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Belated Blogiversary!

It appears that I missed my own Blogiversary. Too many things happening this month that I can hardly keep my thoughts straight. Well, happy blogiversary to me, happy blogiversary to me! hahahah. Thanks for hanging around with this crazed loom knitter for the past year. It has been fun, and it has been real.  And dare I say it--it has been REAL FUN!! ;).


I finally found the camera--actually, hubby found it. He forgot he put it in the car's glove compartment. I don't know what he was thinking by putting it there--we never, ever look in there!! I was ready to take out the Visa and get me a new one--terrible that he found it before I smoked the card!

Dsc05278 In the move, I lost my slippers, I think I accidentally threw them in one of the bags that went in the garbage, so yarn and needles came out of their forced vacation. I am making a pair of Fiber Trends Clogs. The yarn is all odds and ends I had in the stash. I have used the child size pattern for a pair for B last year and I remember having a bit of trouble remembering the row I was on, well, nothing has changed. I still can't keep my eyes focused on the pattern--last year was my listening to Eragon on tape, this time was a little one clammoring at the top of her little lungs that she was the baby and she wanted milk! It was really cute and I was enjoying it, until I realized that I had knitted the same row 3 times!!! Let me tell you something--frogging rows that have all those M1, SSK, and K2Tog, and W&T are no fun, no fun at all!

Well, I am off to bed, here are the promised pictures of the boring craft room...and Mim, look at what I got to amuse myself :)...Bunny Suicides! They are just awesome! I have a sick sense of humor, lol. I also couldn't resist getting Furry Logic on Parenthood a good laugh....oh dear!

My Music, My World

This is my music world just for Lolly! I was inspired after seing Kim's! I am not a person who remembers the names of singers, so my list is pretty limited. I tend to listen a lot to the radio and lately to a lot of the Nick Jr. theme songs...hahahah. Let's see, do you know the name of the show where following words come from: "we are not too big, and we are not too tough, but when we work together we've got the right stuff....."

Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!

Woosh--I am moved in!!

  • 5 Rolls of Viva Towels
  • 1 Mr. Clean Bottle
  • 1 Lysol Disinfectant Bottle
  • 1 Windex Bottle
  • 6 Mr. Clean Eraser pads
  • About 50 boxes of stuff (some worth keeping, some have me wondering!)
  • 2 weeks worth of energy spent in 3 days!

Results: Priceless=One humongous move from one little apartment to our new place.

Hoooray!!! It only took us about 3 days of moving stuff from one place to the other. Lots of cleaning was involved--my poor knees are feeling it from the kneeling down to scrub floors.

Well, I was going to share some pictures of the craft room, but--Bad news: It appears that the camera is nowhere to be found, hubby packed it, apparently in the same bag as the camcorder--the bag has the camcorder and the PDA, but no camera...hmmmm.  I spent the last hour looking through boxes and I cannot find it. Pictures of the craft room will come as soon as I find the elusive camera. Just picture a bright blue room for the moment.

Knitlitejpg Have you read the latest on knitting needles: Knit Lite--The new needles have glowing L.E.D. at the tips to make it possible to knit in the dark--think movie theater. They will be debuting down the knitting isles next month...price: about $20. Looks pretty fancy--I wonder what the other movie-goers would say about the flashing little tips....hmmm

Penmanship Meme


I saw it over at Mim's, who saw it over here and over here, and I couldn't resist. Write a pangram, then your first name, and take a picture :), put the picture on your bloggy. Now, I have seen it in a few blogs--my question is--is there someone going to come and analyze me through my writing. It is sloppy, I blame it on the computers. I was so eager to master the typing that I forgot how to write.

As far as pens go, well, all my nice pens are stocked away in a box. I like to write with liquidy sharp point pens, in purple if possible. If you were to find a notebook from back when I was in school, you will find purple and blue ink, with the date and title with some sparkly underlines. Til this day, one of my favorite places to go shopping is Staples, even if I have to drag the Y-chromosome subjects in my family through the ordeal. I never leave the place without either a)pens b)pencils c)post-its even if I have a million of them at home I must have them, must!!

Back to the MEME, c'mon go ahead let us see your writing :).

You see that burgundy something in the corner--it is my only knitting that is not packed. It is a little something special that I am working for someone whom I am not allowed to tell.

Dsc05269 The moving date has arrived!!! We will be heading to unload ourDancingshee  furniture today. My house is a disaster area, it seems that a bomb went off--well, let me show you our sleeping quarters for the past two days--we have arrived to two conclusions. 1. The Floor is Hard!!!

2. Kids will do almost anything to sleep between the two of us/or on top of us making No. 1 even more agonizing

And 3, I know, I didn't put a 3, but it should be there--community sleeping quarters are terrible!!

Amidst Brown Boxes

Dsc05257 Please don't come visit me right now, unless you want to be surrounded by boring brown color everywhere. Our move is 2 days away and half of our stuff is in boxes.

Even my knitting books are in there--from 10 boxes of books, 4 of them contain my knitting books....somebody is obsessed :).

Dsc05258 Since Friday, Knitting and loom knitting has been rare in this side of the world. From all my stuff, I only have 1 knitting loom out and a few skeins of yarn--with my trusty Vogue Knitting Book, just in case an idea just happens to come to my mind.

Hubby and BIL will be here in less than one hour to put our couches and beds in the trailer...we are going to have a camp out inside our apartment for a couple of days, lol. My BIL is the only help hubby has right now and he is leaving to NY for an interview tomorrow, so everything heavy needs to be taken care of today. The joys of moving....gosh! I collect so much junk, I never thought I was a pack rat, until I started opening drawers. Get this, I found a grocery bag full of B's baby socks!! A bag full of my little odds and ends of skeins--now, what am I going to do with that? At least the socks can be taken to the goodwill store, but the little itty bits of yarn---a pack rat I am!

So much to do, so little time--well, at least I can count with my Landlady waking me up promptly by 5:30am so I can finish my packing and in case I miss her treadmill and Oprah at that time, I can count with her daughter's piano practicing at 8am....LOL...Heck!! We are so ready to move!!!

Marshmellows and my love


Even the most expensive chocolate in the world cannot take the place of my yummies--chocolate covered marshmellows!! I absolutely *love* chocolate covered marshmellows. My hubby doesn't enjoy going shopping by himself, yet, he wondered into the local Walmart to get me not one, but five yummy chocolate marshmellows! I bet he had to fight a couple of ladies looking for last minute Easter candy, heheheh.

Check the card---this is just soooooo us, cheeky humour :), lol. I just love him!! He really knows how to make me just laugh with all my heart and soul!

Huggs to all of you!!! And a huge thank you for all the wonderful wishes...I'll strive for #3 for the rest of our lives, lol.



Happy Anniversary!

Comingoutofthetemple_1 It's our day! It's our day! Today, 5 years ago, I volunteered (heheheh) to share my life with a wonderful, funny, loving, thoughtful man. 5 years ago, I decided to share my life with someone who truly completes me and complements my silly personality....and who doesn't my mind yarn hobbies ;).

Our journey is barely beginning and through its paths, it has taken us to some beautiful places, others have been a bit rocky but it has made our bond stronger.

Since the moment we met in the Jamaica Train station in Jamaica, NY, we knew we had a good connection. We felt like old friends reunited once again.

TemplebackgroundNo, we didn't know that we were meant to be together then (although, Sam claims that he knew the moment he saw me that I was going to be his wife, me I had more wordly plans, lol). We started a good friendship, talking about our future career plans, which coincidentally put us in the same university, Utah State, him as a freshman and me a senior...eek! Once at school, we spent quite a bit of time together--I won't tell how much time just in case anyone in the family is reading--I don't want to get him in trouble for the very, very early hours he used to leave my dorm, hahahah. Then, on Christmas, after I came back from visiting my mom in NY, we were just laughing and having fun and he blurted out "would you marry me?". I was speechless, but quickly recovered and said "are you sure, you've got to be kidding right? I mean this is like forever". With a glint in those pretty blue eyes, he seriously said "aye, I am sure". No, it wasn't any fancy way of asking, but it will forever stay in my mind. Til this day, if you ask him, he will tell you that he didn't have any plans of asking, that the Lord put the words in his mouth, and of course, once he said them, he couldn't take them back, hahahah. I love him! Not one day goes by that he doesn't tell me "I love you" or "you are so beautiful". To him, it may seem that I don't notice these little things, but I do and I cherish them, just like I cherish my good morning and goodbye kiss every morning (eventhough, I am dead to the world in morpheus land).

Cakewedding Our life has been good, I can honestly say that the worse day that we have had together was our first day married*. Every day from then on has gotten better and better. 

I am looking forward to a life with you my darlin' and to many more twirlin' around life's dance floor.  Happy Anniversary to us....malhakita!

  Note: Sorry for the pictures--we didn't  have access to a dig camera back then and hubby had to scan these for me for the bloggy--isn't he just the bestest :). I hope you enjoyed them.

*We both consider the first day of our marriage the worst as we had to survive the entire wedding reception and saying hello and thank you to people who we both didn't know. I had my Mom and little brother visit for the weekend for the wedding, as well as some close friends from NY. After the reception was over, we didn't go on a honeymoon as most couples do. We had school on Monday so we had to stick around. But school wasn't the worst part, the worst part was that eventhough we got to our apartment around midnight, we only had a few hours of sleep, around 4am we had to get out and drive down to SLC to take my Mom and my friends back to the airport...eeek! We were tired, we were exhausted and starving. It was Sunday, and our house was void of food, so we ended up going to my sweet MIL for lunch--of course, all of Sam's brothers were asking what in heck we were doing there. When we told them we were hungy and we didn't have any food, they all just started laughing, lol.

Our wedding day was something else for sure....the night before, I only had about 2 hours of sleep. Sam and I were down in SLC for 2 entire days trying to gather everyone from the airport that were coming to the wedding. Everyone was supposed to arrive the same day within the same hour, but you know planes, we ended up down in SLC for 2 days--2 days that I didn't count on. It was hilarious running around SLC with Sam, my Mom, my little brother, and one of friends in tow all around trying to find a decent manicurist for the frantic bride. At one point, I lost it at the airport, I just couldn't handle it anymore and I just let out probably the worst stream of bad words that my husband has ever heard a woman mutter (heck, I am a New Yorker, I can say tons) along with tears of course. Then when we finally came home around 3am, I got to my dorm to find a note about the flowers for my bouquet being in the front office. I just wanted to cry. I went to the front office, but of course it was closed. Then, I accepted defeat and went to my dorm room, sure that I didn't have any flowers for my bouquet. But, as I opened the door, my roommate Ayako, rushed to me and led me to the bathroom where all my flowers were soaking in the tub. We both stayed up til 6 am putting together my bouquet. I finally fell asleep to be woken up by Ayako again at 8 to help me get ready.....I was tired. If Sam hadn't been holding me so tight by the hand at the temple, I probably would have fallen asleep or just laid down on the floor at the feet of all the guests and snored the morning away. I was so tired and nervous that I even put the ring on the wrong finger! It is a joke between us now--I wanted to keep him single by putting it on the wrong finger ;). My Mom still has my bouquet and although she has moved 2 times since we got married, she has taken them with her. It was worth staying up late ;).

Poll for name the knitting loom!

Thank you for all the wonderful entries...I am amazed at your creativity and well, overwhelmed at the great response!

We took the names in a first come, first serve basis, for example, if the name FlyALoom was suggested first on April 9th by X person then again on April 12 by Y person, the entry goes to Person X as they were the first one to suggest it.

The winner will take the items pictured. A nice carry on bag for your new knitting loom, the knitting loom, and some yarn goodies! Dsc05207

It was a difficult task choosing only 10 for you to vote on. The choices for the poll are as follows.

  • Kneat-O-Knitter by Eileen
  • Wonderloom by Becky H.
  • Glide-A-Peg by Marisol J.
  • Junior AJAL by Laura
  • DIAL (Do-it-All-Loom) by Debee
  • SlideALoom by Azia
  • 22 Scadoo by Michelle S.
  • LuvALoom by Betsy
  • Gotta Have It Loom by Deb B.
  • Totally Tubular by Tina E.

Poll will end at midnight April 13th. If there is a tie-Sam and I will choose the winning name and the 2 participants will receive a knitting loom--but only the one we choose will receive the bag and the goodies. Does that sound fair?


We have a winner!! Becky H wins the treasure. The name for which this knitting loom shall be known throughout the land is......drummm roollllll: WonderLoom.

I think it is an appropriate name, I mean, I call little N Wondergirl, and B Wonderboy, maybe it was meant to be :).

The knitting loom has a name!!! WonderLoom :).

Thank you all for participating and for making it so much fun. For an entire day there I came and clicked on the results just to see how everything was going.

The poll results ended as follows:

  • Wonderloom with 99 votes
  • DIAL Loom with 66 votes
  • Junior AJAL with 65
  • Slide A Loom with 56
  • Glide A Peg with 39
  • 22 Scadoo with 31
  • Totally Tubular with 14
  • Kneat-O-Knitter with 12
  • Gotta Have It with 7
  • LuvALoom with 5

Total votes 394!!!

A new cast on for round knitting looms

Closeupofedge I had a lightbulb moment on Saturday, I have been working on some provisional cast-ons on needles, and the light bulb went on. I could try doing that on a knitting loom and if it worked, it would provide  the perfect first row that has the crochet chain edge that will match the bind off row.

Flatpanel So off to work I went and guess what...yep, it worked!! Since it doesn't have a name and well, it came from a provisional cast on, (although, I can't call it provisional as in the knitting looms, it will become part of the knitted item), I shall call it the P-Cast-on. P actually serves two purposes, one for the Provisonal and the other for my last name ;)...ok, it is more for the Provisional Cast-on from where it originated.

Bothsidesintheround It is very similar to the way the Cable Cast-on is worked, except on this cast-on method, you have only one strand on the outside of the knitting loom. So it is ready to begin your wrapping process.

In the round, it leaves a flexible edging (with wool yarn)--thus making it possible to use it for the cast on of a hat.

**Edit** Thank you for testing it out for me and for your comments ;).

We are moving!!

Remember at the beginning of the month when I mentioned that I had a few news to share. I already shared the first, about the looooooombook (which it is on hold, cuz apparently, the deal has not been closed with the American Publisher, so I am on hold--probably permanently).

Some of you were speculating that my other news were about a new baby. Unfortunately, no, no new baby in the horizons for our family. It seems that 2 is our lucky number for us--at least for now.

But, there is more news. I was just not ready to share them in fear that it may fall through and well, it is not nice to build up my hopes. However, the deal did go through and starting April 19th, we will be moving to this lovely house! It is all that we ever dreamed in an house--big enough for us 4 and if my Mom and little brother ever decide to move in with us, we will have enough room for them too! In the mean time, I will get to have my very own craft room! Yay!!!  Another great thing--we will have a bathroom connected to the Master Bedroom, which means that maybe, just maybe, if I lock myself in there, Sam & I can have our own private bathroom!! It is celebration time! Yipppeee! Starting April 19th, my kids can freely play in the backyard, all day long if they want! Freedom from Mrs Crazy Landlady is almost here!!! Anyone wanna come and help me pack :)....I'll share some lovely yarn with ya or how about a lovely knitting loom :).....


A Contest--Name the Knitting Loom--Sponsored by Decor Accents, Inc.

Decor Accents, Inc, the Knitting Loom Store needs your help in naming this new knitting loom.  Sam has been working on a knitting loom that can adjust to make any tube size from an adult hat loom down to a little itty bitty bootie loom without the cumbersome use of bolts and nuts. After many designs and hours of work, he has found the perfect way to design one. Check it out!

Nametheloom_2 Things to consider that may help in coming up with the appropriate name:

It adjusts in the round from thumb knitting loom size all the way up to a little bit larger than an adult hat knitting loom. It adjusts in multiples of 2.

It comes with 3 adjusting spacers, so you can loom knit 2 smaller items at the same time, ei: 2 slippers.

Nametheloom2_1The adjusting spacers can easily be removed/installed from the knitting loom.

It can make a flat panel that is about 22 inches in width depending on the yarn and stitch used

It's compact: 16.75" L x 2.75" W

How the contest works:

  1. Write a comment on this post, suggesting  a name (and why it is appropriate).
  2. We will choose the top 10.
  3. We will place the top 10 in a poll (here on the blog)
  4. You can come and vote for the winning name.

Prize: The winner will receive the new knitting loom plus a knitting tool and some yarn goodies.

You have until midnight April 11th to suggest a name. The poll will appear here on April 12th by noon (MST).

So, come on, start suggesting a name :).

Oh--only one entry is allowed per contestant.

**Comments have been closed*******

Thank you for your participation. Now Sam and I will sit down and choose the top 10, this is going to be a difficult task!

Ring, ring, are you gonna get that?

You are ready to start shooting some pictures of your latest knitted item, and then ring, ring, ring, you hear the phone ring, you look for it everywhere, then you get close to the sound, really, really close, and yet you can find it! You pull out every single item out of the piece of furniture where the noise is coming from and yet no phone. You ask the kids and they just shake their head and look down at their feet. You could call your cell phone to find it, but you only have one phone. Then finally, a moment of realization, you bend down and look...and you find:

Phoneinvcr Whereisitn_1

Whodiditb_1 Phonesaved

You guessed it! Someone decided that it will go well in the VCR, unfortunately, no Dora or Diego flashed in the big square box. I am still trying to find the guilty one!

I can do it!!

Dsc05119 Guess what?!? I don't really need that Sewing for Idiots book--well, I do, but not really! I actually need a Threading a Sewing Machine Book, hahahah. I made it work, I made it work! It took some work and some very bad language but it worked.

I even managed to make two liners for my loom knitted cables baguettes. Of course, I wasn't supposed to make 2 but I messed up on the first one, instead of closing the short sides and leaving one of the longest sides open, I closed the long sides and left one of the short sides open. It didn't bother me that much though, I was feeling quite comfortable and happy that I made the machine work. Hubby took the pictures Dsc05124 of me--he said he was going to start a blog so he needed some material, hahahah.

Although the sewing experience was successful, I suffered a minor accident. In trying to cut a little hole for the magnetic snaps into the fabric, I decided that my finger was good practice and I sliced it open with the scissors--no, there are no pictures of that as I am a complete and absolute chicken when it comes to blood, especially mine. I stood there, mortified, and screamed to hubby, "hurry, I need a band-aid" during the few seconds it Liner took him to run to the bathroom, all I could hear was "drum, drum, drummmmm", my face got really hot, my knees felt like they were about to fold over me, and my head--oh dear, my head was going around and around, I knew that if I moved even one step, I would probably fall down flat on my face ( The idea did occur to me that the finger would be a great blog picture though--blogger at work!) but my legs were not responding to my brain and I was not moving for anything. Finally, the seconds which to me seem hours, passed and hubby arrived with the band-aid....phoey, what an experience. I do not know how doctor's do it, I just see a bit and I go weak in the knees. Good thing I didn't soil the pretty pink yarn. Needless to say, the little accident has had an impact on my needle knitting. Today, I tried to pick up the needles, but my finger couldn't handle it. So back to looming I went....

Cablesbaguettecollection Back to the bag liners, since I did manage to make one of them right, even with a sore finger, I had to lined at least one of the cables baguettes. Aye, there are 3 now :). The original red, and two new ones: the purple with ribbon and the pink one. The pattern(s) are not available at this time, but I should have at least one of them available really soon.  C'mon I would love to hear your comments on them--remember, they were loom knitted, so be kind :).

Odessa KAL

On other news--the Odessa KAL deadline for the prizes has arrived. If you signed up and would like to be eligible to win a prize, email me at odessaKAL AT gmail DOT com by midnight on Friday MST. The drawing will be held this coming Saturday.

Once in a lifetime

Dsc05032Wednesday at Two Minutes an three seconds after 1:00 a.m. the time an
date will be ..01:02.03, 04/05/06 ~~~~~~~~~~
This will not ever happen again in our lifetime...... <but also if you
drop the first 0 and count it as 1 p.m. it would still be 1:02,03,
04/05/06   an that to -- will never happen again in our lifetime.

Dsc05075 Pretty Neat! I received an email this morning with the above and it made me realize all the once in a lifetime things that we go through in our life...

First steps....seeing your little ones take their first steps brings you the most amazing joy ever!

Dsc05059_1 First words....hearing your little ones try to say Milk and yet it sounds very much like Meow

First child....unbearable pain, but worth it after all (keep repeating it like a mantra and it will become true)

Dsc05061 First time you saw into your spouse's eyes...unforgettable

First time you held hands with your spouse...can you still feel the tingles

Many other First Times come to mind....I fervently hope that I am able to keep my mind and my memories as I grow old.


Meet my Nemesis

Sewingmachine Arrgggh! I am still upset. I wanted to wait long enough to make a nice post about it, but I cannot get over it. I suck at sewing!! I know why I have been given the gift of knitting and loom knitting--cuz if the world ever ends, I can knit my family and myself some clothing, cuz if I have to depend on a sewing machine, we might as well just wear blankets around our bodies like a toga!

Dsc05014 I broke down and bought a sewing maching on Saturday--nothing fancy, no bells and whistles. Granted, I wanted to open it and start sewing the rectangle to line my bag. But instead, I spent the first 2 hours trying to figure out how to fill the bobbin with thread---argh!! Why doesn't it come ready to use! Bobbin, what the heck is a bobbin? The instructions were vague to everything, I guess they expected me know how a sewing machine works....especially, how it is supposed to be threaded. I guess, I am the perfect candidate for a book entitled: Sewing for Idiots

Dsc05015 A few tries later, I finally had the bobbin (little plastic thingy) full of thread. Funny, all I had to do was step on the scary pedal and the thread just wrapped around it--pretty neat. I want something like that for my yarn :).

Threading it was out of reach for this dumbo, so I called my dear friend Dlandra and crashed her Sunday afternoon. It only took the Sewing Goddess about 30 seconds to thread the thing--mind you wihout instructions!! Of course, once I saw how to get it thread it, it sunk in--I guess I am more of a visual person.

Dsc05098 The machine ran fine at her house, nice stitches, no loopyness, but that changed. Once I got it home (I think it got bumped on the car ride) the tension was completely off and all the stitches were messy, loopy, the fabric kept getting eaten by the little hole that goes down to the bobbin. It was irritating, it was midnight, and no one to help me, not even my wonderful hubby was  able to help me :(.

Dsc05097 After grueling hours of cussing at the thing, I managed to make two little rice bags (bean bags).

Bryant already requested: pajamas, a new pillow case, and slippers---and yet, all I can do is little bean bags!

I shall conquer this sewing monster, even if it gives me gray hairs!

Flash Your Stash Day

FlashyourstashIt is the day to come out of the closet and tell the entire world how much insulation yarn I have in my closet.  So, without further delay, let me Flash my Stash for you! But, I will let the pictures do the talking today.

First, let's start with the sock yarn. Which will serve a double duty today, first for my Flast my Stash, and also for the Sock Yarn Addict's Club. It is the only one that I have an actual count.

Firslayer Total 42 skeins. I know, it is hardly a stash worth mentioning (heheheh)

2ndlayer 3rdlayer

Then, I started counting the rest, but I lost count and my kids started getting hungry so I had to just take a quick photos.

In total:

  • 3 huge tubs.
  • 2 Wide Drawer Carts with 3 drawers each
  • 2 Medium  3 Drawer Cart

Stash2 Stash4

A quick peek into the contents and you will find:

Stash1 Stashwoolpeek Stash3 Ksh

Well, now you know how much yarn I have. All I can say is the following: It is Not Nearly Enough!! :)  So, how much yarn do you have, let's see, Flash Your Stash!