Where did the time go?

From Argyle to Fair Isle

What a challenge this simple fair isle hat design for the book has been! 3 hours into my original design and I had to frog it.

In my search for personal fulfillment, I kept walking away from the "Beginner vision" of the book. So what started as an allover Argyle design, got shrunk to a band of fair isle (and a few more hours of designing went into the pot again). Next time--make me a huge sign that says: KISS. The Argyle design had to be put away--at least for the moment....sad, sad.

But all my hours of playing/designing have actually been made a lot easier and enjoyable since I got the designing software by KnitFoundry--talk about an easy way to create charts. If you haven't tried it, go to their site and download the free demo. The software rocks! I am now making charts for everything and anything! Gosh, I love my job!!! And if you buy it and are forgetful like I am--contact Nancy and she'll give you a special deal for both the instant download and the CD! Now, if I could just find a CD with nice body forms for me to draw my ideas on--then I would be completely set!

A peek into another book project: From vision to actual life:


Challenge 1: writing the instructions easy enough for someone new to loom knitting.

Challenge 2: Writing the pattern for bigger sizes than mine

Off to loom knit a few more things....chugging along...almost done...I can see the light!

On another topic--I am trying to clean out my craft room and I have put a bunch of stuff for sale over at my Destashing site--yarn, looms, and needles will be posted there soon.


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Kathy N

It's so tempting to push the loom knitting envelope, eh? Perhaps in the next book! ;-)


I LOVE the items you have for sale. Thanks so much for putting them up for sale!
:) Becky


Cool! Love it! Glad you got it worked out! :)

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