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NYC Trip Highlights


Our trip was fabulous! Wonderboy *loved* everything about New York, the buildings, the food, the hotels, the Statue of Liberty and of course Grandma and uncle Edy. Benny was a bit homesick and every night she asked for her couch, blanket and of course her Dora show, despite her homesickness, she enjoyed being around Grandma and her uncle.

Our trip highlights:

Seeing Grandma:


Our night out to see Les Miserables: kids stayed at the hotel with Grandma and uncle while hubby and I ran out to see the play on Saturday evening. I had seen it back when I lived in NY and the second time around was as good as the first one. Hubby enjoyed it too. It was a great date: one of our best ones ever! Malhakita Sammer.


Coming back from the play: it was great seeing the following:

Dsc02408  Dsc02401

Kids' favorite places: FAO Schwarz, Big Apple Circus, Central Park Zoo, Statue of Liberty

Dsc02328_2  Dsc02395

Dsc02339 Dsc02370

And lots of other pictures of our travels in the next slideshow: we visited the American Museum of Natural History, where Wonderboy chose to have a family date in the Reptile exhibition, lots of Central Park playgrounds, and the Toys 'R Us Ferris Wheel in Times Square. We went to the MET museum on Monday but it was closed (could have prevented this if I had visited their website, duh), after finding out that it was closed we headed to the U.S.S. Intrepid only to find out that it was closed too--again, could have find out if I had visited their website. It is okay though, it gives us something to look forward in our next trip to NYC--that along with seeing the Phantom of the Opera.


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First I gotta say how darn beautiful you are girl! All these photos made me feel like I was there, thank you!
So many fun things you all got to do too!


It looks like you all had a super time! It was fun to see you on the East coast;-)

Mary Ann

Oh my am I ever jealous. Les Miserables is one of my favorites. Sounds like you had a great time.

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