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Lying by ommision--update on the BOOOOOOK

My dear friends, I am guilty of a terrible crime. I am ashamed of not telling you all the news about the box. I actually received some news about it last week, news that will affect my future. I still cannot believe the outcome...can you guess it?

Yep, the book deal is going through. I will be writing a book on Loom Knitting for Quarto publishing, a division of Quintet Publishing.

Yah, I almost fell of my chair when I read the email from my publisher and then my editor--hahah, I feel so weird saying those big words. You can guess what I will be doing for the next 2 months--writing and loom knitting non-stop! Thankfully, I have recruited the help of a dear Dlandra....hahahah, the two of us will be working non-stop, we will emerge for fresh air every Saturday, heheheh.

I finally broke down and called my Mom and my little brother. I didn't tell her before for fear of it not going through and just building high hopes (of course, she said that the fact that they contacted me in the first place is enough to make any mother talk about it). She was so happy and I could sense that she felt proud of me. She has always had high hopes for me (I guess every parent does) but, I am the only one of her children whom actually went to college (ok, disregard the fact that I don't know how to write, hahahah). Anyways, she was psyched! My little brother, well, his exact words (yah, I had to write them down, cuz it was just soo awesome) "woooooowww, Mom, I am the little brother of a big time book author!!!" For once, I felt that I may be a good influence in his life, that maybe, just maybe I can be the one he looks up to, and maybe he will follow my steps and go to college and gets his life going in the right track.

That same afternoon, I received a phone call from my Mom's English teacher congratulating me for the great achievement. I just couldn't believe it, Mom is really telling everyone about it, heheh. I'll probably get a note or a phone call from her doctor this week :).

I still remember sitting in my math class back in 1992 and not knowing what the teacher was saying. I understood the numbers, but goodness, I couldn't understand one single word. Needless to say, my first test was a 14! Yah, a 14 out of 100! I felt awful. I felt like the dumbest person in the whole planet. Decision reached by the teachers and counselor--She doesn't understand English. She must learn the language first then she can be in English classes, in the meantime she needs to take them all in Spanish. My heart was crushed! During the next year, I immersed myself in books, after school programs, and even sleeping with the tv on so that I could by some miracle absorb the English language by osmosis. I guess the studying worked, the tv I don't know, but, the studying did! My only hope is that I do all my teachers and my mother proud with this book, it is not a story book, but a book nonetheless :). 


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Hip Hip Hooraaaaaay! Congrats!!! Yeah! Yippee!!!


Congrats! This would be huge for anyone, but to go from struggling to learn English to writing a book in English is amazing. Don't be shy about touting it on your blog, we will all want to buy it when it comes out!

Bridget Parsons


I am so happy for you...and happy for us that there will be another looming book out there. YIPEE!!! Thank you for sharing your talents!



Wow! Congratulation! Shout it from the mountaintop!


Wow! That's super fabulous news, and congratulations to you! You are a very blessed woman to be able to turn what you love doing into something that is financially profitable! Not everyone is so lucky! Congrats again, can't wait to see the book!


Congratulation Isela. I'm really happy for you.

I have to admit, your are an inspiration for me. I'm trying to write a book on boardknitting in french. Your book will be the second one, in english. But in french, we have absolutely nothing on this craft. Too bad, for us.

I'm looking forward to follow your adventure.

Best wishes.



Isela, we are all so very proud of you. You have worked very hard to be where you are today.
I'm just so proud to say I know you and can count you as a friend.


I'm still so excited about this news! I've been showing the pic of me and you to everyone and telling them, "This is my friend Isela, and she has a BOOK DEAL!"

P.S. My friend Amber here at W&L knows you and your husband. Small world, huh?

Kathy N

Wonderful! Let us know about the book signing!


I... told... you... so.

wendy g

Congratulations! How exciting.


Congrats! So happy for you!


Totally Awesome!!!! Congratulations! Can I get an autographed copy when they come out? :-)


Congratulations! I can't wait to add this one to my crafting library!

Cindy in Oregon

CONGRATULATIONS! Without a doubt this will be a best-seller in the genre of knitting instruction books! If you need beta testers, you know where to find me! :)

Cindy in Oregon


I had no idea, by reading your posts now, that you ever struggled with the English language! Way to go on putting your mind to something and having such an accomplishment Isela! And now look where it's gotten you! You are writing a BOOK BOOK BOOK! Will you be able to have it published in English as well as Spanish? That would be awesome! :)

Congrats. I say it again... you NEVER cease to amaze me with everything you do.


Isela, Congratulations to you! You have been such a help to me and an inspiration with the looming. I never thought so many things could be done with a loom. Can't wait for the book and I will be ordering my new sock looms after I get back from vacation.


That is fantastic! Way to go, Isela!! :)


Congratulations. You're famous!


WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!! Will you be carrying your book in your store? Autographed copies? WOWWOWWOW!! What awesome news!


Wow! That is so awesome! Congratulations sister!


That is fantastic! Congratulations!


Congratulations my dear friend!
love, Becky


Congratulations!! I knew one day you'll write a book, with your knowledge of looms, you are the best one out there for the job!


I told you your a winner!




Que bien! Muchas felicitaciones!

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