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December 2006

A sweater for little Benny~an FO

Probably my last project for this year, the little bolero for my little Benny. Although it may appear small and straight forward, do not let the size of the project fool you, blink and you can find yourself following the instructions for the wrong size! I had to frog the first sleeve several times because I kept being interrupted and when I came back to it, I started on the wrong size (I need to get a copier and highlighter and highlight the size I need to follow).

Although the assembly of the set-in sleeves drove me to madness, it took me a total of 8 hours to assemble the little itty bitty bolero, I am extremelly happy to have completed this project, and just in time for her to wear it this Sunday at church. Most of her little dresses are short sleeve and I couldn't get myself to buy her a sweater when I could make her one. 


She is so happy with it too! She proudly says, "Mommy made it for me. My sweater!" It makes a Momma proud! She very happily modeled it for me (isn't she just so gorgeous!) and she reluctantly let me put it away in her closet til Sunday.

The Sirdar pattern is pretty easy (as long as you mark the size you are following first) and it comes with 2 options of neckline type--round and V-neck, I did the round. It has an interesting edging that has a bind off made up of itty bitty bobbles--really interesting and not hard at all (I hope you can see it in the picture of her little hand reaching for the christmas ornament, it looks quite nice, I think I will use this type of bind off for other girly projects).

Project Specs:

  • Pattern: Sirdar Book 1514 Tiny Tots, DK 
  • Yarn: 2 skeins of Cotton Fleece in Victorian Pink
  • Needles: As called in pattern-size 6us and 3us
  • Deviations from pattern: I seamed everything up first then I picked up stitches in the round for the body edging--one less seam :).
  • what I would do differently: hire someone to show me how to seam the set-in sleeves

In some sad news, stinking sickness has come to knock on our house, my little Wonderboy is sick. He has the croope (sp) and a fever, right now we have a humidifier and a vaporizer going, along with trying to make him take as much liquids as possible. If he doesn't get better by tomorrow morning, off to the doctor's we go.

Wishing you a wonderful New Year celebration--have lots of fun and be good--if you're going to be bad, be sure to invite me :).

Post Christmas--an FO and the Loot!

We had a wonderful, loving, non-plushy Christmas.  This year, we have added a new tradition to our Christmas holiday. Hubby is a busy-body and he has a hard time staying still for long periods of time. Weekends when he doesn't have anything to do is like looking at a cage lion--he pases back and forth, back and forth. We decided to make him happy and take the holiday break to do "honey-dos" around the house. He gets to do something and I get a pretty house ;).

His task this holiday was to paint our receiving room. We wanted a nice neutral color and we first picked a safe off white shade, but at the end we threw caution to the wind and we brought home a Turtle Green--looks great with our light colored couches. We also replaced the chandelier, the old one didn't give off enough light and the new wall color made it a tad too dark in there. So off to Lowe's we went and we found our new chandelier. 


(Picture: left side picture-final look. top right--in progress; right middle--previous look; right bottom--new chandelier)

Overall, I like the new look, I think as time goes by it will grow on me even more. At first, I hated it--it reminded me of a swamp, but once the 2nd coat of paint went on and the furniture, and the cute new lamp, the room became more appealing. It took us a total of 2 days to complete, the hardest part was reaching the vaulted ceilings, being vertically challenged has never been more bothersome!


(Picture: Christmas morning with the loot)

It is the first major project that hubby and I have worked on--besides making kids, and at first I was too over critical of our work, but after I took a break and went down to my craft room, I realized that we had a great bonding time. The paint job is not the best and we have a lot of little places to cover up with white paint as the green somehow jumped to the white, but it is not the paint job that is important it is the time we spent together. Overall a wonderful Christmas!

My Worst Cooking Disaster Ever....

Lovely Scout who is buried in a foot of snow wants us to entertain her with our cooking is one of mine (there are many--don't laugh! but, I can say that I have never burned dinner, it has come out raw, but not burned, lol!).

I will not deny that I started cooking when I turned 23, before that, my mom's cooking was good enough and when I moved out of the house at 18 years of age, the local restaurant's knew me very well. The notion of cooking and having to do dishes terrified me....mostly because I saw it as a waste of time to spend 2 hours in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes instead of being outside working or studying.

But everything changed when I moved to Utah, no Mom to cook for me and the nearest restaurant required driving and stubborn mule couldn't (and still can't!) drive so I had to learn how to cook (I did sign up for the food meal plan at the University, but the food sucked majorly).

The most memorable "worst thing ever that I cooked" were sugar cookies. I had invited my hubby (then we were only friends) and his two roommates over for dinner. My roommate from Japan cooked most of the meal while I watched and learned. I decided to bake something for the guys. Everything seemed to be okay and the cookies smelled wonderful....but....they came out hard as little rocks! They didn't even flattened out!

The guys were courageous and tried them out but they kept telling me that they were going to bill me for their dentist bill.

On the other hand, my Japanese roommate, Ayako, said they were wonderful! She said they made little treats like that in Japan. She ate them all :).

As you can see, hubby didn't marry me for my cooking skills (don't ask why he married me, hehehehe). I have learned since then, but I am still really bad at baking. I tend not to read the instructions fully or I skip a line (or two). Proof, the cookies I baked this Sunday. They were supposed to go to the neighbors, but I forgot to put the baking soda (or is it baking powder), I can't ever keep them straight!


It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

Things around here are a bit upside down right now, we have the big rush of Christmas orders to get out for the loomybiz, no Christmas shopping has gotten done, the Christmas tree finally went up on Sunday and this year around I got a clue and bought the Christmas stockings. The overachiever in me wanted to knit one for each one in the family--maybe next year, or the next, or maybe by the time I have grandkids I'll have them ready, but for now, the store bought ones will have to do.


While we were in NY this past October, I decided to get little keepsakes of our family trips, at first I didn't know what to get, the usuals came to mind: little spoon (for a spoon collection), it got turned down when I realized that I would have to dust them and would have to put them up somewhere around the house, I am not much for trinkets and I am not much for having a cluttered house, so that idea got turned down. A blanket--nah, takes too much room. Cups--nah, I wouldn't have enough space to store them all and I kind of have a favorite cup already. Then, I saw it, a cute little Christmas ornament, my decision was made, our family trip's keepsakes will become Christmas ornaments. Unlike all the other keepsakes, they are stored away for most of the year, no dusting, no cluttering, and it will stir my our memories every year when we put our Christmas tree up.

Speaking of trips, our trip to California was a great family time. The kids enjoyed themselves most of the time, at first we started off on a bad note, Wonderboy got scared at the Bug's Life 3D show, little Benny didn't want to go near Minnie nor Mickey. In their defense, the show was a bit scary and the characters are a tad bit bigger in real life than the ones they see on tv all the time. But at the end of the day, they enjoyed themselves very much--little Benny enjoyed seeing all the princesses and the highlight of her day was seeing Santa on the parade, Wonderboy and hubby loved the Buzz Lightyear show/ride (enough to go through it twice!), and I got a dream made reality--at almost 30 years old Disneyland was magical too me.

Back later with some knitting content...little Benny's bolero is half way done.

Loomy Q & A


After a weekend away, we are back to our regular Loomy Q & A. 

Question 1: I have a pattern that calls for a slipped peg. How do you slip a stitch [peg] on a knitting loom?

To slip a stitch on a knitting loom, you simply skip the peg with yarn behind work (back of peg).

When you slip a stitch, you are elongating the stitch below--pulling it up one row up. When you slip the first stitch at the beginning of a row, you create a crochet-like edge.

When you slip a stitch within the row, such as when you are knitting the heel stitch: *sl1, k1; repeat from *, you elongate the stitch from below. It creates a nice thick fabric.

You can also use slipped stitches to create defined corners in a bag as is the case with the satchel.

Hope this helps out with the pattern you are trying out.

On to our next question:

Question 2: Can a knitting board be used to make a hat?

Yes, a knitting board can be used to knit a hat. If you want it to be double knit, you will probably need to create it flat and seam the side to close it as a tube. Unless you have a circular knitting board in which case you can just knit a tube by knitting all around the circular knitting board. However, if you have a regular knitting board such as the purple knifty knitter or any of the long looms, you will need to knit it flat and seam it along the side.

That's all for our Loomy Q & A day, remember send me your question(s) and I will post the answer(s) next weekend.

For now, loom on!


Sexy Wench Socks, Little Itty Ballerina Slippers, and even Mitts!

After going full steam for a few weeks loom knitting, I had to put my needles aside and many of my projects got set aside, but after coming back from our trip to California, I had to pick them back up. My needles are going non-stop, when I am not working on DA stuff, I am sitting on the couch clicking away. It is amazing how much more relaxed I feel after picking up my needles, yarn and my headphones (I am listening to the Wheel of Times series) . Knitting and reading (or in this case listening), perfect combination for a great relaxing time!

After much waiting, I present you my gorgeous (even if you don't like them nod in agreement) set of Anna Socks. I am enamored with the socks. They make me feel soooo sexy....hubby asked me if they would become my church socks...I think I shall wear them this coming Sunday and see the reaction. What do you think (Mim) do you think I will get pull aside and chastised?


I have gotten more yarn in a deep wine color to make a second pair...a sizzling wine hot pair of sexy socks!

Next, I knitted a pair of fabulous fingerless mitts with the yarn that I got from Scout's Swag. It is a simple design, not much frills, but the yarn makes them just super! The pattern can be made either on a knitting loom or on dpns.

Fingerlessmitts Fingerlessmitts2_1

What else...oh yeah, although I told myself that I was going to take a break from loom knitting, I couldn't help myself and I created a set of little slippers for my little Benny. The pattern will be tweaked a bit to create little felted slippers, kind of a smaller version of the Ballerina slippers but for little wee ones. They look so cute on little Benny's feet, or rather, Little Benny's feet make them look so cute!


On the needles now: a little bolero for little Benny, and finishing a very old FO...stay tuned to see the come back of my very first adult size sweater. Also, I have pictures of our trip to where dreams can come true!

It's a wrap...almost superstar...

Lucy, I'm home!!

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity, overall a memorable experience! Everyone on the set was wonderful and ever so supportive and loving. My wonderful and ever so patient producer/friend Sonya made me feel so at home, she knew exactly when I needed a hug/encouragement or when to tell me that I was doing alright. She is truely a lovely person! Here is a shot of both of us in "my dressing room"...I was a superstar for a few hours. I even had makeup applied and my wardrobe was even steamed for me! I was so pampered...even when I forgot what to say, lovely Sonya came and whispered the words to me. She is an expert on knitting looms now...she knows almost everything I know, she managed to get all the information out of me before the taping so she could help me out during the taping. She definitely rocks!!!


The taping went well overall...I stumbled a couple of times and I had to restart a few times because of my nervousness and I am sure at one (probably more than one) point they wanted to kick me out and throw the looms at me, but the taping crew was so patient and wonderful to me--thank you guys for making me feel so special!  Vickie, she is a doll! She saved my butt more than once--she is a smart cookie and she remembers everything, whenever I happened to forget something she very smartly commented and inserted whatever I forgot...gotta love her!


My Knitsters--they deserve awards, they really, really do! They are all needle knitters and they courageously picked up the loom and gave it a whirl. I was so eager to meet them and to ask them their reaction towards the looms--at first I was afraid they will throw it at me, but they enjoyed the looms. They saw both pros and cons about the looms, but overall they definitely saw it as an alternative way to knit.


During the taping and after the taping almost everyone asked me about the looms...even the camera men were intrigued and kept asking me about the looms. It was quite neat to have others interested in my little corner of the world, even other knitters stopped by my rehearsal table and looked at the looms and the items made on them. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know that others thought my work was neat.

I met a few other bloggers/authors but I forgot about my camera until after my taping was completed. But I did get to take a picture with Sara, a wonderful designer. We got to chat for about an hour and it was such a fun time. Here I am modeling one of her beautiful scarves. She took two little looms home with her to try out...she liked one of the baby sweaters I had there and she wants to try her hand on the looms.


Oh, and guess what I got to see for the very first time...yeah, that is my book! The dust jacket got to the studio just in the nick of time.


Seeing the dust jacket with my name on it just made the entire day extra special! Overall, a loomyliscious time!

Story Time

I saw this over at Pixie Purls and although it is somewhat like a MEME, it is a bit more in depth and I thought it was a great way for you to get to know me a bit more.

My story and thus my journey begins when I arrived to NY from Mexico....I was 15 years old at the time. My life before 15 was pretty rough and well it is best that it stays in the past.

Once upon a time...a 15 year old ran away from home. At the time, she was living with her grandparents in Mexico, her Mom lived in NY. She dreamed every day of living one day with her Mom and being able to walk down 5th Ave, just like they do in the movies. After waiting for years for her Mom to come pick her up and bring her to the fanciful world of opportunities, she got fed up and picked up a set of clothes and ran away from home. She didn't go too far, but far enough to get her Momma's attention.  She only lived away from home for a few weeks, all the while her Grandparents and her Mom deviced a way to bring her to the States...and thus our story begins.

When I arrived to NY, I had so many dreams and aspirations. I dreamed of one day being one of the fancy people that you see on tv--wearing beautiful clothes and living in a beautiful apartment...kind of like Sex in the City style. Boy did I have a rude awakening!! I was small and insignificant and I didn't know how to speak the language. I lived in Queens, NY, which is not bad but it is not Manhattan. My dreams of going to school did not come to fruition right away, instead, I got a job with my mom at a factory. It was terrible...I was the youngest person working there, the pay was not bad compared to Mexican standards, but now that I look back it was terrible! I worked there for about 6 months, the worst 6 months of my adult life (yeah, I count being 15 an adult as I had to already pay my own rent and pay for my own food). My aunt, who is only 3 years older than me lived with us and she was always the sporty type person. She dragged my fat a$$ to a Tae Kwon Do class and being easily pressured, I signed up. I thought it was going to be a waste of money, but joining lead me to the best path that I should have taken at that time.

At the class, I met a wonderful guy whom had the bestest and most wonderful parents. Him and his family encouraged me to enrolled in high school, and they convinced my Momma that it was the best path for me to take--if she ever wanted me to be more than just a factory worker. My Momma thought about it and of course had to take into consideration all the expenses. A mother always wants the best for her children and she did the best by me. She enrolled me in school! At the age of 16, I was a Freshman at Newtown HS.

The first year of school were the hardest for me. I had to learn a new language while at the same time learn school curriculum. At first, I thought I could handle at least Math in an English class setting but after the first semester of failing--think 14, 18...etc., I gave up and had to swallow my pride and ask for a Spanish class. Once in the Spanish class--math became my number one subject. From that day on, I was pretty good at it: joined the math league, and many other math associations (long forgotten names, but I have tons of certificates and junk like that). I immersed myself in the English language completely--watched tv in English, heard radio in English...and tried to speak in English all the time. At first it was difficult, but after a few months, my teflon brain started letting some of the information stick. I had wonderful, dedicated teachers...they cared for every single one of us and they gave of their time freely--they understood that they had our future in their hands. I owe them who I am today--I really do! I graduatedwith 3 college classes under my belt and in the top percentile of my class and ..okay, I was # 23, not valedictorian, but when there are 797 students graduating, it is hard to be valedictorian. In my book of achievements, graduating from HS in the top percentile was huge. I not only learned different subjects, but I also learned English, and I learned that I did have a chance in this world! Giving a person a new path is the best gift ever! I was given that...I was given the chance to become something more than just a bum!

During my high school career, I didn't work much, I helped around the offices at school and was always in the library, either as an aide, or reading. I figured that my time would be better spent learning rather than playing: I quickly learned that if I wanted to become someone--other than a factory worker--that I needed to learn and learn and learn. In my senior year, I got a job at a cafe at the mall--I loved that job. I loved the interaction with the customers and my relationship with my co-workers. In a short-time, the enthusiasm for my job got me the position of manager (which is not hard to get, but you have to be friendly to get it and responsible to manage the money). I loved that job....I enjoyed putting ice-cream in the cones, hehehehe. I left that job when I went to college in the city. college life was wonderful. I attended Baruch College for my first 3 years and I had some of the most wonderful friends. I worked too: I worked as a tutor in the math department, then in one of the offices as an aide, then in my 2nd year I got a job with a big marketing company. I started small, just as a receptionist--but I loved it. Again, the interaction with everyone every day was fascinating, I got to smile and say hello to everyone who came in, and every now and then I got to work with the big shots of the company. Then, I got a huge break--one of the main executive assistants left the company and she recommended me to take her position. I was in heaven--my pay went up about 50% and my work load went down about 50%, lol. Answering 1 phone and answering emails, typing a letter or two, or arranging meetings was easy. I loved it! My boss was also very nice..he was a nice older gentleman, always happy (even when the numbers were bad) and he always said "take your time".

Schoolwise, I was doing great: great grades, awesome classes, again, terrific teachers.I got to join Golden Key NHS where I met my amazing, lovely, wonderful friends. If you think that honor society members are geeks--you are highly mistaken. We were a bunch of roudy, loud, happy bunch--a bit on the naughty nutty side too.

It was at one of these Golden Key conferences where I met a hunk of a guy from Utah. I was head over heels for the kid...he had blue eyes and I was always a sucker for blue eyes. Then, I got it in my head that I wanted to change career gears from the business world to the world of nature--geology to be more exact. So I looked into schools that had a geology degree--and guess what, Utah State University had one...for that matter, a lot of schools in Utah did...what a concidence!!

I applied to Utah State and I was accepted...I moved to Utah. The boy whom I met in the Golden Key conference got lost in the shuffle, but then came my wonderful love and friend--Sammer. We "dated" for about 6 months. On one Christmas day, he asked me to marry him...he just blurted it out, he had not planned it, and once it was out he couldn't take it back in. Once he asked, my first words out were "are you sure? cuz this is forever we are talking". 4 months later we were married in the beautiful, majestic Logan Temple.

While married, I finished my degree--no, not geology, but Business Administration. I graduated with a very decent gpa...enough to make me proud, hehehehe, and enough to make my kids work very hard :). I had a few jobs at the university, nothing too serious, just working at different offices doing office work.

Now, Sammer and I have 2 wonderful little ones: they are a handful, but we love them and we couldn't imagine our lives without them, or without each other. I help him out at his job but mostly stay home with the has been good. The first 15 years of my life left me with a lot to be desired...I thought that I was unloved and one of the unwanted children of the world, but the last 15 years (ok, 14) have been quite good, my life has changed for the better. No, I am not rich, nor do I have an office job, nor do I walk among the glamourous people of Sex and the City, but I am happy. I have a beautiful family who loves me and friends who are only a phone call away. In a sense, my life is like a cinderalla story...a happy ending...or at least I am having a happy middle, or to be more accurate, the beginning of a very happy life :).

This is my least half of it :). Thanks for sticking around to read it.

I have this post pre-saved to publish while I am on my way to California. Wish me luck...I hope they don't mind my Rosita accent too much--to tell you the truth, I am most concerned about my accent than about my knowledge of loom knitting...hope they understand me and I don't sound too horribly.

Pictures of my past...

California here I come...

Almost there...I am leaving to California tomorrow morning, I am so psyched! The step-outs are almost done, I have only a couple to go. I had to take a bit of time off on Monday to make birthday cake and celebrate little Benny's birthday. Checkout the cake: chocolaty goodness...I was so proud of the darn brown thing--my first real birthday cake, frosted and decorated even! The little darling got a Bitty Baby as her birthday present. She is so adorable for a few weeks we have been getting the American Girl catalogue and every time she would sit down and look through it, then she would arrive to the page of this baby and she would point to the baby doll and say "me, it is me". Gotta luv the little Benny!

She is sporting the little Nippertails hat I made for her when she was only a wee little one. I can see a Bitty Baby Nippertails in my near future.


After the celebration, I had to get back to work on my step outs, I am almost ready...still need to pack for me and the kids. Oh, I didn't tell you, we are all going! We are driving to Cali and if weather permits and I don't have any last minute knitting to do for the show, I would love to go and see Mickey in his house ( a childhood dream, to see Mickey and Minnie).


  • "Golden Nuggets" almost memorized and I am taking a cheat sheet just in case I forget them.
  • Got a haircut,
  • Primped my nails and even reinforced the fingernail tips...doing things like dishes is a bit necessary and reinforcing the tips was a good option.
  • Got a couple of tops as alternatives for my regular black tops...getting something other than black was a bit difficult.


I am feeling a bit undeserving of being a Knitty Gritty guest, all the other guests designers are famous, fabulous bloggers, authors, knitters, dyers, and then there is me--a loom knitter. I feel like an insignificant speck next to all those big names...I am very grateful that I have the tips of my fingernails reinforced...cuz I feel like chewing them off.

I am not nervous about the taping (they can cut and paste before their air the episode, hehehehe), but mosly about feeling out of place and feeling that my subject is so different from the knitting mainstream. I am excited though about meeting my superb producer Sonya who always makes me feel so special and like a superstar! Superstar!!! hehehe. I am also looking forward to meeting the Knitsters: I believe none of them had ever loom knitted before and I want to know their thoughts/reactions towards the knitting looms.

Checking out for now...need to get some more step-outs done and pack up.

Happy Birthday my Sweetheart


Happy Birthday my darling little munchkin. Today, she turns 2 years old...where does the time go? The nine months waiting for her seem to have taken eons, and yet from the day she was born, the time seem to have passed as quickly as when you turn a page in a book. I remember as if it was yesterday that you were born and the first words from the doctor--"oh, she is a feisty one"-- he was right--she's got spunk!

She brings us love and joy to our home. Every day she wakes happy with a shining smile and the first one who sees her gets a very tight embrace....sometimes hubby and I even get out of bed and race to her bedroom to see who gets her first hug of the day, even Wonderboy sometimes gets in the race too--when this happens, Dad and I lose the race as she highly favors her big brothers hugs...we all love you little one.

We love you my darling baby will always be our little baby girl. Happy birthday my love.

Mamma loves you very much....malhakita.

Finally...finished the pattern for the Ballerina Slippers


When was the first time you saw these...about 1.5 years ago, hehehehe. Well, I finally got the chance to sit down and type up the pattern.

I made up the pattern with 2 different versions: Toe-Heel, Heel-Toe. I loved making these and I have made 3 different pairs for myself: blank, red, and pink. My favorite by far are the pink ones of course, hehehe.

The pattern is now available over at my store.


Knitting Loom
Large Gauge knitting loom with at 31 (36) pegs. Red (Green) Knifty Knitter Hat loom were used in sample.

Yarn 200 (270) yards of bulky weight wool. Brown Sheep Lamb¡¦s Pride Bulky was used in samples.

Size (s): Women: 6-7 (7-8); 8-9 (9-10)

Price: $4.50

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