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Spin me into gold....


Medalwebsmall_1 I truly feel like an athlete. I did it! The goal was accomplished on Thursday! Things I learned during the process:

  1. My children notice the items I knit. If I tell them that the item I am knitting is going to go to little Dsc04687_1 children in need-especially, if I tell them that the little children have no Mommy and Daddy, and definitely no toys.
  2. Trust your instinct and knit something you enjoy--even if what you enjoy is cables. See the cute little cables hat I designed (Miriam--I bet you are proud of me, almost a year after I learned to knit, I am on the go designing my own little hats!)
  3. Even though the children in No.1 enjoy me knitting items, they get tired of posing for the Dsc04688 pictures.
  4. Must buy a child size head for picture posing so children in No.1 don't kick me in the shins
  5. Learned how to make horizontal stripes that don't go up one row! Yippee, Dlandra, you see, I got off my lazy butt and looked for the instructions on how to do it, hehehe.
  6. I *love* knitting items for others that are in need of themDsc04689
  7. Must get a 16" length needles to make my hat making a bit easier

I loved knitting these items for the Dulaan Project. I would do it again-gold medal involved or no gold medal involved. The feeling of accomplishment has been great.

My great feeling of accomplishment was topped off with this :

Dsc04699_1 My wheel and I were in the local newspaper on a article featuring Dsc04700 Spinning Wheels! I am so psyched! I am almost famous. Dlandra's picture is also there, but I will let her show that one on her blog.

I feel like a celebrity, almost everyone at church stopped me to tell me that they saw my picture in the paper....I felt sooo shy, (rosy cheeks).

Getting To Know Me

Here is a little MEME from my friend Val . If you want to  get to know the Purling Sprite, keep on reading. Hold on--revelations will be written--you may have to close your eyes at some points. I added No. 20 to let you see a little bit more into my soul...shocker!

Oh, but before the MEME--The Figure Skating last night was such a heart wrenching scene for me. I was almost in tears a couple of times. Now, it is over, another 4 years to see some of them again.

Back to the MEME

1. What time did you get up this morning? 8:45am

2. Prefer diamonds or pearls? Diamonds

3. What was the last movie you saw at the cinema? The Chronicles of Narnia

4. What is your favorite TV show? LOST

5. What do you usually have for breakfast? No time for breakfast

6. Favorite cuisine? Mexican

7. What is your middle name? Gabriela

8. What food do you dislike? Dishes where you have a sweet and salty item combined--not for me, I like them separately, thank you.

9. What is in your CD player right now? My own ripped CD with a little bit of everything: Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkston, Avril Lavigne, Shakira, Akon, and others.

10. What kind of car do you drive? Well, I have a chauffer, hehehe, whom drives me around in a Toyata Sequoia

11. Favorite sandwich? none

12. What characteristic do you despise? Those whom say they are your friends and they are just waiting to pounce on you.

13. Favorite item of clothing? My strappy undershirts I wear under every t-shirt

14. If you could go on vacation anywhere, where would it be? Bahamas

15. What color is your bathroom? White

16. Favorite brand of clothing? Banana Republic

17. What do you put on your popcorn? Valentina hot sauce and lemon/lime

18. What was your most memorable birthday present? When I got my first stereo :) at age 16

19. Favorite sport to watch. Hockey--bring it!!

20. First Concert. Metallica

21. Who will you be tagging with this meme? Dlandra :)

C stands for Confessions: D stands for Diapers-No More for Big Boy Bryant

The time has flown. I didn't even noticed that the end of the month is approaching, yeah, I am aware that my knitting time is almost over for my Olympic challenge, but it didn't occur to me that my time was running out for my two monthly entries for the ABC along. Well, I guess I will be doing a Double Dose of it today  to catch up.

Workinprogress C stands for Confessions.

I will confess that I started my blog to talk about my Knitting Without Needles hobby--commonly known as loom knitting. I will confess that as I have learned how to knit with needles, I have fallen head over heels for the needles. I confess that I love needle knitting. There, I came out of the closet to tell you all that I *love* knitting with needles. I feel awful though to admit it in public--why, well, as most of you  may already know, I have a hubby whom makes knitting looms for a living. Yeah, knitting looms feed me and give me shelter, clothes, and money for my needles. Yet, I have abandoned them and I have taken up needle knitting. However, in my new journey with the sticks, I have not completely abandoned my knitting looms. Each time I try a new pattern, a new stitch, the wheels in my head turn trying to figure out a way on how to transfer the pattern over to loom knitting.

Bryant_2D stands for Diapers. My little boy, he has graduated to the fun underwear, the one with Batman, Spiderman, Nemo. He is a big boy now! He is completely, and absolutely potty trained!

No more diapers/pull ups for him. It has been an entire week that he no longer wears pull ups. Even at nights, he stays dry! I thought I would never see the day. Hubby and I always joked that as long as he was potty trained before he went into college that he was ok, inside our hearts, we hoped that he would pick it up soon. He finally did! He did it all on his own too. The trick that did it--we told him he couldn't go to school if he didn't go potty on his own. Then, we took him to his doctor's appointment and the doctor told him that he was a big boy now. Big boys go potty. Big boys go to school too. Well, the doctor's words made it sink in (forget the fact that Hubby and I have been telling him those same exact words for the past 2 years!) Beware the power of strangers!!  I am very proud of my little boy, whom just yesterday, I called a toddler on my post, but he is a toddler no longer, what is he now, a young little man? You go little man with the Batman underwear! Now, if I could find some with the Incredibles, I would be the Super Coolest Mom in the world.

Start Polishing my Medal

I am here to report to you that I have only 1 project left to reach my goal of 16 items. Yahooooo!!! I am almost there...chooo, choooo! I will report back later with pictures!

It must have been all your cheers and votes of confidence in me :)...thank you. I will chug along and go click the needles for one last project.

Trying to feel girlish

Once upon a time, there was this petite, bronzed girl, (even a little comely to the eyes), this chick would spend hours fixing her hair, doing the make up thingy, soaking herself in luxurious baths just so her skin would be as soft as a baby's skin.

Fast forward 4 years and  there is no commely, petite girl, instead, you've got me. Make up has gone downhill, my hair--who the heck has time to do her hair when the baby needs diapering, or when the toddler is calling at the top of his lungs so the whole neighborhood knows that he needs his bottom cleaned! I am lucky to sometimes get a few minutes to get a shower and change my shirt ( that was covered with milk/cookies/cake/breakfast/lunch/and whatever else the baby found on the floor and decided that the perfect spot for it was my shirt) before hubby gets home.

Today though, I woke up with a new view. I really want that "old" girl that my hubby met 6 years ago. No, I don't want her mentality again, but I would like to look a little bit like I used to. I would like to wake up each morning and get in the shower and spend the next hour or two getting ready for the day. I would like to smell like Channel No. 5 again, not like last night's dinner. I would like my makeup to stay on, or at least to visit my face for more than on my two weekly outings.

So, what is a girl to do when she looks in the mirror and then in the "make up box" and realizes that all her stuff is at least 2 years old (yeah! that is how old my make up is), a trip to the mall was in order. I have even forgotten all the numbers/color combinations that I used to purchase. As I stood at the Clinique counter muttering like an idiot--no, I do not remember my foundation number, nor my pressed powder number, can you give me some samples to see which color I fall under--all the while trying to keep baby N away from the shiny bottles containing all the different magic potions. Then, I glanced at one of their mirrors, you know the nice round ones that have the perfec lighting to let you know of all your imperfections--well, I just felt worse! As I looked closer into the mirror, I realized one truth that I hadn't realized--I am older! Yes, I know that I have had birthdays, but I never paid attention to what it meant to my body, to my face, to the impact gravity is having on the body--no wonder I need extra support in certain areas!

The question kicking around in my head--what made me change so much? was it my move from NY to UT? Was it lazyness? Lack of time? Whatever it is, it must stop...even if I have to wake up early to feel more human in the morning. Maybe that is the reason my neighbor wakes up at 5 am each morning--you can knock on her door at 6am and she has her makeup on, her hair is gorgeously arranged, and her house is all arranged...hmm, maybe I should take a page from her book. I must turn my page and open it to the new chapter...wish me luck.

A Sheepy World

The saga of the missing tape came to an end, I finally found it! It was being held hostage by the kiddos, but I was able to bribe them for it. They finally released him and now, he is back in my possession. He is no longer a lonely measuring tape, now, he is in the company of some wonderful little friends: meet the new party animals:

Sheepies  :). The black little sheep was given to me by my dear friend Dlandra on ThursdayDsc04621_1  night at Nite in Knots. Yarn Today just got them in stock and they had one, only one little black sheep and D picked it out just for me!

The little white sheep came in the mail on Saturday from my SP, whom also send a few other goodies--check it! A skein of Kid Silk Haze in a deep red color, Raspberry *dark* truffles, and a raspberry chapstick. Awesome package, thank youuuu :).

Dsc04634 The Olympic Knitting continues at this house, the clock is ticking and the needles are clicking! 12 items down, 4 more to go. I am in need of a pick me up right now, this athlete is starting to look away from the goal and is getting distracted by other projects---if any of you care to help cheer a gal up, please this is a cry for help!!!!

Dsc04561 I have been cranking the hats out as fast as I can. My favorite ones are the ones in the image above. I created the green and blue striped one this evening while watching the Bourne Supremacy. At first, I have to admit that it wasn't looking very nice, but then I started making the stripes and I have fallen in love with the hat. The pink and purples are a very close second. The purple with white was done on a knitting loom--one of my tries at fair isle knitting. All the hats above have been made with my dulaan hat pattern, I just changed a few things like the ribbing, or the top green one has 4 rows of purl, then 2 rows of stockinette which gives it a nice look and it is reversible!

Dsc04643I have 4 items left to do to complete my olympic challenge! What should I make, a scarf? mitts? more hats? could I make a little poncho? I wonder if ponchos are allowed? or maybe a baby vest? The clock is ticking, the needles better keep on clicking!

Oh, Pickles!!!

B: Come see it...Mommmmmm (imagine whining voice)

Me: I can't right now.

B: Come see it...

Me: I can't right now

N: mumbling something that sounds like B is playing with your knitting needles

B: Come see it...MOOOOOM

Me: I can't right now, I am cleaning up-(glancing over the couch to see-B is surely playing pick up sticks with all my dpns). I shake my  head and tell him to put them away. He leaves them on the floor for me to pick up.

B: Mooooom, I have to go potty

Me: Ok, well goooo, hurry

B: I can't open the door Mom

Me: Yes, you can, just open it

B: No, I am little

N: Stretches up, can't reach, goes to get the little stool, steps on it reaches and opens the door for B

Me: Thank you, Nyah.

B: (Goes potty, comes back out) Moooom, I am hungry, make me a sandwich

Me: Ok, what type--peanut butter and jelly, or ham? (opening the fridge door)

Fridge door gets stuck. Fridge door opens about 5 inches and CRASHHH. Pickles all over the darn floor! Glass flying everywhere! My house is a major sandwich--at least it smells like it now! One thing, I am grateful--that it wasn't the molasses jar! It has been a long week....good thing tonight is Knitter's Nite.  Oh--no freaking sandwiches for us today, instead we had chocolate cake!! Somedays I wish I could just hide under the bed covers and sleep all day through.......



  • White
  • About 3" in diameter
  • Get's stuck a bit when retracting it

It is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I always put it in the same "safe" place. Every time, I make sure it is in my knitting bag, and yet, it always disappears. Have you seen it? What is it that I am looking for you ask? My measuring tape!!! Where is it? I started my knitting adventure with at least 3 but every time I need one I can't find one. Who is to blame? The kids, the kids are to blame! They take it in the middle of the night. I am sure they scheme during the night on how to get their little hands on my "precious" and they take it. Then they hide it in the mysterious corners of the house.

Please if you see it, let me know. I really need it. They come in different shapes and sizes, some are fancy little sheep (which I am coveting very much right now), some are little squares, some have little flowers on them, and other's are like mine, little generic cheapy ones. Sniff, sniff, snif. Tape where art thou? I am looking for thee....come homeeeee.

Now back to the Tape Hunting....


Valentine Mittens


Various stories of how the day originated float around in the world. In my mind, it is that day when the hubby better get me something when you make a little extra effort to let people know that they are special in your eyes. As the days pass, we become accustomed to being with our loved ones and at times, we may even take them for granted. Just sit for a minute or two and imagine how your life would be without them. Now, look at your loved ones and you will see them with a whole new light.

My valentine mittens are for a little one whom I do not know, but I hope that he or she may feel the love I felt while making them. My children tried them on and one of them really wanted to keep them even if they were a bit too small. But once I told him whom the mittens were going to go to, he relinquished them immediately. The mittens bring me to item number 4 (or should it be 5?) for my Olympic Challenge--4/5 down, 12 or 11 to go!

Roses_4 May you have a wonderful day :)

Olympics: Day 2

Dulaanhat So far, so good. I am keeping a steady pace. An item a day, not too shabby. But, it wouldn't be a challenge without some difficulties to overcome along the way. Difficulties confronting this Olympiad:

1. B just got sick, which means my knitting time is becoming limited. He is really "needy" when he get sick. Likes to be cuddled and be held all the time. He likes to have someone with him while he watches tv. Poor little muppet, hope he gets well soon.

Hurtfoot_1 2. I hurt myfoot yesterday while out on a date with hubby. We were dancing awayWewon merrily and somehow, between a waltz and a polka, I twisted my left foot in the wrong direction. My ankle is really sore and the entire left side is swollen. I can barely walk now, but that didn't stop me from dancing the night away. If there is music, I must dance, dance, dance till I drop!

Luckily, we were able to enter a little swing competition before I hurt my foot. Came home as the lucky winners--our prize: some twisty pencils which B just loves. 

Back to the knitting news, the Dulaan hat was completed yesterday--on day 2. After looking around for patterns that would work with the yarn I have, I just ended making up my own pattern. It is a simple hat, and it works up really fast on size 6.5mm needles.

Simply Soft Cashmerino Dulaan Hat


  • 1 skein of Cashmerino Chunky by Debbie Bliss
  • Needles: dpns size 10.5 US (6.5mm)

Size: Fits a head circumference of 19.5"

CO: 56 stitches. Divide evenly on 4 dpns. Join being careful not to twist the stitches. Place marker to indicate beginning of round.

Round 1: *K2, P2. Repeat from * to the end of round.

Repeat Round 1 until item measures 1.5" from CO edge.

Change to stockinette stitch. Knit in Stockinette stitch until item measures 6" from CO edge.

Begin crown decreases as follows:

*K6, K2tog*. Repeat from * to * the end of round. (49 stitches left)

Next round: Knit.

*K5, K2tog. Repeat from * to * the end of round. (42 sts left)

Next round: Knit.

*K4, K2tog.* Repeat from * to * the end of round. (35 sts left)

Next round: Knit.

*K3, K2tog*. Repeat from * to* the end of round. (28 sts left)

Next roudn: Knit

*K2tog*. Repeat from * to* the end of round. (14 sts left)

Next round: Knit

*K2tog* Repeat from * to * to the end of round. (7 sts left)

Cut yarn leaving a 5" tail. Thread yarn end through a large eye tapestry needle. Thread the needle through the reaming 7 stitches. Pull on the thread "to gather" the stitches close. Poke the needle through the center to bring the yarn towards the inside of the hat. Weave in the yarn tail ends.

I have only done the one, but I am planning on making more as I have a couple of skeins of this yarn in the stash. As I make the next one, I will revise the pattern and write the exact numbers left after each decrease. If you make it, let me know pleasseee :).

**Edit** I made a second hat this evening and have posted the exact numbers left after each decrease round. The pattern is also available for download on the left side bar.

Olympic Warm Ups

Dsc04518_1 1 Dulaan item done, 15 to go! I used handspun yarn, it is not perfect by any means, but I thought it would make a nice toasty hat. I used the Zud hat pattern provided by Ryan from Mossy Cottage Knits. The hat in the pattern picture looks way better than mine but I attribute mine's wonky look to my handspun yarn.

In the meantime, I am googling for more patterns to knit for the Dulaan project. I will be making some loom knitted and as soon as I have a pattern or two done, I will load them up for those whom may need them.

Wishing you the best in your Olympic endevours!

New blog name

After much thought and consideration, I decided to change my blog name to something that is not sewing related--as I do not sew, not even own a sewing machine. Dlandra and I came up with tons of different names, but at the end, I ended with:


Now, the blog has been republished, but Internet explorer is showing it a bit wonky. It should get fixed by the Typepad people hopefully soon.

Get ready, set....almost ready

The Olympics are here...I am ready, I have yarn, needles, and very little time to accomplish my goals: 16 items for the Dulaan Project. In all, I entered 3 teams all of them related.

Dulaan Project


Odessa Team


Loom Knitter's Olympic Team


I wish all my team members the best of luck. May the knitting fairies be with you and may the little sprites come in the night and pick up for you where you left off :). The day has finally arrived! We are ready, we are excited, crap--we may have over estimated our abilities but by golly we will try to succeed! Onward we go!

Contest winner & I am such a snob!

After using a very high tech system (closing your eyes and pointing at the screen with names on it) our contest winner for name the movie contest is.....drum rolll please...Lynne.

Thank you all for participating! Keep your eyes open for more de-stashing contests. I will be moving soon from my apartment and I am going to be reducing the stash.

I do not know when it happened, all I know is that it happened and now, I cannot change it. I am a yarn snob, loom snob, and the worst--a needles snob!

I decided to work the ribbing for the sweater on a smaller size needle, since I didn't have a size 6 anywhere around, I decided to go to Joanns and pick up a bamboo circular (both local yarn shops are closed on Monday--unbelievable). I came home, tried it, hate it! My stitches get caught in the cable and needle connection. I worked a few rows on the sweater, but I am not enjoying it. Now, my dilemma, should I get an addi and transfer the stitches to that addi? Would the stitches look different--ugh, I am just going to stick with it and finish it with those needles--uggh, the next 15 inches are going to take foreeeeeeever!

Be Still My Heart

Dsc04463 B: Mommy, I like you.

Me: I am glad you like me, since I am your mom.

B: Mommy, I want to be a great knitter just like you.

Me: (My heart melting away), Oh, you are just such a sweet little one.

B: Mommmm, (jumping with excitement on the couch) now I can go with you to knitter's nite. I am a knitter too. We can go together and have fun!!

Me: Oh, that sounds fantastic (imagining the fun adventures at the yarn shop with him and 12 other knitters)

B: But Nyah can't come Mom because she is not a knitter like us!!

Me: Just burst out laughing and hug the little tyke!

Nyah: Trying to get a hold of the loom that her brother has and the yarn--I think she knows that her brother is planning an outing without her.

Be still my heart! My son wants to be just like me. I never thought I would hear anyone utter those words. He must really think I am special, I will enjoy it while it lasts. I know in a couple of years that will probably change. He will probably prefer to go with his dad to the shop and build things out of wood with some kool tools. For now, I will enjoy it and take as many pictures as I can. Next weekend, I have to get him a pair of plastic knitting needles as he has expressed an interest in learning to knit with the needles. He says he has "mastered" the loom--that he knows how to lift the loop off the peg and how to "tangle" the loom, he is ready for more!

An hour or so later....

B: Mom, I like the yarns with lots of colors.

Me: Don't you like the one for my sweater--all one color.

B: No, that is boring mom!

Me: Oh, ok, well, we can find you something in the closet that you probably like.

B: Running to the closet--Mom--I found something!

Me: Holding my breath and shaking my head--I am sorry sweety, I am afraid that is not yarn for the loom--he had my Lorna's Laces between his little hands.

B: oh, Mom! I like it. Give it to me.

Dsc04491 Me: No, not that one. Here, here is a nice one with some reds--handing him some Caron Simply Soft

B: Mom--this is not nice yarn! I want nice yarn!

Me: Maybe later, after you have learned a bit more--promise!

B: Ok, let's go knit mom.

We go back to the couch and sit next to each other to knit while Dad and Nyah sleep.


The knitting on the Essential Stripes sweater has come completely to a halt. I altered the pattern a bit to add ribbing on the bottom section. Although the ribbing looks good, I first started it as a mock cable rib, After looking at it closely, I decided against the mock cable and tinked down on those ribs that had the mock cable. I thought it would look good, however, after trying it on I see some difference in that one row where the mock cables were located. The stitches were a bit bigger on that one row and I do not know if blocking would have helped to fix it. So, the frog came and took away an afternoon's work in about 2 minutes!

My question to those of you whom are more experienced in needle knitting--should I work the ribbing on a smaller size needle? I have noticed that hats have the ribbing usually done in a smaller size needle. Does that apply in this situation? Also, I know I need a multiple of 4, right now I have 165 stitches--should I decrease 1 to make it the ribs work, or should I increase 3? If I decrease would it cause a bunching effect at the top of the ribs?

Life and a contest

I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself

A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough

without ever having felt sorry for itself

D.H. Lawrence

I have had the above written on a piece of paper since I moved here from NY. I kept several copies of it in different textbooks/books, every time I felt "picked on" or just out sync with the world, I would pull one out.

It has been sitting on my desk neatly folded for a couple of weeks now. No, I don't feel "picked on", I have been feeling a little bit "wonky" for the past few weeks--anxious, can't concentrate, and frankly I feel like I am on a caffeine high all the time--and I don't even drink coffee or anything caffeinated. Even my close friends have noticed something different--heck you have to know there is something wrong when I don't want to go to Knitter's Nite in Knots. I wish I knew what it was, I sometimes blame it on "too much junk to do and I can't do it all on my own", sometimes I blame it on "my weird problematic childhood", other times, I just say to myself that I just need to go on "a happy Prozac day".

Dsc04383 A well needed lift me up was what I needed and dear Denise had the greatest timing. Thanks for the lift-me up :). I really needed it.

Trivia: What movie was the above poem featured on?

The first one to guess correctly can win a little prizey. (I love to receive, but I also love to give ;) ). Email me at Iselap AT gmail DOT com with your guess.

***Edit***We have a winner Julie guessed correctly and we are in the midsts of working out a prizey for her.

I enjoy this gift giving too much, so let's keep the contest going, this time leave me a comment. If you know the movie, leave me a comment and I will collect the names and then select a random one and give another prizey :). If you loom knit, you can participate too--you may get a little loom as a prizey :). Let's have a deadline of Sunday, Feb. 5th at midnight MST. So get your name in and you may win one of my stash possessions. Now, don't you all be harrasing Julie for the answer, hehehe.


Wow, I am overwhelmed by the response to the Odessa KAL, I think I have Kathy to thank for posting about the KAL on her blog. I have been enjoying reading your blogs and getting to know you, I hope that as the KAL progresses, I get to know more bloggers out there ;).

I saw some of you have already started on the project. Check out Aija's hat, I love the effect the color yarn has with the beads.

OdessababySpeaking of beads, Grumperina has posted a great tutorial on stringing the beads for the project. I was able to find some inexpensive beads at my local craft store, no glass beads, but they will suffice to learn the new technique.

Scout has organized a Team Odessa for all of us to join in the great excitement of the 2006 Knitting Olympics. Since I will be making items for the Dulaan project, I think I will sneak one in there--probably beadless though.

Odessayarn I have picked some yarn choices:

Rowan Cashsoft in baby blue--a hat for my Mom.

Baby Cashmerino-a beadless hat for little Nyah

Jo-Ann Sensations Tesoro Yarn--100% wool--incredibly soft and it is machine washable ;)-a hat for me (maybe)

Don't forget to take the button, or make a button, here are a few choices--thank you Denise for creating two of them for us.




And don't forget, Scout's:


Odessa KAL right here! The perfect Spring Hat


***Edit*** Odessa KAL has moved to its own bloggy. Sign up and I'll add you to the member's list, then you can post your progress/updates/troubles/questions.

Thanks bunches :).


Have you seen the latest issue of MagKnits? If you haven't, go check it out. Grumperina's Odessa awesome hat is one that I am going to put at the top of my list. I have the yarn, I am only missing the beads, but not for long...I have just enough time before the knitting olympics start. The hat just takes hats to a whole new level, easy enough, but the beads the right touch of challenge. Simply Genius!

Odessa The pattern is superb, the yarn is one of the softest ones that I have had the privilage to touch, so I have decided to hold an Odessa KAL. But that is not everything, to celebrate my first blogaversary which is coming right up in a month or so, I am going to give a prize to 3 participants.


1. Make at least one Odessa Hat before April 5th

2. No deadlines for the KAL but

3. On April 28th, my blogaversary day, I will draw 3 random names and give prizes. Prize: Gift Certificate to KPixie in the amount of $10.00.

Are you game? Leave me a comment and let's get started. Also, I know there are some graphic geniuses out there, if you would be so kind as to help me make a button. I would like something that swirls like the top of the Odessa Hat.


***Edit*** Participants can be found on the right side column.

A Cinderally of my own

NyahcleaningAs an adult, I avoid my responsibilities all day long. When I stay home from work, 4pm hits and I know that I have to book it, clean around the house, prepare dinner, get the kids looking cleaner, or at the very least take their pajamas off which usually requires having a serious discussion on why it is not good to wear Superman pajamas all day long, even if Mum is still wearing her Garfield oversize shirt. If I can, sneak in the shower for a spell before hubby gets in the door.

All day long, I think to myself...hmmm, "what should I cook today?", I even call my friends to find out what they are cooking--maybe with luck, I can make the same. Every morning, I wake with full intentions of exercising, cleaning around the house--maybe even get to cleaning the bathroom and have dinner ready by 4pm. But no, the procrastinator in me decides to sit with the baby for a couple of hours, knit a bit, then the other half is spent at the computer.

Dsc04238Cleaning--nah! not around this house. No time to clean, when there is  knitting and looming to be done. So, what's a Mum to do, but to enlist the help of her two little ones. Bryant has been a long time helper around this house, he has his special chores: empty the clothes dryer, clean the table before dinner, set the table for dinner, "vacuum". We all had chores, except little Nyah, that was until today--Nyah has decided to pitch in and help me with my floor cleaning chores--I think the episode with the Berenstain Bear's this morning about helping around the house really stuck with her. She was going to help Bryant clean the table, but she got as far as the floor and there was nothing we could do to make her stop cleaning it. She was loving it. After she cleaned it, she laid down on the spot she cleaned! I guess she is telling me she wants me to clean the floor everyday.

BlackslippersOh, I guess I should have something to show for my procastination in doing my chores, but I actually don't have anything, except I have been working on perfecting the pattern for my loomed ballerina slippers...I am almost there-here is a little peek.

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