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Ribbed Sock Pattern & 1000th Comment Contest

Toddlersockwithname Shhh...I am not available. Please call back later :).

I was really busy. Last night, I started knitting a little sock so that I could get the pattern written out. I first started with the infant size, then I realized that if I was going to write it, that I might as well sit down and write the same pattern for all the other sizes. I was crazy and delusional! I thought it was going to be an easy task, but no! I was absolutely, and magnanimously WRONG! It took me about 5 hours to write up the heel part for all the 5 sizes of sock looms. At one point, I was done, then I realized that it looked terrible, so I re-did it all with some tables, a table for each size of sock.

I am done! Now, I just need to sit down and upload it to the DA website and to my Loom Knit website.

If any of you are interested in the pattern, just drop me a note in the comments section.

*edit* pattern is right here!

*Edit* I had a request to make the pattern available for the Blue Knifty Knitter. You can access the pattern here. Let me know if it works and if you want to share a picture :)

Now on to the fun Contest!


I am approaching my 1000th comment!! Yippee! I am so psyched. Anyways, whomever gives me the 1000th comment will win a copy of: Wallace & Gromit: The curse of the Were-Rabbit. I have two copies: I pre-ordered one back 3 months ago, then B bought it for his birthday. So I have two copies. The shrink wrap is gone--blame it on B but the movie is brand new. Bring on the 1000th comment :)



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I love your blog and all your work!! I love pinks and purples tooo!

Mary Ann

I am always impressed with your loom work. You are so creative and so hardworking. Keep it up.

Susan Jane Caraccio

Dear Isela

The little blue sock is lovely, I will definately have to make some socks on the looms, I have some suitable yarn and plenty of spare time as I am still not working - just get the odd couple of days work here and there. However hopefully by the end of this month (and the new financial year) I should have something more permanent (or set up on my own.....)

I'm doing a yellow boa scarf on the 20 peg scarf loom at the moment, two skeins of yarn I found which didn't really go with anything else so they told me it should be a loomed scarf.

Susan in cold south-west London, UK


HEy!! No bells and whistles and confetti came down!! I guess I wasn't the 1000th comment!! I don't even know what # my blog comments are up to!

mary w.

isela ! thank you for the kk blue loom sock pattern. i haven't yet been able to purchase a fine gauge round loom, so this pattern will save me the need to try and adapt the fine gauge pattern. i'm still trying to figure out, however, how you find the time to create all the patterns you do with two small children and a business to help run! i have a part time job and live alone...and can't find the time to design half of what you do! you must truly be wondermom !


It sounds like the pattern for the blue loom will work.. but it would be a little big for a toddler I think.. it is very well written!!!


Oh my goodness Isela!You are not only gifted, but a giver.I'm always so blessed by your enthusiasm and generosity! I can't wait to try making these- er, actually I will wait a minute. Now, for the entry, my 3 & 5 yr old girlies are hoping a dvd comes out of all this looming! toodles!


Thank you so much for the fine-gauge pattern. I tried converting the small gauge pattern to fine gauge, and it just does not look very nice. The ribbed pattern looks like it will turn out looking better and fitting better!


can you make finer socks on looms? I confess I am loom-ignorant.


Cool on the sock pattern. Have you visited my blog? I have a sock pattern called Little Runes for the small fry set.

Katie C RAOK

I love the sock it is too cute and my daughters love Wallace and Gromit


Oh My! I love those socks! Would you PLEASE share the patt. with me...I have 5 grandbabies, I would love to make socks for! I tried to download the pattern, but all i got was a funny little sound and nothing BooHoo! You are brilliant, I think you Need to write a book on design! congrats! Paula



How ya doing? I love the sock! :)

You're a hard working fool :)



Cute sock. I definitely am putting that loom on my wish list!


What a fascinating way to knit! I've seen looms but never such small ones before... I lost myself for a bit on the loomknit page :)


The sock looks neat. Perhaps there is a loom in my future? I've never tried it before and must say I'm intrigued. Hey, congrats on nearing 1000! That's huge;0)

mary w. in mi

isela, i'm so inspired , by all you do on the looms...what i wouldn't give to be your next-door neighbor !


I may have to comment repeatedly so I can get it! :) And I didn't get to see lost last night! I MUST SEE IT!

I'm creeping up on my 2000th comment, so I've been planning a contest too :)



Very cute sock.. I love Wallace & Gromit but I haven't seen the Curse of the WereRabbit yet. Hmmm.. maybe if I'm lucky, I will!


Did you watch LOST last night?????????!!!!!!! What in the heck? Oh, nice socks. If I had a loom I would make one!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!


I thought I was the only one who had a very crazy day!!!! It must be a full moon! (The socks look great!) We need a coffee together! (I'll start my private jet, be there in 3 hours...LOL) hugs!


Coming uncorked on the home *and* writting sock patterns! Are you Wonder Woman?!
Holy Moses. Put me down for needing the pattern also. Once I earn my golden lasso, I'll whip up a pair for a pending arrival.
You are amazing!


hmmm I just won another #x comment could I do it twice..

Hey I got the market on that there adult sized sock!!


Oooh, pick me! pick me!

Your sock looks cute, even if it was a pain! I need to talk to you about looms while I'm up there in a couple weeks, plus I'm just so excited to see you!


i would love a copy of your sock pattern-thanks!


i would love a copy of your sock pattern-it looks great1


I love your site! The hats are just wonderful..I especially like the little pixie hat I am so new to loom knitting and you are a great inspiration. Your mini movie tutorials have been an absolute god send to this newbie! If you ever make an instuction book for various loomed hats, I would definitely purchase it!

Bobbi C

I love your Toddler Socks!!!!


ooh, very nice socklee!!


Oooooh, I am interested in the sock patterns. I love it! I hope the heel part is user friendly! The one on yarngear.com was very easy to follow, but I love yours.

I hope I'm your 1,000th comment!


Socks? I'm in! Please tell me it's easy to understand.

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