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I spy...something purple...


Lookie what I spied outside...a little dragonfly flying around. It was a little hard getting a picture of a flying little bug, but the chase was fun. It kept flying high and hiding behind the leaves but I succeeded in taking a few blurry pics of the flying purple/blueish beauty.


Another purple beauty to share...a new sock yarn for my collection, a ScoutJ handpainted original. I can hardly wait to try it out--I am thinking a simple sock to allow the beauty of the yarn to shine! Scout has terrific service! She even sent a wonderfully scented incense stick--which is now housed inside the little footstool with all my current projects.


Purple projects all around--a little fishy to help in practicing increasing/decreasing on knitting looms. The loom holds the purple blob--a never ending project that after many days of procrastination has finally been bound off and it is currently drying...something good about this heat wave, anything felted dries up in one day flat!

Working_1Some of you asked me about the socks on yesterday's post--the picture is just a little peek to one of the projects I have been working for the "big project"....shhhh, it's a secret, don't tell anyone you saw the picture.

Speaking of yesterday's pictures, do you remember the "interesting-Whatisit_1_1 looking-speciment"...well, my darlin' hubby informed me today (after hearing me nag about the "ugly" plant with the huge buds that don't flower) that the interesting-specimen actually doesn't give flowers. The buds are not buds for flowers, they are the flowers...hmmm. Apparently, the specimen is called a "CatTail." I don't know where it got its name as it doesn't look like any cattail I have ever seen...I don't know. I don't think it is a least it doesn't look like the cattails pictured all over google. Whatever it is, I will keep an eye on it...cattail, dogtail, fishtail, whatever it is, we will wait and see...patiently....sighh.


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Laurie S

The plant you have in your picture is NOT a cattail. It is a "Fuller's teasel" in Latin, Dipsacus fullonum L. Go here for the pictures:

If you want to use the classifier yourself for anything else, and it is extensive and a great resource, go to the top grey bar, hit "home" and on the home page you'll see a long grey sidebar box with menu items.

In the second section under "Plant Topics" you will see "Classification." Hit that, and it will take you to the main classification page where you can type in any name info you know about the plant either in Latin or English.

If you confuse it, you will be allowed to choose from plants you might want, and once you find the right one, you can travel up and down the tree to see how closely it is related to anything else.

As it happens, Cattails aren't even in the same class as Teasels. They are so different they haven't had a common ancestor since the middle of the Jurassic, 180 MILLION years ago.

Debbie K.

I love that yarn! I also had a mystery plant growing in my garden. I was patiently waiting to see what it was when my hubby yanked it! I am so disappointed but I never told him to leave it alone... heck, he doesn't yank the obvious weeds!


Beautiful sock yarn. I agree that you should use a simple pattern. Let the yarn speak for itself.



Nice yarn there!! Interesting plant! I bet you are still having fun figuring out what is growing around your cool!


here's a link to a forum you can join, upload your plant pics, and someone will help you identify what you have in your garden!


:) I love that new colorway!

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