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Happy Birthday my little love. He said hello to this world 4 years ago. He is my honeymoon baby. We knew right away that we wanted to have a little one. After being Dsc01553 married for 15 days, I took a pregnancy test just for kicks, it came back negative. Oh, I was sad, I was very sad, I remember watching the movie Tarzan (the disney version) one evening when Sam was at work, and I remember having tears streaming down my face. I wanted a little baby of my own soooo badly. I really thought that I wouldn't be gifted with the joy of motherhood, then a week later, I was feeling out place and disoriented and I thought to myself, heck, I am going to take a test again. The line Dsc01624was pink! I was going to have a little one of my own!  I rushed out of the bathroom, jumped over our bed to tell Sam the great news. We were psyched and overjoyed beyong words.

  Bryant was born on one of the biggest snowstorms that hit Utah in 2002. Everything was closed on Sunday and Monday due to Dsc01969_1the snowstorm--which allowed Sam to be with us at the hospital. Coming home, the roads were so packed with snow that we had to park our car about a block away from our apartment--then we had to climb up the biggest hill by USU campus! As Sam carried the baby in the car seat, I waddled through the snow trying to get to our cozy little studio. Getting Bryant home was the most exciting and yet terrifying experience we have both ever encountered. We were home with a new baby--what in heck were we supposed to do? Breast Dsc01832_1 feeding--what was that? how do you do it? Baby awake every 2 hours-- why? Why couldn't he sleep like the rest of the world? Changing diapers a whole new experience for me--even when I didn't change the diapers I ended up being squirted! Little stinker--it seemed that he was just waiting for me to come and see and then he will just turn into a little water fountain--let me tell you, it doesn't taste sweet like all the doctors say! Soon, we realized that the hospital handed us a baby but they forgot to give us the manual and his checkbook!

Dsc02083 Bryant, my beautiful boy, happy birthday sweety! May youHandsomebryant   be blessed with a long healthy life and hope that I am able to be around to see you grow up.


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Happy birthday little guy!


Happy Birthday cute little Bryant. Sounds like motherhood has been a wonderful adventure for you.


Happy Birthday Bryant!
Wow, you are such a big boy now! You'll have a lot of fun being 4 years old!
I love you!
Aunt Becky


What a cutie and what a great story! Happy Birthday Bryant, many, many more!




Oh gosh, my little "firefighter" is four years old!
What a handsome lad he is too. Reading your story about your eagerness to have a baby early on reminded me of myself as a new bride. I am always reminded of how much we have in common when these things come up.
Although it took me a little bit longer than it took you and Sam, we even chose to name our son's identical names, my oldest is Bryan, he turned 19 on the 6th.


Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday Bryant, Happy birthday to you.

Because we love you, because we love you, because we love you Bryant, Happy Birthday to you

And your feet smell too, and your feet ... ahaha.. Just kidding. Now, you are 4 years old and that means you are a BIG boy, and not a little boy anymore. Isn't that exciting? You get to be the bestest 4 year old helper your mom has! It is so, cuz "Aunt" Tina says it is!


Love your "coming home" story. What a beautiful boy!!



Happy Birthday, Bryant!!


Happy Birthday Bryant! What a sweet, cute story about his arrival. ;-)


Happy birthday B!!! You're a very handsome young man.

I've joined you once again, Isela. I'll be knitting 8 items (pairs are counted as one item) for the Dulaan Project. I'm hoping that since I didn't commit specifically to sweaters or to socks or anything, that I'll be able to squeeze in the eight by making several different items.

I'm off to update my blog...

Kim/Chef Messy

Awww, what cute pictures. Happy Birthday Bryant!

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