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Bobbles on a Knitting Loom

Yesterday, someone in the Yahoo group asked how to create a bobble on a knitting loom. I couldn't resist the temptation so I took five and made a mini-video on how I create my bobbles. Note, I am not a bobbles person, so I prefer them to be small and inconspicous.


The bobble demonstrated is a one stitch bobble that gets knitted five times to form a small bobble.

1. Reach the peg/stitch where you want your bobble to be.

2. Knit on that peg 5 times.

3. Take the last loop off the peg and hold it on your knitting tool.

4. Reach down and bring back to the peg the very first stitch that was on the peg.

5. Place the loop being held on the tool back on the peg.

Peg has now 2 loops.

6. Knit over by reaching through the side of the peg.

Ta-dah! Small bobble created.

Now, this is just my method to create them, there are other methods out there, so make sure you try them all and find the one that you like best.


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You can do anything on a loom.


Ooh, this is exactly what I was looking all over the internet for last night while making my daughter's hat. I finished without it, but can't wait to make another one now to try this out. I too can't get the video to load, but will try with the instructions and keep checking back. Thank you for showing that this really IS possible.


Hello! I'm trying to watch this video but it keeps loading and never starts playing! Is there something I'm doing wrong?



Awesome video. I am totally going to give this a try.


Excellent job Isela on demonstrating the bobble stitch. To read it in a pattern, it seems confusing but to watch your brief video tutorial... that is perfect!! It really simplifies it.
Thanks for sharing!!



Love ya for showing that Boobles Stitch! It helps a lot!


Good job on the boggles!!

Chef Messy

Hehe, bobbles. I'm not even going to tell you what Matthew calls them!


You make me want to learn to loom!


gotta love them bobbles!
Great job Isela! Thanks for doing this. You take such good care of us! What would we do without you?
Now, get back to bed and rest! hehehee
<3, Becky


brava! this is an easier way to do them then the way I was doing them before. I like this way. I can't wait to try it when I return! :OD


Well I'll be! Your mini video clears up why I kept making lumps that weren't connected on the sides to the rest of the work. Good on, Isela! Are you on the mend?

Jennifer Larck

what is bobble knit?? can you show a picture.

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