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Saturday Sky

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Saturday Skies

The forecast: Sunny Day! A little hot and very dry.

My garden is still in full bloom. I now have  orange Lilies as well as deep red ones (I have assumed that they look like lilies). I also have a lot of weeds...yucky! I guess it comes with the territory. I also seem to have a colony of little ants as the other day Little Nyah came inside the house screaming "buggy, buggy" and she was covered from head to toe with little black ants...agh. The garden is a new territory to me and I have no idea what to do.

I am off today to Idaho for a family thing...I have the name of a yarn shop up there, crossing fingers that I get there before it closes.

The new magknits is loves the Ballet Camisole!


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I just might steal your idea next Saturday. I usually am up every day at 5 a.m. Your North view could be my north view if I stand in the right area. I have a purple leafed tree in front of some type of evergreens. I'll have to take a picture.

Have a glorious Sunday and a great 4th!


I can't stand the buggys either! Always seems to be more of them on sunny days. Enjoy yours!

Deb in Little Rock

Love your blog!!!! You flower is beautiful. I too have them. You inspired me to add a slide show to my blog. Come visit.


Have fun in Idaho!

I have some orange lilies too! Wow, that kind of makes us sisters, doesn't it? lol

Ants... I am probably really goofing up the spelling here, but, diatamatious earth is safe around kids and animials, but a killer for ants and some other insects. Its powdery and you sprinkle it around the house and on the ant hills. Nyah can help you sprinkle it while saying, "buh-bye ants!"


Poor little Nyah. Hope he will be ok. Samething happened to me when I was five years old but they were fire ants. What a beautiful Lily you have growing in your garden! Here's to crossing fingers that the yarn shop is still open and enjoy your visit in Idaho.

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