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Loomy Q & A: Seaming Techniques Videos

*Edited* It appears that the videos had music in them making it difficult to listen to my lovely voice (hahaha!), I have taken the music off. Thank you for letting me know about the music ;).


I was supposed to tackle this question last weekend, but instead, I spent all Saturday babysitting three little kiddos, plus my two, in total 5, 4 of them still in diapers...eeek!  My apologies for being late with the answers delivery.

Our Loomy Question:

I am new to loom knitting and I need help with joining panels. How do I join panels together?

Joining panels is part of the finishing process--and although you may think that once you finished knitting the item that the hard work is done, do not take the seaming process lightly. Joining the panels together is a very important step and I recommend devoting a bit of time to it.

If you do not have a book on finishing techniques, I recommend the only book that was recommended by superb knitter/mentor/friend Mim, "The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques", this book will teach you everything you need to know about finishing your garment. You can find it at Michael's too (go get your 50% coupon).

Thank you for sending your Loomy Questions in, keep those looms going!

Comments, Questions, Constructive Criticism always welcome :)

To begin, I will demonstrate how to join two panels with the mattress stitch seam. It produces an invisible seam on the right side--which makes it ideal for many garments.

Mattress Stitch Video

Another important seaming technique is the one where you join two garter stitch edges together. When joining panels, such as blankets, you will encounter that the panels have a garter stitch edge and using the mattress stitch will leave a seam on the wrong side, in this case, use the Garter Stitch Seam.

Garter Stitch Seam Video

The above two videos demonstrate how to join two panels row to row, but how about joining panels that you have to match stitches to rows as when setting a sleeve? or Stitches to stitches as when joining shoulder panels?

Joining Sleeves to Armhole Opening

Joining panels at the shoulder: Shoulder Seaming


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HI: I am new to loom knitting and have a scarf done on
the red round loom, but dont know how to end it without
it raveling out. Can you show me a video or explain to
me how to end this scarf so I can get it off my loom?


Hello, i have just completed a pinwheel, the pattern says to :
Remove the stitches from row 28 and place them on a needle and graft the stitches with the stitches from the cast on row;
how do you graft the stitches, i have not done this before, please help

Donna Bauman

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to know how to fix ladders or separations in beanies made on the knifty knitter. Desperate any suggestion or help would be appreciated. I don't want to waste time or materials. I want to give my the best work to the homeless.

Donna Bauman


Wonderful videos on seaming...but, would also like to see what the back (reverse side) looks like when done. It seems that when I seam the baby outfits in mattress stitch, they are too bulky. Would a different seaming stitch work out better with less bulk on the reverse side?

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

This is great. Not only does it cover loom knitters but anyone who is going to seam things together! I have not watched them just yet but I know I will.

Thanks for sharing once again!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson


Your technique videos are fantastic!


Thank you for these demonstrations, Isela. I'm working up to making a sweater and will need to know about joining arms to armholes. Now I have someone showing me!

One thing to keep in mind for future videos, though: I'm having a hard time hearing your voice over the music that's been added. I have a better time catching your soft, patient instruction when I'm wearing my headphones; otherwise, the guitar drowns you out.


You Are So Good!

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