I spy
No Looms in Sight

They do listen...but most importantly--they watch you

Bryantandnyah2 Children can be so adorable. I just had to share this wonderful little bit of today with you. I was folding clothes when the following was happening:

It all started when Nyah found one of her babies in the toy room. She brought it upstairs and both her and Bryant started playing together.

B: This baby needs a diaper change

Bryantplaying N: (runs to get a diaper-gives it to Bryant) Bryant takes off the diaper the baby is wearing and gives it to Nyah. Nyah runs away saying "garbage, garbage--pewweee"

B: Mom, baby needs her clothes changed.

(I give them a little outfit)

Bryantandnyah_3 Bryant proceeds to take off the clothes on the baby and Nyah helps by pulling on the little arms.  After fumbling with the outfit, they finally get the baby dressed.

Bryant wraps it in a blankie and sings

"Rock a baby and good night is time to go to sleep--mommy is knitting so you sleep...."

They both lay down on the couch and Bryant realizes that the baby doesn't have a bed and he says

B: You little stinker, you can't sleep with us, you kick too much.

Bryant gets down from the couch and goes up to find a box for the baby. Nyah grabs the baby and starts singing Twinkle Twinkle.

Bryant finds a box and puts the baby in the box-now a baby crib. And he tiredly says--

B: Oh this baby kept me awake all night long, now I have to go make looms. Nyah you stay home and feed the baby bottle and knit.

He goes to the other room then comes back saying

B: Oh, I am tired! Making looms is hard work. I waxed all day....(exhales a huge Sighhhh)

He grabs the baby and sits with it and starts playing with it. 

(I go upstairs to put the clothes away)

A couple of minutes pass:

B: Mom, we are going to buy the baby diapers, you watch the baby. Take good care of her. She needs a bottle and don't give her candy! (We have been trying to get Nyah to stop eating candy--Bryant has caught on to the general idea!)

N: Bye baby, wooove you.  (She gently picks up the baby and gives her a kissy).

ProjectcloseupThe afternoon was one of the most pleasant and revealing of my life. I keep thinking that my kids never listen to me--despite my screaming, but today, I realized that they may ignore my voice, but their little eyes watch my every move!

In the loom knitting front--I was able to finally finish the shrug. There was some frogging and some headbanging as the original pattern I had in mind didn't exactly work with the yarn, but at the end, I found the perfect beginner stitch pattern.

In Mommy duties--we are just tickled pink--Nyah can count to 10 in both Spanish and English! And...wait, that's not all, she is completely off the bottle--it took us long enough (she is 19mos), she was very much attached to it.  She looks for food when she needs comfort (I think she got that from me, poor muffin).  Bryant--well, he is my little helper. He has learned to fold all of his clothes! It is such a time saver! He folds his little clothes and Nyah's! Yay!!

Oh--Check out Nona's Research in Comparing Left Slanting Decreases!


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green-eyed grrl

that's a precious story--clearly you are doing something exactly right.

and mama-e's story--creepy. and in many ways, familiar.


Awh, such sweethearts! You and Sam are good parents!
love the shrug
love you!


Ahhh, such a cute little story.Kids always say the funniest things.


Pssst.. have you gotten your stitch markers yet?


Little sponges is RIGHT. The best part is that you heard it and recognized it as the deep thing it really is!


That's a cute story but it reminds me of a conversation I heard my then 5-yr-old twins having a long time ago. I had recently remarried and realized I had made the worst mistake of my life when my husband of 2 months beat the daylights out of me because he did not like the way I answered him (luckily my sons were with their father at the time). I thought I was hiding my problems from the boys very well. Then I heard them playing with their Teddy bears. The bears were having a conversation and one of them was telling the other "You should get a divorce." I was dumbstruck, I did not even realize the boys knew what divorce was. I took the bear's advice and the boys and I lived happily ever after.


I so get that.... my cowboy is a mater imitator!


I LOVE it! Kids are just little sponges :o)


How adorable! Childred are so darn precious.


Too cute! Some days being a SAHM is really rewarding!! ;)


Aww, little funnies. You really are such a cute mom. I fear for the habits Matthew is picking up from me!

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