I spy...something purple...
I spy

I am official--check my new blog banner!

I am so official now...see my new banner and cute little button! I am officially the Purling Sprite in the blog-sphere! Cynthia hooked me up with a mystifying-sizzling web banner. For lack of better words---it totally rocks! Look closely--I am knitting socks (my favorite item to knit), it is purple--lots of shades of purple, and she even added a couple of knitting looms! I just feel so glamorous--a glamorous Purling Sprite ;).

To celebrate my new banner, I had to start a pair of socks--in purple of course. The stripey goodness is the self-striping yarn I got from Scout..I love the swirling stripes of black and purple. The design--my own crazy thing, I'll post the pattern when I finish the first sock, it is not difficult at all. I am using size 1 Crystal Palace dpns and a rib of k6, p2.

Blackpurlssock2  Blackpurlssock

  ProcessprojectIn other projects, I am chugging along with the loom knitting projects...slowly but surely. I can see the end near....yay!

I have decided that every day, I am going to set an hour aside to knit on needles...an hour a day may not seem like much, but I can get a few rounds on a sock done, or even a small project done--time to take out the One Skein book out!

WeirdplantReporting on the weird plant: It has some type of weird-looking-flowers now.Weirdplant2  My neighbor next door (whom cornered me after coming back from Knitter's Nite) inform me that it is a thistle and I should take it out. So--the weird plant is not from out-of-space like some of you suggested, so no big money is to be made...sad news, I know, hahahaha. Come this fall, I am afraid a lot of the plants in the yard are going to be taken a one way trip to plant-heaven.

Checking out for now from the bunnies in Utah....the glamorous, purple,  Purling Sprite :). Thanks Cynthia for the great banner!


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enjoy checking your daily life..You are a very interesting lady to read all the happenings about you and your family..Yes, that is a thistle and if left to go to seed your yard will be full of them next year..LOL I have tons of lillies from rare to plain old day lillies..The deer love them.LOL-- thanks for all the looming information--you have kept me looming where without your help I would of quit.


Like Becky said on Friday, the plant is a teasel. The what the 'head' or cone was originally used for wool fleecing or to raise the nap on woollen fabric.
Love the self-striping scout yarn: yummy!


Wow, great banner!! :)

Deb B. in VA

Cynthia did a great job on the banner! And as for the thistle, don't forget, Eeyore LOVES thistles (he's sure love them at my house anyway!)

Way to go ladies!


Love your banner! It's soooo cute! Love the colors too!


Love your new button and banner! Nice socks too!


I love it! You are so snazzy now.



Those socks are neat! I was wondeirngif you mystery plant was a thistle. Now that I see the purply floral things I agree with the neighbor. We once had a giganto thistle in our yard...I dug down around it to get as much root as possible and then put a salt paste (lots of salt and some water) on the remaining exposed root to kill it dead. All gone and no chemicals! :)


awh man! wow! cool! hey those weird pods dry and people use them in crafts!


That is super cute!


Great banner! Looks gorgeous!


I love your new banner!! I just finished your curly Q scarf and can't wait to post a pic of it to my blog! It's great to know that there are others out there who loom and needle knit too!


Ooh!! Love the banner!


You have cute feet and shapely legs -- no fair! I want them, too LOL
Every time you model a new sock project, I am reminded of my thick canckles. No wonder my socks don't look as nice -- My legs and feet are larger. How about a project to magically shape and shrink what we've already got? A Purling Sprite has to have some magically powers, right???!!!


What a fabulous new banner! And love the purple socks too.


Love the stripey purply socks! Oh and your weed/flower? I've been meaning to look that up in my wildflower book. Your neighbors thistle comment sent me over the edge. It's a teasel: http://ipm.ppws.vt.edu/scott/weed_id/diwsi.htm


I love it!


Ooooh, I LOVE it! She even looks like you!


Groovy, baby! ;)


Great banner!! And I love how that yarn is striping - very cool.


Oh I love them! And hooray for Cynthia. Isn't she awesome?


Veryyyyyyyyy cool! It suits you perfectly.


Too cute!! I love the swirls and sparkles.


I love the new look! Soooo cute!

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