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Essential_nostripes Going one week without knitting or looming finally got to me Sunday evening. As I sat in front of the tv, attracted to it like a moth to a flame, I realized that one entire week had passed by and I had not knitted one single item. Yep! you read correctly. One entire week went by and I didn't loom knit or needle knitted anything! I was a bit burned out after the whole proposal and frankly I didn't have the heart to pick up anything else. I really tried, but I just couldn't.

Sunday evening, I finally came out of my "knitting coma". I ran to see the stash trying to find something suitable to knit. And to my utter amazement, I couldn't find anything in the stash, nothing! I couldn't believe it! I knew I had something in there worth while a couple of weeks ago, but looking at it closely, I realized that there was nothing in there that was calling my name at the moment. 5 bins full of yarn and yet there was nothing to knit! Apparently, the haziness from being in the knitting coma had not worn off, so I ran to the bookshelf trying to find inspiration in one of the many pattern books. Finally, I set my heart on Essential Stripes, so I turn back and tried to find yarn that would go --found some yummies in the form of Aurora 8 and Andean Silk, then disaster--no needles to go with the Andean Silk. Digging through all the stash trying to find the circular knitting needle case, I became frantic--where in the world did I put it last time I "organized" the stash? I finally struck a little bit of luck and found a lonely Addi in size 7.  Immediately, I rushed to the "knitting couch" and casted on and the knitting faeries were smiling at me--I got gauge on my first attempt! I was knitting again....what a relief!

But my luck didn't last--my gauge was good yesterday, but today, I have 26 rows/ 4 " where yesterday I only had 23! Am I supposed to rip it out and start all over---not to mention I don't have a pair of 8s in a 24" length! Arrrrggg! What do I do know? Should I forge ahead and just adapt the pattern to my new rows per inch gauge? Help!!!!


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ADAPT! If you know the row gauge you're supposed to be getting you can figure out exactly how long it's supposed to be in inches, then you can calculate with the gauge you're GETTING how many rows you need to meet that inch size.

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