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Sexy Wench Socks, Little Itty Ballerina Slippers, and even Mitts!

It's a wrap...almost superstar...

Lucy, I'm home!!

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity, overall a memorable experience! Everyone on the set was wonderful and ever so supportive and loving. My wonderful and ever so patient producer/friend Sonya made me feel so at home, she knew exactly when I needed a hug/encouragement or when to tell me that I was doing alright. She is truely a lovely person! Here is a shot of both of us in "my dressing room"...I was a superstar for a few hours. I even had makeup applied and my wardrobe was even steamed for me! I was so pampered...even when I forgot what to say, lovely Sonya came and whispered the words to me. She is an expert on knitting looms now...she knows almost everything I know, she managed to get all the information out of me before the taping so she could help me out during the taping. She definitely rocks!!!


The taping went well overall...I stumbled a couple of times and I had to restart a few times because of my nervousness and I am sure at one (probably more than one) point they wanted to kick me out and throw the looms at me, but the taping crew was so patient and wonderful to me--thank you guys for making me feel so special!  Vickie, she is a doll! She saved my butt more than once--she is a smart cookie and she remembers everything, whenever I happened to forget something she very smartly commented and inserted whatever I forgot...gotta love her!


My Knitsters--they deserve awards, they really, really do! They are all needle knitters and they courageously picked up the loom and gave it a whirl. I was so eager to meet them and to ask them their reaction towards the looms--at first I was afraid they will throw it at me, but they enjoyed the looms. They saw both pros and cons about the looms, but overall they definitely saw it as an alternative way to knit.


During the taping and after the taping almost everyone asked me about the looms...even the camera men were intrigued and kept asking me about the looms. It was quite neat to have others interested in my little corner of the world, even other knitters stopped by my rehearsal table and looked at the looms and the items made on them. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know that others thought my work was neat.

I met a few other bloggers/authors but I forgot about my camera until after my taping was completed. But I did get to take a picture with Sara, a wonderful designer. We got to chat for about an hour and it was such a fun time. Here I am modeling one of her beautiful scarves. She took two little looms home with her to try out...she liked one of the baby sweaters I had there and she wants to try her hand on the looms.


Oh, and guess what I got to see for the very first time...yeah, that is my book! The dust jacket got to the studio just in the nick of time.


Seeing the dust jacket with my name on it just made the entire day extra special! Overall, a loomyliscious time!


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Lashanda Hopkins

Good Job!!!!!Keep following your dreams and thanks for heling me with being sucessful with loom knitting as well. I'm a self learner and was getting fustrated till the loom knitting.


Congratulations on your TV appearance and your new book! You look grand!


Oh Isela i am just so happy for you darl and i cant wait for your book to come out. Can i put an order in for an autographed copy now LOL!Hugs jacqu in Oz


You are so VERY COOL! Sounds like you had as much fun as we did. Your book - tooooooo exciting - it looks great!!


hi tis me again found the book i was looking for ill send ua photo of it through via email lol ya cant wait for your book such a pain grumbles* theysent me a converting to machine nitting site and its so much math is it always this way?)

Kathy N

Whoohoooo!! I'm so glad that it went well. And the book looks great!!

Teresa B

Congratulations! I am so proud and excited! What a wonderful accomplishment - can't wait to see you on the show.


I'm just so proud and excited for you, Isela. I can't wait to watch the show and to get a copy of that book. Congrats!


Awesome! Thanks for letting us in on your taping. Sounds like you had fun and so happy for you! Can't wait to see the show..we get both HGTV and DIY Yay! Congrats on your book! How cool is that!!!


I'm so happy your experience was as good as mine! Sonya, the most amazing producer, picked you for a reason! The question now is, when will you get your own loom show on TV?


How freaking exciting for both being on Knitty Gritty showing how to loom and then your own book! You so deserve all of this girl! You look so beautiful and I am sure you were great. I hope to have DYI by the time it comes on:) Missed ya!


very exciting! i'll have to go stalk a friend with cable to catch your show!


Yeah -- you're home!We missed you in BloggerWorld (ok, I have no life). Did you manage to make it to the House of Mouse, or was it all just a little over the top? What did Sam and the Wonderkids do while you were busy being the Superstar in the family?


Oh Isela! I am so proud of you!
big hugs,


Ooohhh...we can all say we knew you when!! How cool, and I am SURE you did a lovely job, as always.


Isela Phelps! SUPERSTAR! I'm so proud of you Isela, you are my hero! I'm getting your autograph when I come into town!!!!!


Whoo hoo. I can't believe I missed you by like MINUTES!

Tracey Carsto

Congratulations!!!! We knew you'd do a great job. The book cover looks great! Let us know when your show airs so we can tape it. :)


How Awesome! Congratulations to you on all fronts What a very exciting time in your life. Hey let us know when you are airing and when the book is out. I'll have to get myself a copy for my knitting library:)


How exciting! You look wonderful and like you totally enjoyed yourself.

Delurking to tell you congratulations on your appearance on Knitty Gritty and also your upcoming book!


I knew you would rock the knitty house! I can't wait to watch our own Superstar on TV.

YEAH! The book looks awesome, and I can't wait to buy it.

Welcome home. We missed you. : )


How awesome! I'm sure you did a great job and I can't wait to see the show. Great looking book ;)


Look at you and your super cute 'do!!Looking good!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

How very cool! I can't wait to see the show.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson


Congrats Isela! You are a super star and a fabulous author!


I'm so excited for you!! You are a rockstar.



ooooh! fun, yeah for you! Your book looks great! when will the show air? I want to see it!!

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