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NyahcleaningAs an adult, I avoid my responsibilities all day long. When I stay home from work, 4pm hits and I know that I have to book it, clean around the house, prepare dinner, get the kids looking cleaner, or at the very least take their pajamas off which usually requires having a serious discussion on why it is not good to wear Superman pajamas all day long, even if Mum is still wearing her Garfield oversize shirt. If I can, sneak in the shower for a spell before hubby gets in the door.

All day long, I think to myself...hmmm, "what should I cook today?", I even call my friends to find out what they are cooking--maybe with luck, I can make the same. Every morning, I wake with full intentions of exercising, cleaning around the house--maybe even get to cleaning the bathroom and have dinner ready by 4pm. But no, the procrastinator in me decides to sit with the baby for a couple of hours, knit a bit, then the other half is spent at the computer.

Dsc04238Cleaning--nah! not around this house. No time to clean, when there is  knitting and looming to be done. So, what's a Mum to do, but to enlist the help of her two little ones. Bryant has been a long time helper around this house, he has his special chores: empty the clothes dryer, clean the table before dinner, set the table for dinner, "vacuum". We all had chores, except little Nyah, that was until today--Nyah has decided to pitch in and help me with my floor cleaning chores--I think the episode with the Berenstain Bear's this morning about helping around the house really stuck with her. She was going to help Bryant clean the table, but she got as far as the floor and there was nothing we could do to make her stop cleaning it. She was loving it. After she cleaned it, she laid down on the spot she cleaned! I guess she is telling me she wants me to clean the floor everyday.

BlackslippersOh, I guess I should have something to show for my procastination in doing my chores, but I actually don't have anything, except I have been working on perfecting the pattern for my loomed ballerina slippers...I am almost there-here is a little peek.

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If only I had your sense of forthought. You see when my kids were younger I didn't expect them to do too much around the house. Of course they did have their own issues to overcome, but still they could have learned just like Nyah did. Now I'm running around constantly cleaning up after them.
Maybe I should send them your way, and your kiddos can
show them how it's done. Then they'll say if these little one can do it so can I.
I'll let you know when to expect them OK?


Oh, that is just too cute. I wish Matthew would decide to clean the floors!

You are a girl of my own heart. Sometimes I miss the pajama days...

Mary Ann

Love the ballet slippers! I'm really impressed.

When Amy's girls were here while she was in San Diego, I got them started cleaning the floor too. The favorite tool was the Swifter. They practically fought over it. I'll have to get another so the next time they come, we can have twice the fun and twice the clean floor.


The slippers are cute!

Like you, I have my girls do chores every day. Got to instill that work ethic!


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