Patterns over here, patterns over there. Gorgeous patterns everywhere!
I spy...something purple...

Lily Beauty


Over the weekend, I acquired a super cool set of couches for an unbelievable price. My neighbor next door is moving to California and they had a garage sale on Saturday. Although I love garage sales, I tend to avoid them as I usually come back home with unnessary items, but this time, I scored big!


My living room upstairs has been void of furniture since we moved into the house (with the exception of my wheel that has been there since the first day we moved), it wasn't really a big deal, the kids enjoyed playing in the big empty space and we never get any visitors so having furniture there wasn't really a major thing. But, having it empty felt that we weren't really "living" here, it seemed that we were in the brink of either moving in or out.  But not anymore--look, 2 couches upstairs and my gorgeous new throne (hubby says so, lol).

Blogsocks_1 On Friday (before scoring the couches) I stopped at Wal-Footstool mart and I found the cute footstool on the picture above, it is some suede imitation, nothing fancy, but oh so functional. The footstool doubles as a storage area. Take the top off and you have an area of about 28" L x 12" W x 8" D, enough space to store at least 2 projects (that be it needle knitted or loom knitted) and all types of notions needed for a project. I am a slob--and I tend to keep at least 3 different projects right next to me on the couch at all times, so naturally, they tend to occupy at least half of the couch, but not anymore, I have them now all neatly inside that little footstool. On top of the footstool, I have my trusty research knitting books.

Whatisit_1 Outside in the yard: we have been growing flowers like crazy. The strawberries are ripening despite the heat wave and the ants are still roaming around scaring Nyah.

But, look at this interesting specimen on the picture on the left. It started like any other weed, short, nasty looking, (it is still nasty looking) but it is no longer short, it stands about 5 feet tall and it keeps growing. It has buds, they have been there for about 2 weeks, I have been waiting patiently to see what type of flower it has--I mean for all I know it could be a carnivorous plant (yeah, that is how little I know about plants) . It is an interesting looking plant (weed?) any of you know what it could be....the suspence is killing me.

I leave you with a picture of my Lily Beauty



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I love the new furniture! Especially your throne. I can see you sitting there reading the kids a story, sitting there knitting, sitting there enjoying some quiet time by yourself. It is THE perfect Isela Chair!

Your plant looks like something my aunt used to have in her garden. I can't wait to see what the flowers look like!


Awh man!! I talk couches. and then you end up with em!! ahhhhh... send them to me!!!hehehe nah nevermind.. they are tooooo lite coloured for this house!


Great score! Lovely flower!

Lori L

OH you lucky girl, you've got a throne now.
I don't know much about plants either, but that picture does remind me of "Audrey II" so be carefull.


Ooh.. I bet that chaise is going to be a popular spot! I'd love to have one of them in my house. I got my two couches when a friend moved and they had to be left behind. Unfortunately they are giant hulking monsters and when we tried to lift them we realized why they had been left!


That chaise looks like the PERFECT knitting spot! Pretty white lacy socks there!


Wait! Did I miss you telling about the fabulous lacey white socks? Do tell!

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