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I'm a big kid now!

Look Ma--no training wheels! Bryant is one up on his Mom now--he can ride his bike without the help of traning wheels! Last night, the one trainng wheel kept popping off so I  took the wrench and took it off--it was driving crazy having to bend down every few minutes to fix it! And guess what--Bryant took off like a champ (note: I said Champ, not Chump, hehehehe). The bike is a bit tall for him and he uses a little step stool to get on it but he is doing so great---I am a proud Mama!

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But look--someone else has also something to share. At 20 months, my little Nyah knows how to use a scooter!

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I am beaming with pride about my little ones achievements! And to make everything even better--our gorgeous Saturday Sky--sunny! I call this picture--"Peek-a-Boo"



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Linda Schrader

Congrats on learning to ride the bike.
One of my fondest memories is riding bikes with my children(now grown).

Extra tacos(yum-yum) will give more padding but the butt will still be sore.

Watch out Sam--next will be driving a car!!
I enjoy your site and all your wonderful tips etc.
Keep up the good work.
Linda S
So. Oregon


Those are cool!


Hey there Isela! Love that video -- that song makes me cry. :) My son just took his training wheels off his bike as well -- what a neat thing to get to go for a real bike ride with my son now! Take care --


Don't you love one true media? Great videos! I'm packing up so I won't be visiting much! I'll contact you after we get all settled! Bye!!


Good for you Bryant! That's so exciting. I remember when my little bro first rode without training wheels.


oh boy.. I remember Being inside and hearing Azia screaming her head off! And Brian yelling stop stop!! She went down our driveway and into the neighbors yard before she stopped! A nice flat cul de sac looks good to me!!hehe Great job guys!!!


Aunt Becky is so proud of both Bryant and Nyah!


That little video of Nyah is so cute! It makes me want to get Matthew a little scooter! I always love seeing your little family movies!


How exciting! Kids nowadays just take to two wheeled bike riding like it's nothing. I remember my son and older daughter at that time too...and now Frankie's a senior in high school and Elizabeth will be a freshman. Enjoy every minute, you are blessed!

Debbie Blankenship

I can not wait, 10 years from now, when I find this blog again, watch the video, and say,

"Remember when..."

Wasn't it yesterday he was pushing the little toy bike around?


Two wheels today, four wheels and a radio in a few years. Oh how they grow so fast. Looks like N is ready for a helmet of her own to go with the scooter ;)

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