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Cables Handbag--Loom Knitted

Check it out!

Check this out!!! Uncle Sam was very nice this year to give me some little extra mula, and after Dsc04940_2 seriously considering what to do with it: a)Spend it, b) spend it, c)spend it, I decided, well, to spend it! heheheh. I think I made a wise decision on the choices, what do you think? I got the 4 Treasury books by Barbara G. Walker--wow, it will take me a lifetime to read them all. I also got Inspired Cable Knits by Fiona Ellis...woooooww, I am in love with her designs, especially the Celtic Icon sweater.


Isn't this sweater just gorgeous!! I love those cables, the way the flow, the color of the yarn....I love it!

A few loom knitters have asked me how I have time to do all the looming and loomy things that I do--well, it is time I showed you my secret weapons. It is not me. I am not superwoman, I wish I were. Are you ready to see the truth? I think we all need a few little guys like mine. Enjoy!!

In the mornings, he gets dressed all by himself. Then, he makes his bed. If I am busy, he goes and even makes his own breakfast which consists of Tortillas and Cheese. Most of the time, I cook him breakfast, but sometimes, he likes to play big boy and he makes us Peanut Butter and Jelly for breakfast and/or lunch.

Dsc04938 Vacuuming time at my house--fun time for the kids. They both love the vacuum (now, Bryant used to be terrified of it) now, he tells me that it is his job to vacuum while I knit--heheheh, I have him well trained. I am seriously considering getting 2 little vacuums for them. They really enjoy the chore and it could

Dsc049141)Free my time to do some other chores

2) Teach them responsibility.

Dsc04932Sweeping the kitchen floor is one of the daily fights. Bryant wants to do it and of course, most of the time I want to get it done fast so I can move on with the day and get the mopping done. Most of the time, he gets to hold the little sweeper plastic thingy (which the name just flew my mind) . He is really sweeping in this picture.

Dsc04934 If you really want to get some knitting done, then you must get a dishwasher, and no, not the electric kind, but the kind that actually scrubs the dishes. See him in action--he loves doing the dishes--really :).


The laundry is a family affair at this house. I told them all that if they wear clothes and want them clean, they all need to pitch in. Mom can fold them, but they have to help doing the laundry. B & N put the dirty clothes in the washer (I hold Nyah in my arms while I give her the clothes). To put them in the dryer, they both stand by the opening of the dryer while I hand them the wet clothes. It is a nice operating system we have with the laundry. When it is dry and the clothes have cooled off a bit. They both run to the dryer and take them out and put them on B's bed.

Dsc04937 Picking up stuff off the floors is their responsibility. They know that they have to pick up their toys, if not, in a garbage bag they go.

Well, my secret is out for you all to see. We are an efficient family in the house. I have my little helpers whom help me all day long keep my house decent. Of course, sometimes their help is not really help, but in time, they will learn and then I will be free (hahahah, I keep telling myself that).


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Peggy in Utah

What sweet little angels. Enjoy them while they are so young and innocent. I'm afraid the teenage years will be more demanding on you. Great Training Mom.


You're just so blessed with those little ones!


OK that does it! I am most definatly sending the boys to you for some intensive Isela training. LOL
No I can't do that you've got a book to write. :(
Although I must tell you that when Jordan was going through his infomercial phase, we bought a shark stick
vac for stairs and little things. Well when we came home with it Jordan acted like it was Christmas.
He vacuumed the whole house, and wanted to take it to school. Unfortunatly he then became hooked on hair removal adds. Not as much fun trust me.


Are you going to have a chapter in your book on how to get your kids to behave like this so you have more time to knit?!? You are so lucky. The novelty has worn off for my kids and now that my dd is 6 she wants to knit, too!


My kids used to love to help me clean house, but that ended when they turned four. They keep their rooms (relatively) clean and do have dinner table chores, so I don't let them completely off of the hook.


What I wouldn't give to have clean children! Matthew will get the hang of it one day, I'm sure, but thus far his help is more along the lines of putting dirty dishes away and mixing the clean laundry with the dirty! Please tell me little B. started out this way!


Isela, such perfect, adorable angels. Just wait until they are 10 and 12 -- Buwahahaha! Your days are numbered, I'm afraid. Enjoy your angels while you can. :-)


Ok, this seals the deal. They are coming to my house for a week or 2 while you work on your book! LOL!
You can tell them that Auntie Becky is sooooo proud of them! And give them each a big hug from me! XOXOX


Love it. My kids are the same way. I haven't threatened to toss the stuff yet, but it does occasionally dissappear for quite some time. But, my little one is only 1 so I don't think she quite understands throwing things out, but she will help pick up anyway. They also like to help with laundry....but I guess I'm too controlling...only Mommy sorts and loads the washer....want everything in the correct load. It's daddys job to fold. Here soon everything is going to change and DH is going to become a SAHD....then Mommies domestic goddess duties are Well, except cooking, we all agree we rather I cooked most the meals! =)

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