and started looking at all my Yahoo groups and next thing I knew, it was 1am. So, procrastination won once again, but, I've been told that I do superb under pressure. By 2:30, I had the entire Knitting Board, Part I completed.

Dsc03496 As I got to the yarn shop, my butterflies were gone and I felt confident (yeah, right!) did you actually believe that line? Anyways, butterflies and all, I went into the classroom and to my surprise, I had 4 wonderful students, all eager to learn from little old me.

Dsc03497A mom and daugther team ready to take on a whole new hobby. Kelly, coming back to learn a few more stitches on the knitting board--and of course, I wasn't going to dissapoint her so, we started off with a whole new cast on method--the Stockinette Cast on. We also visited the Smallscarf_1 stockinette stitch on the knitting board. As well as the double rib stitch.

2 hours of non-stop knitting board knitting. By the middle of the class, I felt really comfortable with myself. And next week, I get 2 new students to join the class--yippee! 6 students in total...the pressure is on now for sure :).

KellyAfter class, Kelly and Tina took some time and taught me how to use my baby Gwyn. It was amazing seing Kelly just make it go, it was second nature to her. I picked up a few pointers--give the wheel a go with your hand to make it go in the right direction. Gosh--how come I didn't figure that one out by myself! Seems so obvious, but yet, it never occurred to me.

The little issue with the bobbin not grabbing the yarn, well, Kelly fixed that up right away with a piece of tape--so simple, and then after that, she sat and started spinning. My Gwyn looked soooo beautiful doing what she was meant to do all her life.

Dsc03503 So today, after doing my Sunday activities, I got home and amidst the chaos that little kids then to create, I filled 2, yep, 2 bobbins! Laticia, Tina, Kelly...are you gals proud of me :). This dog can be taught, slowly, but I can be taught. Granted, they don't look anything near perfect, Dsc03518 as someone near me pointed out, "isn't supposed to be all even? or is it supposed to look thin and thick?" But, I am very pleased. My left hand hurts from pinching the yarn, but it is all worth it. I guess I will feel more relaxed as I get more experienced.

Maybe no more bloggy...ouch

Needless to say Typepad has been up to its nonsense for the past few weeks--accepting posts then rejecting them at the last minute. Loading pictures and then never appearing, messing up my 3 different blog banners and telling me that is my freaking fault because I just don't know how to make a different template for each one, although each one has its own template with its own silly name and of course when I load one up the other 2 get updated too with the same banner. So here I go again, trying to fix the whole 3 of them and then guess is still my fault that it didn't work!

Well, as it appears, our Typepad service is getting an upgrade *coughdowncoughgradcoughEDcough*. Yeah, even received a very nice an apologetic email for the biggo CEO about the crap changes that are about to happen tomorrow. Lots of changes due to the great an unexpected growth of the company, so we must move from our garage out to a real place that can hold all your precious knitting files and photos. Of course as I kept on reading the email a red light kept going on in my head and the little voice kept saying, shoot, I am going to lose all my crap for the past 5 months. My bloggin' life will be over. Granted nothing espectacular has happened in the past 5 months, but I would still like to keep my junk that I have blogged about....important stuff you my first cable, or my first sock attempt. Well, I am waving good bye to everything right now just in case the $%^& hits the fan and they send me another apologetic email telling me that I have a free month of service because in trying to move the files from the one server to the other the wires got fried and well my blog just happened to be in one of those servers.

Oh yeah, in all of this, if you don't hear from me in a few days, weeks, months is because they are still trying to upgrade my service tee hee, please hold on to your thoughts and drop me a note to my email addy: get my freaking blog working properly at impayingforthis dot com

Tee hee, hee. Ok, so I should sugar coat this a bit more, but the truth is that we all know that this upgrade will come with a lot of headaches to us the end users. And we also know that it won't be "seamless" as they so nicely put it. That even if they gave us a free month of service for the inconveniences of not having a working blog for a week, it won't make it up to us if they do happen to lose all our archives (although they may seem unimportant, it is a piece of us--even a silly piece, but a piece nonetheless). I really looked for a good service when I was looking for where to plant my bloggy roots and this one seem the best of the other 3 I tried and now it just seems that everything may be lost...speaking about LOST, what's up with that show, giving it re-runs for two weeks straight, man! They are killing me with this suspence, I want to know what is happening to my boy Sawyer. I wonder if they are just trying to see how many viewers are staying to watch Invasion just because LOST is first or because they like Invasion? Hmmm, interesting.

The changes are not supposed to occur til tomorrow, but in case I don't make it the deadline for another post, this may be the last airing of the Loony Loomy Toon.

If I were rich...

Gtillymarielrasbr If I were extremelly rich, I would buy Tilli Tomas . Mariels Crystals . Rasberry Rose to make a One Skein wonder, which in this case, I would need 2 skeins, making the skein wonder a horrifickly expensive garment. Has anyone seen this yarn in person? If you have, please leave a comment and tell me how it is, because the picture in this screen is as close as I am ever going to get to it.

But maybe, if I really try very hard not to think about the price and the small size of the one skein wonder, maybe, Gtillyorchid_1 just maybe, I can try and get Tilli Tomas . Disco Lights . Orchid. What shall a girl do? And maybe if I get up and move my butt arms a bit, I can lose some poundage and get only 1 skein. Who am I kiddin'. I am a knitting couch potato...if I could knit and exercise at the same time, that would be another story.

I have to say KPixie has become one of my favorite yarn shops and they keep on getting more beautiful yarns in all the time....waiting for the Vesper Sock yarn to come in right now.

In knitting news, no knitting has gotten done. I am just looming a small something right now. I don't know what is going to become, maybe a small scarf/neck warmer thingy. Photos later :). I am a bit shaken today, tomorrow, I have to teach a Knitting Board class at my LYS and well...I got the butterflies in my tummy.

Mission Completion!

ShreksocksThey are completed! A few days before the end of October!! My Shrek Socktoberfest socks are finished. They are a lovely minty green with specks of blue and yellow. Granted, they are not your everyday socks, but they are screaming wear me, wear me.

Stitches The stitches also look pretty uniform--not too shabby :).

Did I mention that I really like the feel of No No Kitty yarn. It is soft to the touch and not itchy at all. I believe it is Kona Superwash. I wonder if the Vesper sock yarn is anything like it.

The sock pattern is from the Knit Socks! book, it is a simple stockinette sock, nothing fancy, but very comfortable.

Nyah Oh, must mention something about the yarn. I used 1 skein for my pair. I had a little bit left..enough for a few more rounds. I wear a size 6.5 shoe and I made the length of the leg 7". So if you get this yarn to make a pair of socks and plan on a long leg length get two skeins, but if you are planning on making a shorter leg length, one skein should be enough.

I am so excited...I will be showing off my shrek socks tomorrow at Nite in Knots.

As we were in the car today driving home from work, I was knitting away at my shrek socks, I was telling Sam about my socks and then I had a flashback to one of my favorite pair of socks--it was striped with black, minty green, white, and orange. I told him that I absolutely loved that pair of socks and if I remembered correctly, I finally had to throw them out because they had holes. Of course, he proceeded to say that it wasn't such a good idea to admit loving such a funky pair of socks. But I really liked them, they were sooooo me, very witchy like, I wonder if I can make me a pair--a long length, maybe up to my knees...ay! they would look fab with my church outfit, LOL...definitely will strike conversations.

Me Shrek Socks

GreensocksTypepad is up to its nonsense again and it is not letting me upload pictures....hmm, let's try again...(2 hours later, the picture mode is working!)

Anyways, one of the green socks is finished and I am about 30% done with the 2nd one. Although these are knitted on size 3 needles, the sock feels wonderfully comfortable...I think it has to do with the No No Kitty Dsc03457 yarn--wonderfully soft, superwash 100% Merino...very nice...mamma is happy :).

Oy! I think I may be done with this pair before the end of October--just in time for Soctoberfest. My blue Feather & Fan is still waiting to be picked and finished...and it is going to have to wait a bit longer as I have a deadline to meet for my Knitting Board class. I have an outline to write and a scarf to finish before Saturday. Not to mention, the idea in my head for socks on my many projects, so little free time.

And finally, some good news for those appears that you can see your Driver's License online....oy--DAman needs to take his picture over.

You spin me 'round, 'round, baby round, round

Sadwheel'Round, 'round, 'round, that is the way by bobbin went. Round, round, round and no yarn on my pretty bobbin. I tried tightening the tension just like suggested on The Joy of Spinning, tried threadling faster, slower, but no joy was received by this sad looking spinner. The leader yarn spun around the bobbin but as soon as the roving came in, it got stuck and nothing happened, the leader just kept on spinning round and round on the bobbin.

Gwynishome_3Sad spinner I am, sad spinner because I have a pretty Gwyn sitting right next to me and I can't use it. I will call on the reinforcements tomorrow morning and see if I can schedule an appointment for this sad wanna-be-spinner to take some lessons. Maybe I was hallucinating thinking that I could just get it home and start threadling and I could have yarn made in a couple of hours. Maybe I got too high on the wax from the looms at the shop and I am starting to be high all the time and thinking too "high" of myself. How dare that bobbin just spin around? How dare just ignore my pleas of spinning my roving? I am spoiling it rotten and it still won't work for me--drats! It has a superb finish by the DAman, I got it a really nice Single Drive Poly Band in my favorite color, lavander blue. And it has already been kissed and touched by my kids a million times over! What else does it need...snif, snif, snif. It just doesn't like me.

Maybe someone will teach this poor spinner how to spin this wonderful thrum Dsc03442sent to me by my spinning mentor Laticia in NY. It is a really special thrum, it comes from Spinderella's and it has some little sparklies--my favorite. Laticia was super to me and she sent me a bit of of everything in her house I think--the box is pretty big and it has more splendid thrums and roving. I tried getting a picture of the sparklies on another thrum but I don't think the camera and inside lighting does it justice.

Dsc03443_1Wanna-be-spinner signing off, I will go and lick my wounds and dream about the fushia thrum and the magnificent lace scarf that it could day....

Another project!?!

Dsc03438I wonder if it happens to all of us-sudden strike of boredom with a project! As I am knitting something, all of a sudden, I get bored with the project, even if it is fun or different. Today, actually, 5 minutes ago I was asked by the DAman why do I start something without finishing what I was working on the day before...I really didn't know what to answer, my only excuse was "I get bored, and I want to move on." Don't get me wrong, I don't have a closet full of UFOs, I finish them all within a week or two. But why does the boredom come? Is it that I get bored with the pattern? Am I so impatient that I can't finish a whole project in a couple of days? Or do I have to stick to small projects that can be finished in one day? Is it the yarn? As I searched for answers, I Dsc03435 came down to the most obvious answer--I just want to try another yarn! Simple, yarn addiction is to blame for all my UFOs.

So, since I am an impatient person and want to try different yarns fast, I do the normal thing: cast on for another pair of socks. The latest one is going very fast, very fast indeed, I am using size 3 needles and some Dsc03436 gorgeous handpainted yarn from No No Kitty. I also tried the Grumperina's Pretty Way of picking up the stitches. I have a tiny little hole, but I am hoping it will dissappear in the wash.

I will continue with the Feather & Fan sock (blue socks above) after I finish this one sock. I guess the number 1 needles are dragging me down and making it go reaaaalllly slow.

Question for those expert knitters out there: what do you do when a pattern calls for a size 1 needle and it makes a women's medium size sock and your foot is more a small size type foot--meaning skinny. Do you go down to a size 0 needle? Do you try thinner yarn--although it already calls for sock yarn weight? Do you alter the pattern? If you do alter the pattern-how do you do it when it is a lace pattern? Eeek, so many questions...

Could you pass 8th Grade Math?

Yikes, as I was taking this, I was really nervous, how about if I didn't pass, would I have to go back and retake every class in college...eeewww!

Luckily, they weren't that hard. Can you pass 8th Grade Math? C'mon, let me see, no cheating, just use paper and pencil.

You Passed 8th Grade Math
Congratulations, you got 10/10 correct!
Brought to you by Blogthings

Who has my Gryffindor yarn?

I stayed up last night waiting for Dani's Gryffindor yarn to be posted on her site. 1 am rolled around and no yarn, so I get blissfully to bed. When I woke at 7am, I ran to the computer to check if Dani had posted the yarn, nope, no yarn. Saddened, I continued with my day, I went to Grandma's to drop the kids off before heading to work, stayed a few hours picking apples. As soon as I got into the shop, I went to Dani's site and alas! someone else had bought all the Gryffindor yarn. Now, I have no Gryffindor yarn to make my Gryffindor socks, no Gryffindor socks for the grand premiere of GoF. I know it is still a month before it is released, but I knit so darn slow that I need to start knitting them now so that I can actually finish them an hour before the movie starts! Soooo, who in blogland has my Gryffindor yarn? Is it you...sooo meanie, couldn't you leave 1 single skein for me...snif, snif, snif. Even DAman was amazed at how fast that yarn sold. I guess the demand is there and very little supply...hmmm.

Dsc03430 Having been deprived of my Gryffindor sock yarn--oh, can you feel my pain, my anguish, thank you for your condolences. Digressing into deep pity here, sorry readers. As I was deprived of the Gryffindor yarn, I had to go and lick my wounds with some delish knitting on my latest project. It is a little something for a friend of mine, she already knows I Dsc03431 am making them, but I will let her see them before they get to her. I will be felting them tomorrow and then they will ship to their new home. Maybe I will add a bit of needle felting to "Little Companion".

Lastly, a picture of the Mufcakes my son picked out Dsc03429 for my birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better cake--really :)

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To me

Today is the grand day, 28 years ago my poor Mum was in agony and hating every minute, you see, I was born in a not so rich country, Mexico, so drugs over there are hard to come, unless you want to give up your first born, and since I was the first born, there was no way of her getting any of that wonderful epidoural (sp?). But, I digress. Anyways, 28 years ago I came out to say hello to this world and well, here I am...still :).

Roses_3 It has been a great day, although I have a terrible, miserable, wretched cold, everyone around me has tried to make my day special...everyone, except my neighbor upstairs whom woke me up again at the ungodly hour of 5 am, but again I digress. I was telling you of how lucky I am this day.

My super duper, awesome, terrific SP send me some gorgeous roses. Let me tell ya, when I opened the door and the Fedex guy handed me the box, my jaw dropped, I immediately thought--it can't be, DAman wouldn't send me flowers, but maybe he did. So I opened the box, then the envelope and my jaw dropped to the floor. My amazing secret pal went out of her secret pal duties to make my day super special. I feel very lucky to have her all to me for the next 2 months :).

The RAOK community has also been super supportive on my day. I have received at least a dozen e-cards wishing me a happy b-day. Thank you all of nice to be remembered.

BreadThen, came this yummmm bread, courtesy of the faithful visiting teachers. What? Are you saying half of one loaf is already eaten--no worries, I didn't eat it all by myself, promise, I shared a pinch little bit with the kids...I am generous, I will share the rest, promise.

SpinningSam finally arrived around 5:30 from a long day at work and handed me the books on the picture. Of course, I was grateful, but I didn't know what I was going to do with spinning books, granted, I have two spindles, but these are for wheel spinning. What in heck am I to do with them, and then...drum roll please, he tells me my real present. Are you ready for this...Yep, TravellerspinningwheelYou guessed it! I am the brand new owner of the Traveller, double treadle, scotch tension Ashford wheel. Sam is giving it a nice finish just for me. He ordered it finished, but the finished is not up to his standards, so he is re-doing the finish.

Now, I just need to learn how to use it...

Next year, I'll probably buy an angora rabbit, a llama, and a sheep to keep my addiction going. Oh, and I guess, I will need a real house, not an apartment!

Thank you everyone for all the good wishes... :).

Mini Circular Shrug

Bryantnyah I found the lovely shrug that Shana made and I fell in love with it. I had to try it right away and since I am an impatient person by nature, I did a mini version for little Sis.

The pattern originated from Craftster by some verySeamed_1   ingenious gals. It is a flat panel that gets seamed to form a circular shrug.

I need some help in learning how to seam, but other than that, the pattern is really fun to knit.

Flat_1 Pattern details for a 10 month old little one:

Materials: 1 skein of simply soft (I had only a little bit left)

Size 9 needles.

Gauge: 4 stit/1" over stockinette.

Nyah Cast-on 80 stitches. Knit rib of K2, P2 for about 3.5". Decrease by K2tog, P2tog--40 stitches. Knit a mock rib for 10". Increase by K1, M1. P1, M1--80 stitches.

For more clear instructions, check out Craftster at Sideview the link above.

Now, my challenge, to duplicate it on the looms. I have everything mapped out :). I'll keep you posted.

A Bit of Life

Dsc03392All I heard was a big bump, oh, how that bump made me jump out of this computer chair. What happened? No idea, all I know is that Bryant has a big goose egg on his forehead. I know he was playing around, on the floor! but he managed to fall down-on the floor and get a big bump!

There he is on the couch, milking it for all its worth. He is wearing his own therapeutic "make-me-feel better-bandage" made out of toilet paper. He believes strongly that he must wear toilet paper around his "ouchies".  I must save these pictures for when he grows up and has a girl :)...tee hee.

Dsc03384_2 Work has been crazy lately, I guess just as crazy as last year. For some reason, our looms are very popular and they keep us all really busy. Even little Nyah wanted in on the action. I have to point out, she is only 10 months and she can put that small peg in the tiny little hole all by herself. She is such a good worker, I am guessing she takes after her big brother Bryant! Talk about child labor, LOL.

Dsc03391 Although having your own business is hard on the time factor, the fact that we can be together a lot of the time makes up for the lousy hours and wages.

Dsc03397 The kiddos got a package from their Aunt Becky this week--right away they took to everything in the box. The little lamps were a complete hit with Nyah whom is mermerized by all the lights. She is still doesn't know what to think about the frilly bouncy balls--she touches them and then pulls back.

Dsc03401 Bryant though was in hog heaven with his, he sat on it, jumped on it, chewed it, tossed it, even dipped it in water to see what it would do. Boys and girls--soooo different from one another (at least mine).

Dsc03380A memory picture from a few years back. As I was rummaging through the freezer, I found a little package. Guess where they are from? Yep, they are from our wedding cake. They are about 4.5 years old. One of the few things I enjoyed about our wedding was my cake and the little roses are a small token from that crazy day.

Dsc03381 I don't know why I keep them, it is not like I am going to use them again, but I dare not throw them in the garbage. I guess I am a pack rat! So, back in the freezer they go to be found in a few years again.

We have a winner!!!

Our winner for the #350 comment is Angelique! Congrats!! Angelique is a jewelry designer whom loom knits in her spare time to unwind.

Angelique will be receiving the promised 2 Skeins of Noro in #70.

Noro Thank you everyone for commenting in this little corner of the bloggin' world. I have enjoyed reading from all of you and hope to keep getting to know you :).

Sockland and love.

Dsc03375One down, one more to go and guess what, I don't think I made any mistakes--at least noticeable ones. I like the pattern, easy to follow, and it has gone a bit fast--3 days to make 1 sock--with very little knitting time. The Trampoline yarn was also fun, with its stretchability property makes for fun knitting time.

Dsc03376 I have pledged myself to accomplishing at least 2 sock pairs for Socktoberfest. I have 1/2 a month to finish 3 socks....I have the other pair pattern scoped out and now I just need some time to sit down and knit.

I would like to make at least 1 pair of socks each month--I really want my sock drawer to look like Sockbug' is glorious, and I want mine to look like that.

Dsc03371As we were driving home 2 days ago from work, my little Nyah was feeling miserable in the car, she was crying and wanted some attention. As a concerned Mum, I climbed over my seat and sat next to her to comfort her and I saw my little Bryant trying to comfort her by holding her hand and singing to her our regular --"I am a child of God" song.  In my heart this was a moment to be treasured forever. It makes me feel that we are actually succeeding at teaching our kiddos something good. And I was very glad to have had my camera with me and that it had batteries and flash--as it was pitch black and I could barely see.

Little Nyah still has a terrible cold and we are still home bound until she starts feeling a bit better, so no Nite in Knots for me tonight.

I have also been pondering what to do with my Aurora 8 yarn and of course, I asked around my fellow bloggers and Heather suggested this Bolero/Shrug...what do you think? Any other ideas out there for this luscious yarn?

What do I Need?

A Meme from Peggy's blog, where you Google your name and add the word "needs" to it. Ok, I tried it, but I haven't had much luck with having an uncommon name like Isela, so I decided to try the short version of my middle name.

1. Gabby needs a quiet home. No kiddin', especially today with a sick baby.

2. Gabby needs to save the family name.  Eeek, what have I done, I promise, I have been good.

3. Gabby needs to be held more often for short periods of time. Yeah, short periods, as I don't have much other time.

4. Gabby needs a caretaker or foster. Oy! I don't, really, I may need a maid, but not a caretaker.

5. Gabby needs new scrolls. And yarn, pleasee :).

6. Gabby needs sometime on her own. Oh, definitely.

7. Gabby needs to find the 'light' because then she would understand and have a sense of purpose. Whoa, we are getting deep here.

8. Gabby needs her head flushed. Teee, heee.

9. Gabby needs a new television home. Oh, yeah, I want one of those big screen ones.

10. Gabby needs a good old fashioned spanking. Hey, I am a good girl.

Woosh, that was fun...wanna try it, Google your name and add the word needs to it. If you are lucky, you will get lots of links, if you are like me and have an uncommon name, you may have to google your middle name :).

Back later with a knitting update--since I am home bound today and possibly tomorrow, I am going to knit a bit.


JazzysockAs I have been too busy putting knitting looms together, I have not had a chance to do anything--not even knit! Ohh, the horror, so instead of sharing a new project, I'll share some old projects that I have made on the knitting looms.

The Jazzy Sock is one of my old time favorites. When I first released it, it caused quite a stir and a lot of loom knitters were making them.  It is done on a Fine Gauge sock loom. A sock loom is an old type of knitting frame, the base is round and it has cotter pins/nails where you wrap the yarn, and then you lift the yarn off, thus forming a stitch. It is believed that these type of knitting frames were around a very long time ago, as far back as 1842 from the book, "The Hand-book of Needlework" by Miss Frances Lambert. An old art that is slowly coming back.

Jazzy Sock Pattern can be found here:

MinisweatersAnother one of my old time favorites are the mini-sweaters and the mini-socks. These were all created way before I knew how to needle knit. I remember obtaining a set of tiny little knitting needles and I was insistent in making a pair of mini-socks, needless to say, this loomer had a heck of a time trying to knit with the #0000 knitting needles, there Minisocks_1 was more of a chance of me losing an eye than me knitting them.

I was so frustrated of trying to make a pair of mini-socks with the toothpicks that I demanded a little loom from the DAman, of course, I was barking so hard that he didn't waste any time in making it, and that very same afternoon he came home with the cutest little loom.

MinisockloomIn no time, I was able to make a bunch of these little things, now they are everywhere around the house.

Patterns for the Tiny socks and Mini-Sweaters are at the DA site. Both of these would make a great way to decorate a small Christmas Tree. Hmm, maybe that is a project I can do in my short free periods of time.

Oh, PS...don't forget the contest...we are soooo could be you :)! Or maybe you! Or maybe me :), LOL.

To Satisfy a Foot Fettish

Pudgy-cute little feet, wiggly little toes, and shy toes will be pictured here today. Fampic No worries, all the above do not belong to the same person. The pudgy and cute little feet belong to the lovely Nyah. My wiggly toes belong to my little Bryant, and the shy toes belong to yours truely.

Why so shy you may ask? Well, the mentioned toes have been hiding from anyone who comes near them since the incident. They feel shy and very much like the ugly duckling. They hide inside socks, shoes that have covered toes and during this past summer, they barely came out in the open for fear of being rejected by the other happy toes in the community.

AnothertryBut, they have taken an exception and have come out of the closet just for Mim. They feel ashamed of being out in the open where so many toes are well pedicured and well taken care of, but they are not so sad as they have 20 other little toes to keep them company. And the other 20 little toes are very happy, wiggly, and healthy.

MyfeetThe shy little toes were not always ashamed of showing themselves. At one point in their lives, they were called "gorgeous" by two guys waiting in line to get tickets to one of the Broadway plays in NYC-talk about a foot fettish. Now, many years later, they are in hiding, the toes, not the guys, LOL.

Dsc03364_1 Even the ankles at one point were also called "delicate and beautiful" by some other guy, whom name I cannot recall, but the compliment stayed in the back of my mind. Now, even the ankles have gained a bit of weight and well for lack of exercise they don't look "delicate" anymore, tee hee :).

Oh the feet, so wonderful and useful that they deserved to be spoiled by handmade socks just like the one pictured above. I am currently making this pair as a new cover for my poor little toes, hopefully this pair I won't mess up and I will have a nice pair to sport around. The pattern is the famous Feather & Fan from Socks, Socks, Socks.

A New Favorite

Dsc03340Aurora 8 and I are a perfect match. It is soft, it is merino, it is machine washable, it comes in 3 different weights. What would these 10 skeins become? Probably and surely a sweater for me. This particular color is also so purrrrfect--I love deep cranberry color. But, it comes in more lovely choices.

Dsc03341It is a great and wondeful thing to find a yarn that I can wear near my skin and it doesn't make me have the itchy scratchies.

The stash has increased quite a bit with these, but I plan to decrease it very promptly--as soon as I find the perfect pattern.

FrontviewThe looming keeps on going. Playing around I came up with this little hat. I am making one right now for Bryant. And the creative juices are definitely flowing right now--I even have a sketch notebook to draw (tee hee, if you can call them drawings) my ideas and dot down my notes. Soo many ideas, so little time.

On other news, I have started a newsletter for Decor Accents. I am having some brainstorm ideas right now about what to include--featured free pattern, new patterns/looms, an article or two on knitting looms, yarns to use on looms.  Do any of you have any ideas what else to include? I am thinking of asking for articles from loomers--but how do I go about "paying" them--in looms? in points? in percentage off? I would like to have a good newsletter every month, so I need ideas.

Gifties, artwork, and me socks

In the past few days, lots of things have been hapenning, but I have been very tired and my body has been aching that I reallly have not had the enthusiasm to do anything as I usually do. Packages and little envelopes have been dropped at my house--for some reason, the world around me knew that I was feeling a bit out of whack.

SecretpalMy darling Secret Pal has been spoiling me every day by chatting with me about life and about LOST. Yeah, I am addicted and she is spoiling my addiction, both tv addiction and my knitting addiction. In the mail, I received 10 luscious skeins of Andean Silk, enough to make a sweater. Yumm! I've got the bestest SP :).

I have been RAOKed via postcards and email. Thank you :) for making me feel a part of the knitting community and for uplifting me during the past week. I really needed it :).

Handspun_1Yesterday, Tina gifted me with some wonderful handspun yarn for giving the Looming Demo at the yarn shop. The basket is full of soft, luscious, scrumptious handspun yarn. These are some of her very first spun yarns--I feel very special.  Of course,Dsc03334  as soon as I got home, I had to wind one into a ball and start a project--can you guess what I am making?

Dsc03336The mail also has arrived with the following. Definitely a good way to get the creative juices flowing, and the mind wondering on yarn and different ways to use it.

Dsc03330At my house today, we had art day. We used to have this all the time, but then life came in between and I put it aside, but it came back today. The kids enjoyed themselves tooooo much!! Lots of cleaning got done afterwards, but it was worth it, my fridge is full of art pieces now.

Dsc03331Nyah got in the action too! Her little paw prints for daddy.

Lastly, I present you all me socks for Quiddity's Contest. They are not many, and not the prettiest. Some of them were loom knitted and some of them were knitted.