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Finally...the Estes Post

Wheel_1 I admit it, I am not a tech guru, but in my house, I am the one with all the electronics and gadgets but lately, I wish I had a friend who knew a lot about computers, especially handling wireless connections. My desktop doesn't handle my pictures very well, it kind of freezes for  a few seconds everytime I load a picture so I have resorted to loading all my pictures to the laptop and working from it. Everything was working well for a couple of days, and then BANG! my wireless doesn't connect, it shows me that I have a strong signal but it doesn't connect! Arggggh, it is driving me crazy. I don't know what I am doing wrong or what is going on. At the end, I resorted to restoring the computer to a previous date. Sigh....I knew I should have stuck with the computer's degree, now I am kicking myself...especially everytime I have to take the little monsters to the tech guy and he charges me $40 an hour just to look at the computers and tell me that he didn't find anything wrong with them. And the fact that my pictures don't show right away is because my pictures are just too big and the system takes a bit to generate the thumbnail----BS I tell you, it is all BS...I know my system, I know something is is like when a mother knows that there is something wrong with their child! Alas...I am at the mercy of incompetent computer wanna-be-gurus...somebody help!

But, in the five minutes that my wireless is working, let's show you some overdue photos from our trip to Estes.

It was one of the best mini-vacations we have had in years. Both, Sam and I have been a bit burned out from all the work (the knitting looms, the house, the move, the cleaning, etc) the weekend away from everything was a good way to recoup some of our energy. It also allowed us to see how much we are looking forward to a different type of changes are in our future that will help us have a more united, more family focused way of life. Right now, our energy is focus on the company and while it has been awesome to see it grow, it has taken a great toll on us (all of us--even the kids). Changes are coming and like always, changes are scary, but if we keep our eye on the future goal, we will be alright.

While at the market, they had a small Children's Tent that my eager-fiber-loving-son enjoyed to the fullest! Although he is small and most of the looms were too big for him to try out, it didn't stop him from sitting there and trying his hand at the different looms: the Inkle Loom and the Floor Loom. His little arms barely reached the shuttle and yet he tried. At the Inkle Loom station, he waited for over 10 minutes to try his hand at the loom--I got tired of waiting and suggested leaving but he insisted in waiting! I am amazed at his love for the fiber related hobbies. He believes in his heart that all Mom's knit and that when they are not cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, that they must be knitting! More than once, he has told me that when he grows up, he will clean the house so I can sit down and knit all day! Gotta love the little stinker!! He knows the way to warm up my heart!

Bryantandinkleloom_1  Bryantandloom_1

Little Nyah found her love too at Estes Park, her love was a bit on the fluffy side, but I understand her attraction--well, look at the handsome fellow. He has big floppy ears, big round reddish eyes, and a nice fluffly covering all over his body. I don't know about any other Mom, but me, I will definitely house this little guy...of course, separate rooms will be required and no snuggling during the, I don't buy the "we will be asleep deal" hahahahah!


More cuddlely guys and gals we met in our family date

Sheepy the Buddy

Bryant informed me that when he grows up, he is going to get me some sheep to have in the backyard.

Bryantandsheep_1 Littlesheep_1

CuzcoTopia at Estes--The loving, gentle llamas. no touchy the heads, they don't like it. You can pet them all over the place except the head. Remember, no touchy the head!

Llama Llamas

And...the main reason for the vacation...the bloggy Friends! As soon as the doors to the market open, I saw a whirlwind that brought in a bunch of bloggers all of them scattering to the different fibery booths. Then, I saw lovely Mim and right away I gave her a huge hug...and it was like seeing my sister. It definitely made my day!  After chatting for a wee bit, we both went in search of fibery treasures!


My Estes Fibery Treasures--no, I didn't break the bank, don't worry. The smoke you saw during the weekend it didn't come from my credit cards, hehehehe. My very sensible purchases:


  • 2 Noni Bag patterns---they are beautiful bags
  • 1 Trekking skein of sock yarn
  • 2 handyed hanks of wool yarn
  • 1 pair of Crystal palace needles
  • Eucalan Wool Wash
  • 1 little oil bottle for my wheel

Things I saw that I wish I had bought:

  • 1 drum of navy blue wool with angelina
  • Handspun yarn with sparklies
  • Handyed yarn by a Mano
  • Lace weight yarn

Things I wish they had:

  • Handyed Sock yarn
  • Babysitting--hahahaha
  • More food booths, lol

Overall, the weekend was memorable. We are planning our next fiber getaway to NY...Rhinebeck here we come :).  Of course, the 2006 fiber trips are not over and I am already dreaming of 2007. The dream fiber getaway for 2007--The Sea Socks and Yarn Expedition Cruise...oh how wonderful it would is great to dream.

Nyah's T-Top


A quick loomy pattern, the Toddler T-top (TTT) sports a boat neck, small sleeve caps, and a garter stitch edging. Done all in one piece, minimal seaming required.


Knitting Loom: Large Gauge knitting loom with a minimum of 36 pegs, Yellow Knifty Knitter was used in sample.

Yarn: 120 Bulky weight yarn. Caron Simply Soft Quick was used in sample.

Click here to download pattern.

Oh my...look!!


We interrupt your regular Saturday schedule to show you some precious things in my backyard.

I am not one with a green-thumb, but see what I have in my garden. I absolutely have no idea what type of flower this is, but it is beautiful! I have seen some gorgeous flowers in others blogs and always admired them, now I have some of my own to share! yay! I may become Isela of the Green Thumb Yet!! I have my heart set on Norma's Peonies (is that the plural for Peony?)...and I am getting brave enough to go to Home Depot and pick up some plants/seeds. Any idea what type of flower this is?


But wait, that is not all I have in my garden. My children came in excited about something pink/red that my daughter keeps calling "papple" but in reality is a strawberry! We found a red, succulent, plump jewel that we plucked away and Nyah put in her mouth, then decided against it and took it out and ran to give it to Dad, hahahaha.

Bryant on the other hand, he recognize the goodness right away and plucked a couple and proceeded to eat them...asking for more, but there are no more, the remaining jewels are still green.

We are so pleased with our little back yard...we keep finding little treasures all the time.

My question: do I need to do anything special to keep my precious little plants alive and producing fruit in the upcoming years? I may not have a green thumb, but I am willing to learn :)

Strawberries2  Strawberries

On Knitting Looms

The wireless internet has been giving me headaches all day. Comes and goes, comes and goes, it reminds of the love-hate relationship between Lana & Clark...when its around it is heavenly, but when its bad, it is dreadful! All day, connectivity has been sporadic, something that can drive this sane, composed woman into fits of rage!

I had typed Part II of our Estes stay...all the details, even the yucky pj picture was in there and right when I hit "save" the stinking internet went down! The entire post went into cyber-la!

Instead, you will get to see a preview of things to come over at our knitting loom store. For a few weeks, hubby (the DAman) has been playing around trying to find a solution to make an all adjustable extra fine gauge loom--a loom that can provide you with 7-8 stitches per inch. After coming back from Estes Park and him seeing some of the beautiful wood work over there, he came home enthusiastic and with ideas.

On Monday, he set to work and brought home the most outstanding knitting loom ever! I have to say that it is a genious design.

Now, when people ask him what he does for a living, he feels a bit embarrased to say that he makes knitting looms....but, in my mind he doesn't "just" make them. It is like saying that a Mom is just a "stay-at-home" mom. He is so much more than just a loom maker. He has strived to make a useful and yet beautiful tool.

I present you with his latest designs...a fine gauge WonderLoom and an Extra Fine Gauge WonderLoom! The knitting looms are not available yet for purchase, they still need to be tested, but I was very excited to show you his work.  Enjoy!

Back tomorrow with the 2nd installment of Estes Park :)

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A weekend at Estes Park Part I


There was food, there was laughter, there was fun, there was movie watching, there even was a Statue of Liberty and by golly there was some glorious petting and yarn acquisition!

Familyattherock2 Familyattherock

It was great that we got there a day before the Wool Festival started as we were able to explore around the area a bit. We took the kids to appreciate a bit of nature....Bryant kept asking for the animals, but of course, the only thing we came accross while in the park was ducks!


The views were breathtaking. Although the mountains reminded us of home, the weather was completely different--nice and cool--refreshing. The mountains were mossy green--something that we get to see here for about 2 weeks, lol.

We went down a couple of trails with the kids and only our "responsible side" of us kept us from jumping from rock to rock to the other side of the river! It was a romantic spot for sure, a place where I can see myself sitting with yarn and needles and knit the hours away or a place to be cuddled endlessly :).

Samandi [picture taken by Bryant...he is good!!]

Being by the side of the river, hearing the sound of the water rushing by reminded me of days long gone with my Mom back in Mexico.  Days in which she sat by the river with her friends and washed the clothes by hand while I played in the water with the other children. Days in which we were dirt poor (wait...I am still dirt poor, but it is different being dirt poor here as being dirt poor in Mexico), and although we were financially handicapped the happiness of those days can fill my eyes with tears. ( Mamma, if you are reading this from the library...I found you a perfect rock for you to wash your clothes :) )

Meandb  [picture taken by Nyah...with the help from Daddy] 

One of the best parts of our trip that other bloggers probably missed was seeing this water wheel in action. Somehow, during Friday evening and Saturday morning the wheel ended up on one of its sides touching the river bottom, tilted to one side, unworkable, to my eyes, nothing seem wrong, but hubby said that there was a piece of wood cracked. No, it wasn't us who broke it---it was Julie!!! It's a shame though, it looked very nice swishing the water.

Waterwheel  Familyatwaterwheel

<Slideshow of the day>

Part II coming tomorrow :)....the fibery acquisition, the petting (of little animals), and a picture of my pjs....eeewww!


Seen over at lovely Margene's, the One Word comment!

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me — it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog so that I may leave a word about you.

Ready, set, go!!

Be back later to tell you all about Estes Park and the fibery goodness!

Is that a plane? A rocket? Superman? No, no, it is an FO!


Dress1 The little Princess Sundress is finished!! I had so much fun knitting this little thing. It took less than 2 skeins of Misti Pima Cotton/Silk. Timewise, about 2 days to complete. Little Nyah loved it! She didn't want to take it off when it was time to put it away for the day. She cried "dresss, dress, dress", the girl has good taste...she wants to use it as her pj's...I guess I would too if I had a silk pajama dress, hehehehe.

The yarn feels luxurious to the touch, and the drape is very subtle. Although, I did see that if I hold Nyah in my arms, the dress wrinkles, but the wrinkles come out very quickly by just smoothing the dress down.

I really didn't know how to block this type of I went with the steam method, Nyahsittingdown trying very carefully not to touch the yarn with the iron, then I just smoothed out any wrinkles it had.  I also sprayed the feather and fan area with water and pinned it down for a few hours to stretch the fans out.

Overall: The dress is a success. Little N is happy with it. I enjoyed working wth the yarn and I am thinking of making another one in pink!

I thought taking pictures of Nyah when she was 6 months old was, it if Mission Impossible! She wiggles, she runs, she squeals, she hides...she twirls around Dress2 when you tell her to model the dress and then when you think you have the perfect shot--she sits down on the floor and shows you her diaper, hahahaha, or she runs to the camera and says "Nyah, Nyah picture." It is hard to explain to a 1 year old that you can't really show her a picture of herself if she doesn't sit still to have one taken.

Last resort--I took my old camera out and told her that she needed to take a picture ofBryantandnyah_2  Mom, Dad, or Bryant. That kept her still for a few micro-seconds...enough to have a few shots taken! Little stinker!!!

But, look at the picture on the right---->>>you see that picture....check the left side, that is Bryant dancing...his head is on the floor and his legs are straight up!!! He is a riot!

In our five minutes of "Mommy and kids time" today, we had a little foot spa, courtesy of Aunty Becky. ToepamperingShe sent me a nice little gadget and lotion that smooths out all the rough spots on the feet (intended for me, but the kids want in the pampering too!). Well, the kids saw me putting the batteries in the gadget and they both rushed to my side, both of them taking their socks off without me asking! We all gathered around a little towel taking turns with the miracle foot gadget. Nyah just giggled every time I touched her with it and Bryant wanted to take it for a spin on his truck!!  Although they both enjoyed the little widget they thought receiving a foot massage with the lotion was the best thing ever...Nyah kept coming back for more...I think I gave her at least 7 foot massages today!!

We are off on a little mini-vacation, as you read this, we are probably driving out of Utah into Colorado for a little road trip that will take us to Estes Park Wool Festival, yippeee!!! (Yeah, I plan our  family vacations around Fiber Shows, hehehehe...Rhinebeck you are next on the list, hehehe!!) I am so looking forward to this trip...there will be a Utah-Colorado Bloggers Meet on Saturday, I can't wait to see all the gals from SLC's SnB...and of course get some yummy yarns!

Have a terrific weekend!!!

A Little Sunshine

Magnificentsky As I sat at my computer two days ago, I realized that although the sun was shining  Sky_1 outside and the world around me seem very happy, I wasn't with the world. I had been cooped up in this room typing away and looking at chunky and bulky weight yarns. My hands missed the feel of slick, speedy needles and thin yarns. In the spur of the moment, I grabbed a skein of Misti Pima Cotton/Silk and put it into a center pull ball, next thing I knew I was sitting in my couch knitting away, oblivious to the world and my kids.

Nyahsdressbeginnings What was I knitting, no idea, I just sat there and knitted a test swatch of 28 stitches. The yarn passing through my fingers, the feel of the slick metal on my hands and eventually the warmth of the needles was too intoxicating to give up. After finding my gauge, I quickly casted on 130 stitches....what for, no idea, I just went with my gut feeling. What started as a garter stitch edging, quickly grew into a feather and fan pattern. Still, my mind was blank as to what I was knitting. Next thing I knew, I was decreasing at each side and realized that my mind was working a pattern--I had always wanted a sundress for little Nyah and while I had not planned to make one for her, my mind, my hands, and my heart knew what I wanted to accomplish.

NyahsdresscloseupThe pattern had been developing all on its hands just felt at home with the needles and the yarn. Even the feather pattern design that I tried a few months ago just popped into my mind without even having to look for the stitch pattern or stitch count! Dare I say it...I may be a real knitter!!!! If you know the pattern stitch count, you may know that I casted on 2 stitches extra, but I just shoved one at each side of the "project" which helped quite a bit in marking the beginning and center of the work.

NyahssundressI must admit, work (both house work and looming work) has been neglected, but if the Knitting Muse is on your side, you shouldn't leave her there screaming at you, let your fingers do the work and let the yarn glide swiftly through your fingers.

I don't know how this would look on my little princess, but I am hoping for two things:

1. It will fit

2. She likes it!

The dress will have a ribbon through the eyelets. It will close with buttons by the shoulders. I need to pickup buttons and ribbon to finish it....and of course finish knitting the front!

May the Knitting Muse continue to be in my home for at least one more day, so I can finish the A Little Sunshine!

Sky pictures were taken thinking of Sandy. I took them one afternoon last week when it was about 9pm and the living room all of a sudden had an orange/red glow. I had to get up and see what was going on. Nature is so divine and every day we have special moments like these two pictures...sometimes, we are too busy to notice, but they are there for all of us :)

Grommits all around

In one of the corners of our back yard, we have a small dog pen. My kids every day, religiously, go to that corner and scream "puppy, puppy", then the dog next to us hears them and he starts barking. Everyday, they are tricked by that little dog next door. They believe he is in our dog pen but he is hiding. Every now and then, they get a glimpse of him through the fence, it is a little black Salchichita dog (a small hot dog style doggy...don't ask me the breed because I know more about cooking than I do about dogs...and that is saying a lot about my cooking!).

Nyahandgrommit Yesterday, in my blog reading, I came upon this cute little Grommit that my little one would just be so thrilled to have, unfortunately, it was a crochet pattern, and well, although I know how to crochet, my crochet-reading-patterns is worse than my knowledge of dog breeds!! I  quickly turned to Dlandra trying to get her to make one for little N....she read the pattern and said that I could do it! So of course, I trusted her...she knows me...and she knows that if I want something I would get it done. Soon enough, after finding out what "sc into the first two stitches" meant, I was ready to go. D empowered me by telling me that I could do it! 

Nyahandgrommit2 I didn't have suitable yarn and the worst crochet hooks to match the yarn! Oy! So I made it with the wrong yarn and wrong crochet hook. I felt confident...heck I finished the head and the little ears, then come to find out upon closer inspection by D at Nite in Knots that I had skipped 5 rows in the head section, hehehehe.

GrommitsNeedless to say, little Grommit was looking screwy, but when I got home and I sat down to finish it, little N recognized it right away and she stayed by my side throughout screaming "Grommit, my Grommit" The Grommit didn't even get a chance to receive legs, he was snatched away as soon as I embroidered some little eyes and nose on him!

Soon after, B started crying..."I want a Grommit too, Mom, Knit me one....pleeeease" now, what mother would not get their butt in gear right away and start on the next Grommit? I couldn't resist, it is not every day that my kids want me to knit them something.

And today, my house is invaded by little Grommits and "woofs, woofs, woofs" from my kids. Now, they are asking for a Wallace to go with it...and the crazy big Rabbit too. Tell you what...give your kids an inch they take a mile! Hehehe, and crazy Mom will probably attempt making the Wallace to make them smile :).

Grommit2 I learned a few things from the first Grommit and the changes that I made are as follows:

Although the pattern has you crochet the head first then the body separately, I crochet them both together so there would be one less seam to sew--so, I crochet the head, then the little body.  I also put a marker on the double increases on the face to mark the front of the face. On the body, I also gave him a little gut by making some double increases in the middle front section. I made the little arms and legs longer. The ears are like 3 times longer too than the pattern calls for, I figured I needed longer ears to make them flip a little bit.

On Nyah's Grommit, I embroidered the eyes and nose for safety precautions, on Bryants, I added some wiggley eyes and I embroidered the nose.

And that's the Cheeseeee for today!!


Knittinglooms The first deadline passed. I got all the work that I needed to get done for that part. I am relieved and yet I feel that I could have done so much better. Hopefully, the editor can pick up on my terrible grammar and fix the mistakes....I hope she knows how to loom knit, hehehehe.

Workarea You would think that since I have been loom knitting for 4 years that I would just spit things out fast, but it is hard work trying to write pages and pages about something that I find so easy, yet I have to put it in terms that anyone would understand.

The past two weeks, I have spent down in my office/craft room. Sam got me Laptopsetup another table and I was able to set up my own office space down in my craft room--hehehe, laugh with me...I have my own office, lol. He is just the bestest! While I spend my afternoons in the Blue Room, he takes the kids outside and plays with them for hours on end.

The laptop became my project computer and we even got a fancy wireless keyboard and mouse to make things easier on my hands. You find that after typing 60+ pages that your fingers start to cramp from knitting in such small space. Laptops are good for on the go, but if you are going to do extensive work, I recommend getting a real size keyboard and a real mouse...wel not a real mouse, a computer mouse that is!

Mypretties My little blue room has become my space in this house...the kids know it is my room and they know where to find me if they don't find me in the kitchen cooking for them. Having the "office" in the same room that I have my yarn is very convenient. Whenever I need to pick up a loom and yarn to try something out, everything is just right there. Granted, the yarn has become a complete chaos due to the various swatch testings, but I am learning more about yarns, and about knitting...yeah, I know I should be loom knitting, but I have to take a break every now and then and read about knitting...those that can't do, teach, those than can teach, read! hehehehe. Having a vase with my knitting needles next to my computer inspires me to finish these projects faster...the faster I finish, the faster I can reward myself with knitting on my needles ;).

PatternThis awesome pattern that I got from KPixie wants to jump on the needles right away. The pattern calls for Hemp yarn, however, I have some skeins of Rowan 4 Ply Soft in lavander and some others skeins in olive. I know it would be a long-term commitment, but I I am really in love with this top. I am afraid that if I start it, I will have to stop to loom knit and I know that my gauge jumps greatly when I am under stress.....oh to wait is not sweet sorrow.

Some other note worthy patterns that I want to obtain...cuz my eyes are bigger than my knitting hours....the cute blue top....can't wear it, but it is cute and if I ever go to to a beach I would love to wear it, and the purple top with lace insert. I think in both patterns, it is the color of the yarn that beckons me like a moth to a flame....zzzap!

Summer067 Sum0620

A Loom Knitter's Contest

Summer is finally here! Summer=Fun.

So let's have some fun with a kick off contest!

Win a 5 Foot Infinity Knitting Board from Decor Accents + 1 Wheel Fashions Loom Knitting Booklet.

5 Foot Infinity Knitting Board Specs:

Pegs: Nylon Base: Birch Ply (wood)

Gauge: Regular

Prize value: $68.00

How it works:

Purchase 2 patterns by Isela Phelps and get 1 point.

Purchase 2 patterns by Tina Edgar and get 1 point.

Every Point gives you one entry into the drawing. The more patterns you purchase the more chances you have to win!


Contest ends: Midnight , June 30th!

The winner will be chosen through the Random Number Generator. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 1st here on the bloggy and by email.

Look for the patterns with Isela Phelps or Tina Edgar as the designer or follow the links below.
Patterns by Designer:
In the Hat Section: Cherished Baby Set and the Individual Little Hearts & Little Boats designs
Tina's Patterns:
Good luck to all!

Bobbles on a Knitting Loom

Yesterday, someone in the Yahoo group asked how to create a bobble on a knitting loom. I couldn't resist the temptation so I took five and made a mini-video on how I create my bobbles. Note, I am not a bobbles person, so I prefer them to be small and inconspicous.


The bobble demonstrated is a one stitch bobble that gets knitted five times to form a small bobble.

1. Reach the peg/stitch where you want your bobble to be.

2. Knit on that peg 5 times.

3. Take the last loop off the peg and hold it on your knitting tool.

4. Reach down and bring back to the peg the very first stitch that was on the peg.

5. Place the loop being held on the tool back on the peg.

Peg has now 2 loops.

6. Knit over by reaching through the side of the peg.

Ta-dah! Small bobble created.

Now, this is just my method to create them, there are other methods out there, so make sure you try them all and find the one that you like best.