No Looms in Sight
Sleeping Beauty

Throw me a line...I am drowning!


I am dying. My hand hurts from all the loom knitting I have been doing. You have heard the saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away--well, the same principle does not apply to a Loom Knitted Project a Day.

So if you see me a bit quiet for the next few days--I have not died (at least I hope not). I am just innundated with yarn and looms.

Send energy and good karma my way. Oh, and sleep for me just a wee bit!


ShoesOh, check my new loves them. They are PINK! I wanted them in blue but they were all gone :(.


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I love your shoes! Good luck on your projects!!


Love and hugs and prayers and all the good stuff that comes from that are being sent your way. You can do it! You're almost there!


Love those shoes too! Wish they had brown! Stay safe,sound and quiet in your mind. Everything will be beauiful!


*LOVE* your shoes, even if they are pink! ;)


Sending all the good vibes I can! Get all the looming done and then kick back and relax.

Lori L

Oh Isela, I'm sending you good (((VIBES))) for your loom knitting projects. Oh, and I love the new kicks
you've got there.

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