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Odessa KAL right here! The perfect Spring Hat


***Edit*** Odessa KAL has moved to its own bloggy. Sign up and I'll add you to the member's list, then you can post your progress/updates/troubles/questions.

Thanks bunches :).


Have you seen the latest issue of MagKnits? If you haven't, go check it out. Grumperina's Odessa awesome hat is one that I am going to put at the top of my list. I have the yarn, I am only missing the beads, but not for long...I have just enough time before the knitting olympics start. The hat just takes hats to a whole new level, easy enough, but the beads the right touch of challenge. Simply Genius!

Odessa The pattern is superb, the yarn is one of the softest ones that I have had the privilage to touch, so I have decided to hold an Odessa KAL. But that is not everything, to celebrate my first blogaversary which is coming right up in a month or so, I am going to give a prize to 3 participants.


1. Make at least one Odessa Hat before April 5th

2. No deadlines for the KAL but

3. On April 28th, my blogaversary day, I will draw 3 random names and give prizes. Prize: Gift Certificate to KPixie in the amount of $10.00.

Are you game? Leave me a comment and let's get started. Also, I know there are some graphic geniuses out there, if you would be so kind as to help me make a button. I would like something that swirls like the top of the Odessa Hat.


***Edit*** Participants can be found on the right side column.


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Sign me up - I just cast on!

Account Deleted

I finished it! How do I attach a photo?


Hi Isela, I'd like to join the KAL also. I have the yarn and needles on order, beads to find. Thanks!

Cindy D

I'm in as well!!! Love this hat!


I've tried copying the Oddessa button, but my blog won't let me put this image simply in my sidebar. If I view your source code and copy it, is that stealing your bandwidth? - 'cos I obviously don't want to do that....


Not only am I in, but I have already started it. Bought the yarn yesterday, found some beads, and am now fighting with my beads (first time knitting with beads -- not quite sure where they must be placed when you are knitting them in, but I should get the hang of it by the time I'm three-quarters done)!


Sign me up for the knitalong. I just ordered my needles and Rowan Cashsoft DK in black from Knit Happens. Still trying to decide whether I want to use beads though


I'd really love to join! I happen to have the yarn.


Sign me up! I've been waiting for that pattern to be published - loved that hat when I first sight.


Me too! Me too! Though I don't plan to get started on it until after the Olympics...


I'd love to join -- I already bought the yarn :-)


Count me in! Is it okay if I subsitute the yarn? Just checking!


Count me in! This looks like a cute hat that I could do for my little project for the chemo caps!!! Thanks :)


I'm in too!
I fell in love with the hat in first sight ;) And this will be the perfect first beading project. I'll cast on as soon as I get the yarn and beads.


We are shooting for an April 3rd opening date. It may or may not happen. If not that week, than hopefully then next.


Sign me UP! I have been stalking her site for weeks waiting for the pattern. I bought my beads last night.


Sign me up for the KAL. I've been waiting eagerly for this pattern to be posted, and was so excited to see it yesterday. Can't wait to get started!


I'm in :)


I'd love to join! I've already cast on and am clicking away :)


I'm in! I've already cast on. :D


Can virgin Knitalongers join?


sign me up


That sounds terrific! We'll do that :).


I say we can all do the KAL and BE on my Team Odessa too! ;) I'll send people on over here too. Sign me up!


Haa! Great minds think alike huh?


hmmmm... you are crazy man.. thought you were doing the Dulaan thing for the olypics.. well I might try this.. I will have to fit it in before the 10th though.. another small project to keep me busy till then!
oh and send Cinderelly right over please.. I have a floor that needs to be cleaned!


Such a darling hat. I wish I had time to knit it!



I'll sign up - but I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it.


I'll sign up - but I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it.

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