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What the heck is that?


Last night, there was a little black speck on my monitor, I tried cleaning it but to no avail. The dot was not on the outside, it was inside! Then fast-foward 6 hours, woke up this morning and little dot had grown at least 400%! What the heck is it? Is my monitor going patas parriba? What's going on....look at it, it looks like I smashed a bug on it and now it doesn't want to come off....seriously not cool dude!

Dsc00887_1 If things progress at the rate they have been progressing, my monitor will be one big black bug in two weeks time!

Any ideas out there? Is it really going out on me? Big time Bummer! Advice...should I be getting another one? Can it be repaired? Man! This shucks!


I got in touch with Dell and after trying a few diffrent things, they have decided to send me a brand spanking new, free of charge, Monitor! Yippeee!!! Gotta luv a Dell!


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That's great they're sending you a new one. That looked like big trouble to me!


I thought it was a # sign or something! Thank god they're sending you another!


Good for you! Did Dell say what the problem might have been? Is this your laptop or desktop? Yep! Gotta love them Dells!


That is good news,becaus something like that would have drove me nuts! It is like having a bug on the windshield that the wipers can't get off!


How aggravating! I am having troubles with my network...some of the cables are loose and luckily I have a friend who was able to help troubleshoot. I'm still worried though myself. I will ask around and see if I can find some ideas.


Ok.. first off is it an LCD monitor or a standard one? Have you tried restarting the computer? Sometimes that fixes little glitches like that. If its a standard monitor try going into the settings on the monitor and using (my brain went blank on the word..)the little magnet symbol to refresh your screen. Hope it helps.. otherwise you can email me and I can think up some other things to do


Doesn't sound good at all. :( Dead pixels??

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