"Maripositas"--a knitting loom stitch
Quick Decrease at the Crown

Shhhh....I am sleeping

I feel so free I can almost scream! My last batch of content and projects were shipped away, away, away to the UK.  I am back to having some more "regular" hours....so I'll probably be taking a nap here and there.

The excitement and apprehension is starting to kick in--how about if the publisher doesn't like the items--how about if they come back and tell me that they want one of the huge projects (ahembabyahemblanketahem) redone--how about if they just hate it all.

I believe the most difficult part of the project is to come--the decision from the publisher about the look of my work. It is one thing having your friend judge the knits and tell you that they are nice, but it is a completely different thing when a stranger looks at it and tells you flat out--its fugly, there is no way this is going into the book, re-do quick.

The project took a whole chunk of my life, now,  I feel that I have so much free time, so much time to knit whatever my heart desires...what would it be: Baudelaire Socks, Lacy Top, or maybe EveryDay Tweed, or by chance...maybe I should finish Essential Stripes--with no stripes.

What do you think? what should I knit next?


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sally kuhn

hey yes i love your work its great got bummed out when iwent to buy your book thinking it came out sooner... hmm but i have a question for you how can i convert knitting projects with needles as in the patterns to loom works? hmm i found some pecies i love to put on my loom thank you

Debbie K.

Your next project should be......

The SOCKS! Socks, it should be the socks... love them!
Debbie K.


Thanks for stopping by :) and the nice comments. I was teasing Cynthia, maybe we should start a fan club!

Cindy in Oregon

Congrats! I know how it feels to meet a major deadline. AHhh, relief! I cannot for a minute imagine the editors not liking what you've produced. Can't wait to see it myself! :)


Oh wow, I'm so thrilled to hear you're getting things sent off! I'm sure all will be well!!

As far as which to work on...I'm all for the socks! I can't knit with needles, but I wish I could just to make those socks!!


Knit the Lacy Top! Something sexy for yourself to ward off the stress!



I've had my eye on Essential Stripes, so that gets my vote.

Thank you for the sweet words regarding our big day.



You love socks, I say go for the socks! Have some fun!


YAY!!! How exciting! Good luck on all of that.

And I think you should make something quick and non-committal because you've just been SWAMPED with committment until now.... so maybe socks.

Kathy N

The socks! They're terrific!! And the pattern looks complicated enough to keep your thoughts off the what-if's.

P.S. I'm sure they'll love the finished pieces!


How about knitting a hammock, to while away the afternoon while the kids play in the back yard? I'm sure they'd be good and let you get a cat nap in --NOT! LOL


I will have my fingers crossed for you that they will just love it! Which I'm sure they will--you've put so much good work into it! One way or another, I think you should be really proud of what you've accomplished.

As for your next project, I vote socks. They are faster than sweaters--I'm all about instant gratification.

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