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An Olympiad's Change of Heart

You may remember that I had chosen to make the Hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts as my challenge for the 2006 Knitting Olympics. While I have not chickened out, I have decided to choose another challenge, one that does not focuses on me.

I reached my decision after seeing the Dulaan's project pictures. The children's faces melted my heart and I have a strong desire to be there for each one of them, to hold them, to make them feel that they are loved and cherished. Since I can't be there for them, I am doing the little bit that I can, my new challenge:


I will knit 16 items during this challenge. I will start on the day directed and I will finish them by the end of the ceremonies.

I can either loom or knit the items--Thank you Ryan for letting me know that we can loom knit our items too :).

Are you in the Knitting Olympics? Would you like to join me in making it a Dulaan Project and an Olympic Challenge...come join the Dulaan Brigade with me, you don't have to  make 16 items.  I have kind of made a button--more like an alteration, but feel free to take it :).


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That's a wonderful idea. Good luck!


So I'm wondering for your loomed items, care to share what patterns you'll use? :) Pretty please? *flutters eyelashes*


What a great project. I had a friend serve a mission in Mongolia. I love this, and I love that the over all due date isn't til July and any yarn can be used, colors and patterns. No limits? thanks for sharing!


I wasn't planning to join the knitting Olympics, but after reading your post today, with you including it with the Dulaan project, I'm thinking I may do just exactly what you're doing. I don't think I'm quite fast enough to loom knit 16 items, but I think I could set myself a challenge of 10 items. Yes... I think I shall *goes to post at blog*

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