Sleeping Beauty
From Argyle to Fair Isle



Sky at 8pm, on our last Saturday in July. By far, it is one of my favorite Saturday Sky pictures that I have taken--for some reason, it gives me a sense of hope.

Designing I have spent the best part of the day designing a fair isle stitch pattern for a hat--every time I thought I had something, I faced a wall--a set amount of pegs that I needed to meet. After several hours, I came up with the exact stitch count that would work with the knitting loom in mind....what do you think?


You see that pink something--it is a little sneak peek into a huge project that my friend Dlandra helped me knit. She did such a wonderful job! Thanks for having my back! Love ya Sista!!

Anothersleepingbeauty And lastly, I wanted to share a picture from my other little one--he fell asleep thinking--I have named the picture--the Thinker, hehehehe...original :). The little stuff dragon is his favorite--his name is Scorchy and I brought him with me when I moved from NY--it has been B's nite, nite "protector" since he was about 1 year old.

Sky2 One last picture of our Saturday evening sky.


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That sky picture looks like it should be on a greeting card! (that's supposed to be a compliment, but it looks kind of weird just sitting on the page like that...)


Your projects are looking pretty darned good my friend! Great job!


Beautiful sky! Cute lil'sleeper.

Glad you figured out your fair isle! Good luck! :)


Isela, I totally agree with you! That shot of the sky looks like one is gazing into eternity. It gives me a sense of peace and hope too. Your little 'Thinker' is mighty cute as well!

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