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Knitty News...the Good...the Bad...and the Ugly..

The Good....

Knitting Looms in the classroom has hit the news! According to the article, loom knitting help students relax and achieve concentration while helping the community! The children are addicted to the craft and want to keep on knitting more and more to help their community. It is really neat to see that knitting looms are becoming a well known craft.

The Bad....

How badly do you love yarn? Would you be willing to give up a couple of years of your life for yarn? Would you be willing to do hours of community service for the love of yarn? I love yarn, I love yarn very much. I admit it, I have an addiction to all the different colors and the different textures, however, I can't imagine having $13,000 worth of yarn in my closet...that would be like having my own private yarn shop. As you probably read, 2 ladies decided that they wanted yarn really badly, so badly, that they had to steal it. For what purpose, it has not yet been revealed, but it is just crazy to take that much yarn. Read the whole tangled story 

The Ugly...

I am still sick, hehehe, and I am getting ugly black baggy circles under my eyes, hehehehe

Sick...cough, cough

Just a quick note to all my devoted fans, hahahahaha, ok, so I am delirious in my moment of high fevers. I am sick like a dog...hmmm, interesting, I have never seen a dog sick, so I don't know where that saying originated from, if you know, let me know.

Anyways, I am sick. I spent all weekend sick and although I woke up feeling a bit better as the day progressed it just kept getting worse and right now, I am worse than I was on Friday.

The looming deadline is well...looming. I have a ton of work to do, so please send the following if you love me:

1. Energy

2. Red Bull--lots of it. I have never tried it, but I am all willing to do it.

3. Hot Chocolate

4. A helper to help me make sense of what I am writing

Better go eat something and sleep the afternoon away.........cough, cough

Roughing it up a bit..

Tent_2 You know when you start a project, you have the best intentions, you make a swatch, you frog the swatch, grab different yarn, re-try the swatch, start the project, just to find out that you screwed up 10 rows back. So you frog it again, then you start again with a I-will-pay-closer-attention-this-time-around attitude. Then, have almost 10 inches of work done and S*&^%--the baby comes and wiggles herself between the project and you. Whitfluff Project get's screwed up again. So you try again...and again...and the end, you just throw the stupid project out the window and it lands on the stinking tree ready for a photograph! It is taunting you...saying...heck, I've won!!

I give up...I didn't even want to knit a stupid cowl...even if is for the deadline! It is a silly thing, looks like a hat without a gathered top! I think everyone can make something like project gets scratched permanently--there, I've won!!! Instead, I will knit a cute little cravat or maybe I'll just pick up my needles and knit me another pair of socks..hehehehe....procrastination, the queen of all evil!

Tent3 Sometimes, you just have to show some tough love and roughen things up a bit, shake things around and see if another approach will have better results. In this case...the yarn and loom are being put away in time-out!!!

In trying to shake things up around the house, I decided to be the adventurous Mom and give my kids a taste of the outdoors--while still being in-doors. See that tent--I set it up all by myself. Tent2_1 No help from any grownup---I can survive in the see, I even had a few spare parts left for future use. What is that? Did you say there are not supposed to be spare parts--heck, mine came equipped with spare parts...really! hehehehe

Well, even if it is not set up properly, the kids are enjoying it...and I am enjoying the sporadic 15 minutes of peace I get while they go "live" in their own house.

PS: I found this cool blog that gathers the best posts from the knitting blogosphere

Shorty Blues

Blueshorty_1I had to do it. It was driving me crazy. I went 3 weeks without picking up my needles, but Monday afternoon, I broke down. I needed a bit of a break from loom knitting. Although the looming deadline is upon me, I just couldn't keep going without getting some "me-knitting-time" in there. I found my escape in a pair of quick shorty socks, inspired by all the cute little shorty socks from KnitPastis.

Margene Shortybluesexpressed my sentiments on her latest post about socks...they are my escape to paradise!  I find that whenever I need to escape or to get a sense of fulfillment, I pick up my little needles and some gorgeous handyed yarn and a sense of relief quickly feels my knitting heart. 

The yarn called my name from the said, "knit me, knit me, I can bring you a sense of peace and fulfillment". As I knitted each tiny little stitch, I felt like a vase being filled with happiness. Happiness that now I can disperse around little by little.

Now, I can go back to my daily schedule loom knitting...looming deadline No. 1 is around the corner!

Shorty Blues Specs
Sunshine Yarns
Needles: 1.5 from Crystal Palace
Pattern: My own--hahaha, I feel so proud to say that!

Living life to the fullest

  • Ingredients:
  • Sunshine
  • Backyard with some grassy slopes
  • 8 Kids under the age of 12
  • 4 adults--a little bit on the wild side
  • Hotdogs
  • Grill
  • Radio

Results: A keepsake video of Nyah and Uncle W. dancing the night away.

Why we love Uncle W:

  • He is never tired to play tag with the kids
  • He comes to visit to do Honey-dos for me
  • He can laugh at any silly Knock-Knock Joke the kids throw at him
  • He will dance silly as long as it makes the children squeal with laughter
  • He moves his tushy just for the camera :)

*[Blogline users: video doesn't show inside bloglines, must click out of bloglines]

LegwarmersLast night, I saw a movie that I had not seen for a very, very long time. It is one of my ultimate favorites. Although, I was still a young kiddo in the 80s, I remember my aunts listening to a few of the tunes. I remember them wearing the big puffy hair....yeah, the one that is to blame for the developing hole in our ozone layer. You know the hair, the one that was about 10 inches tall at the front and was kept in that form with  half bottle of hair spray. Oh, those were the days when I was free, young, and stupid, hahahahaha...wait, I am still one of them...and I am not telling which one....

Anyways, the movie has a song that always makes me laugh when I hear it....and it goes something like this...."somebody kill me please, put a bullet in my head, I want to dieeeee". Anyways, the song is pathetic to say the least, but it makes me want to sit through the entire movie just to hear it. Do you know the title of the song...well, I guess I should tell you the name of the movie...duh! Ok, the Movie is The Wedding Singer. The song is sang by Adam Sandler in the middle of the movie.

I guess I am in a melancholic mood and I am remembering all types of things from my childhood/youth. Many of them are connected to music, awhile ago, Kim, aka ChefMessy tagged me with a music meme and although I wanted to get it done right away, I knew that it was something that I had to take some time and think about...first cuz my little brain never remembers names of musicians...hahahaha, and second because thinking and sharing some of these brings some memories that are sometimes best left alone...unless I have some kleenex handy.

The Music Meme went something like this...

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now.

The music I listened to is influenced by many of my life happenings, I don't have a reason for many of them, they just remind me of periods of time in my young and silly life.

1. Take on Me by A-ha: It reminds me of afternoons spent with Mom. She married young and she loved this type of music. A baby of the 1960s, she was barely in her 20s when I was a youngster. She would blast this song and just dance in the little 1 bedroom apartment/house we had in Morelia, Mexico. I remember her grabbing me by my hands and just twirling me around. When the song was over, she would just drop me on the bed and laugh with me.
Yes, this song is in my Napster library and I listen to it almost everyday.

2. Hoy me Ire de Casa by Gloria Trevi: Granted the song is in Spanish and I know many of you don't understand this song, but the title translation goes something like this: Today, I will run away from home. Why this song...well, I ran away from home when I was a kid. No, I didn't go to the neighbors house, or to a friend's house. I was rebellious and I wanted people to listen to me and to understand the age of 15, I had run away from home 3 times already. This song fits me and it is one of those songs that I blast the speakers to when I am mad.

3. Think of Me from the Phantom of the Opera: My darling husband sings me this song all the time. He sung it to me when we were only friends and he has never stopped singing it to me. It is in essense my song.

4. I Don't Care by Ricky Martin The instruments version: It just makes me want to dance.

5. Into the Rush by Aly & AJ: My children *love* this song. Everytime it comes on the radio or on tv, they both start dancing. I try to make time to dance with them and build memories like my Mom did with me.

6. Hysteria by Deff Leppard: Just because is a good song to listen to...and I guess I am just addicted to their music as I can hear it anytime of the day.

7. Somebody Kill Me by Adam Sandler.....cuz it makes me pathetic it is!!!!

About the is there serving double distract you from my lack of knitting content, and second to fufill the Project instructions for them....just thought I would share on what I knitted last night while watching The Wedding Singer. If you happen to have this movie and you no longer want it, drop me a note, I will take it off your hands :)

I do knit...loom knit that is!

ProjectsToday, I spent half of the day trying to knit something. I tried 3 different times! I learned 2 things:
1. Rowan Big Wool Yarn handles abuse very well
2. Don't knit when you have been stung by a bee on your little finger

Legwarmer If you do end up knitting after No. 2 above has occurred, no matter what your intents or deadlines are for the day, you will end up with something completely different on your hands...eeep, your feet that is! The item in question was supposed to be a gauntlet. Not only did I mess up the first time, but I messed up the second time and the third time. Call it a Royal Mess Up. However, I ended up with a nice leg warmer that I want to make a pair to wear during winter time.

I know the blog has been lacking on knitting content lately...but as you can see from the above evidence, I have been knitting. I really have...alright, I fess up, one of the items in the picture was knitted by another person....but I knitted the prototype first, lol.

Wait...I must scratch my little itches like crazy and my hand just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Aaaahhh, much better now.

Ok, where was I. Oh, the stinking bee stung me. I was outside enjoying our first BBQ in our new house when a bee decided that I was being a threat, next thing I knew I was biting my finger fiercely to stop the stinging sensation. The result a big fat little finger that I cannot bend!

Taquitos While I was over at the local market getting some of the stuff for the BBQ, I was picking up the ingredients for Green Salsa, there was a guy repleneshing the basket of tomatillos and he was interested in what I did with them. Of course, the poor guy didn't know that I was going to take 5 minutes of his precious time explaining to him the "proper way" of making Green Salsa the way my Mom and my Grandma taught me. Then at checkout, the gal checking me out also asked what I did with the tomatillos. So, I am taking this as a sign--here it goes for all of you.

Green Salsa the Isela way: Spicy!

Ingredients Ingredients:
10 Tomatillos
7 Jalapenos
Note: If not used to handling jalapenos, wear gloves!

Inthepot Peel the tomatillos. Take the end off the Jalapenos (the little twig). Wash them.
1. Place them inside a pot. Cover them with water. Boil them. Let them boil until the tomatillos turn a paler green. Turn stove off and let them cool.

With a spoon take the tomatillos and place them in the blender. Then, take out the jalapenos and put them in the blender. Last add the cilantro twigs (about 10). Add salt (about 1/4 tsp, or to taste).

BlendedUse the "chop" setting on the blender and blend them for about 30 seconds (if you like your salsa very well ground, blend them longer).

Add a spritz of Lime....good flava!

It is ready! Enjoy with your favorite Mexican meal--(above it is pictured with Flautas, black beans, salad, and sour cream)

Salsa Tips:
Never, ever rinse your blender with hot water after blending anything spicy. The fumes of the peppers can choke you. Always use cold water.

Tomatillos: Bigger is not always better--Try to get the smallest, greenest ones.

Jalapenos: Again, bigger is not always better--the bigger ones have more seeds, try to choose the smallest ones. Nice pretty green ones are good, not so spicy, the ones that are turning black are more spicy.

You can always substitute red tomatoes instead of tomatillos.

If you have access to a grill, grill the tomatillos and jalapenos and you will have something more authentic ;).

Hmmm, well I started talking about knitting and I went off on a food tangent...leave it to me to talk about to knitting, eating is my other hobby, hahahahaha.

Come back tomorrow, I have something really nice to show you that a fellow blogger made just for me :) is niceeeee.

Into the Rush--My life and our song for the day!

My life has been a whirlwind lately. I have been up very, very late, actually, I can say that I have been up very, very early, lol, as I have not visited my bed til the wee hours of the morning. Then daylight comes way too soon for comfort. As I lay in bed just thinking of my day ahead, I watch the clouds in the sky move and I can sense time go by so slowly and yet not slow enough for me to accomplish all the many things that are going on around me.

My kids see me all day, yet, I sit at the computer typing away, or I am loom knitting away. Sometimes, I take five and just go outside and play with them, but five minutes is not enough, and yet during those five minutes I could have gotten about 10 rows done on the project at hand. My right hand ring finger's cuticle is a disaster from loom knitting non-stop. I see a band-aid is going to be my finger's companion for the next little bit.

Today, in our five minutes of no-work-for-mom the kids and I enjoyed blasting our little speakers to Aly & Aj's, "Into the Rush". Hope you enjoy the little ones dancing....and disregard the out of tune voice in the background, hahahahaha. A little bit of our world to you.

A Day in the Sun

Have you ever just taken five and spread a blanket on the floor and looked at the sky with your kids? I have seen it done on tv, but I have never actually done it. Never had the time, nor the yard to go and do it. Finally, I was able to try out this "activity" with my kids--I don't know a thing about forming pictures with the clouds--my mind kept saying--they are just white fluff, there is nothing there. At one point, I thought I saw a unicorn shape, but then, it was gone. B spotted a couple of things: a horse, a train, a mouse, a house...and the list keeps on going. Conclusion: My creative cloud Form Finder must be developed within the next month to keep up with my creative little one!! Little N on the other hand thought jumping on my belly was much more fun than looking at the cielo and nubes...ouchy, my belly hurts, lol.
It appears that I am going around in circles doing this and that, unpacking things then arranging the stuff that was on the box, typing a bit, then knitting a bit, frogging a lot, ruining my nice clean notebooks sketching.

And a little peek into a little something I worked on....I can't show pics :(...but I can tell you that it is nice and soft. It was knitted with Rowan Big very first time knitting with this yarn. Although at first it feels a bit rough after a light washing, the yarn becomes very soft to the touch. The stitch you see here is the  Stockinette Stitch (K) on a knitting loom with a garter stitch border.

Speaking of the Stockinette stitch (K) on a knitting loom...I was testing a little toy and this is what I came up with:


Just testing a new toy to see how it records movies.

Background noise: Something on tv, no idea what it is, if you can recognize it from the words, let me know, hahahah

Little feet: courtesy of Bryant :)

Stitch:  Stockinette Stitch (K) on a knitting loom

The stitch is usually known as the Flat Stitch, however, it is a misnomer (sp) that we are trying to get rid of. As you can see from the mini-movie above, the True Stockinette Stitch is just the opposite of a purl stitch, instead of laying the yarn *below* the strand on the peg, you lay the yarn *above*, then you insert the knitting tool from the bottom in a scooping motion, grabbing the working yarn and forming a loop with it. Then you take the old loop off the peg leaving the newly formed loop on the peg. Knifty and easy! I would like to thank Dar for pointing out this great way of knitting the stockinette stitch. I highly recommend this method as an alternative to the old flat stitch method.

VideoPodcast? Testing, testing

I saw this over at Heather's and I wanted to try it. If it works properly, I have this crazy idea...wanna hear it.

Have a weekly Loom Knitting VideoPodcast....maybe I can show all the Looming Steps from the beginning....

Ok, let's see if this works, let me know :)...leave a you think the Loom Knitting VideoPodcast is a good possibility? Or is it just plain lame...hahahah

Tina Said: Watch out for your bandwidth

>>>>One of the best parts about the program is that it doesn't eat my bandwidth, nor is it stored  with typepad, so my bandwidth still safe as well as my storage! Oh, did I mention it is Free :).

Denise Said: Now, all you need is some Knitsters!

>>>>Yah, come on over and we'll get something cool filmed!!

Lookie, Lookie

Look what has come to grace my lovely craft room--not one, but 2 skeins of Gryffindor sock yarn. I couldn't resist. When I saw it over at Sunshine Yarns I just couldn't let go of them. I am crazy and obssessed. I sat at the computer for an entire hour just hitting the refresh button just to see all the new yarn Dani was posting. It was crazy, crazy!! I have never seen something of the kind before. She posted 5 skeins at a time, and they were all sold within 30 seconds!!!! I kept watching the sidebar the one that says how many visitors were on, well, it gained over 100 views every few seconds. I think there were a bunch of us just clicking the refresh button. Madness Indeed!!! Hubby came home to find me at the pc just hitting refresh--I must have looked quite a sight--I had not taken a shower yet, I was still in my pjs, the kids were having lollypops as a snack! Oh, but look at them, they are glorious! They were worth my 1 hour of sitting here, just hitting refresh, lol.

On another Lookie, Lookie--Check me out! I got a new hair do! I was feeling scrungy and decided to chop it off again. I wanted something different, but apparently the hairstylist couldn't get it quite right. I think it is my hair's fault. It is too thick and too straight and it doesn't lend itself to anything besides just looking blahhhh!
And lastly, lookie, lookie, the kids have a place to play--finally!!! I get a little bit of freedom to sit down and knit and write on the LoomBook. PS: It is a slideshow--my new love for pictures!

I have the knitting Blahs!

Dsc05288 It must be all the work I have to do around the house, whatever it is, the knitting blahs have come to visit me. Blahhhhhhh!!!!

No Knitting or Loom Knitting Content....Blahhhhh, BORING.KNITTER.AT.WORK.

Found something cool over at this blog--Smartpatterns software! I would like to give it a spin and see what is all about.

Send the good knitting vibes over to me.......FEEL.UNMOTIVATED.