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Febrile Seizures are a b&^%#!

Today was a day that I don't wish to anyone. I could have definitely gone without this experience and I am sure my little one could have gone without it too.

She woke up fine, she way playing, running around, she felt a little hot but not to the point to worry me. We were playing, I was laying down on the couch downstairs, she got down to pick up her blankie and her zippy cup, she reached out for me and I picked her up to lay her down next to me. As I picked her up, she just looked out into space. I layed her down next to me and she didn't respond. I got so baby, my little one was not responding. I hugged her, I called her name. Her little eyes just started rolling back, her little body got all rigid. My baby...I was so scared. I gave her to my husband and he just started talking to her while I called the doctor's office. The doctor's office just said to call 911 all the while my little one was unresponsive. She couldn't move...her tiny little body was just so rigid, her little lips started going blue. The ambulance took what seem to me a lifetime...a lifetime when my little one's life was in their hands. By the time they arrived she had gone completely unconcious and she got lethargic, she looked so peaceful as in a deep sleep--which just sent my mind racing for an answer and to find away to bring her back to me. The paramedics took her temperature, pulse and she had some oxygen. She started slowly waking up, looking around.

She started to come fully awake while in the ambulance on our way to the ER, with tears just streaming down my face I tried to talk to her and ask her questions, at first she didn't respond just looked at me and cuddled next to me. Slowly she started squinting her little eyes and she started talking. The paramedic was trying to get her to talk a bit, he took out a little stuffed animal just for her, my sassy one took it and said forcibly "NO". That moment was one that I would cherish forever--she got sassy which meant she was all there again.

At the ER tests were done to make sure that the fever was not caused by something that needed antibiotics. They all came back negative which means that it could just all be a viral infection that needs to come out of her system. The experience at the ER was not pleasant at all for her as she was wide awake and responsive to everything. She just wanted to be held and cuddled. My little one was with me again.

She is home with us, fever is up and I am up keeping an eye on her and trying to keep her cool.

She is okay--Mom is not--but she is okay. I am watching her like a hawk, if she does anything I am there with her. Although picking her up to lay her down on the couch is not something I want to do--my brain connects it to this morning's event and I don't want that to happen again. At first I thought it was something I did, maybe the way I picked her up, maybe something I gave her to mind can't really understand what happened.

The doctor's call it Febrile Seizure caused by a quick rise in temperature in the body. Little ones deal with the rise in temperature by shutting down their system and "re-setting" it. Only about 30% of children get it and only 30% of those who get it will have a repeat episode before their 5th birthday. The convulsion followed by the lethargy and then tiredness seem to be normal according to the doctors. Me, I call it: wake up and realize that they can be taken away from you in an instant. No book that I ever read on children told me or prepared me to today's experience. I really thought that I was losing my child and it hurt, it hurt so badly. I wanted someone to do something for her as I couldn't, I felt so powerless...I reached out to my husband and I pleaded to him to bring her back to me, to do something for her, to stop whatever was happening to her. My poor husband...he is my rock...he is there when I am weak and he holds me and lets me cry a river on his shoulder.

And my little one...she is safe...a little hot...but she is with me and I will hold her tonight and tomorrow and God willing the days after.

Note: There will be no Loomy Q & A day this weekend.


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I am so sorry that your little one had to go through this and yes I can relate to the terror you went through. Both of my boys suffered from the sudden heat that causes seizures. My oldest son, who is now 31, will still do this when he gets too much sun and overheats.

It is a nightmare that no parent wants to live through. My youngest had one happen and has never had another, but you don't forget that one. He was four, and he is now 23, but your posting brings bad those moments like it was yesterday and I feel that same terror taking hold.

It makes you look at your children in a whole new light and your life is changed. I, like you, was lucky to have my rock to help me from drowning.

I am glad she is doing better. She is adorable and I enjoy coming to see all the great pictures you post of her and your son growing up. Makes you feel like being there.


eeeeek HOW SCARY! I am so sorry you had to experience that! How terrifying! I am so happy things are getting better!


Oh my God, Isela - what a terrifying experience you went through. I am so glad to hear she is OK now. (((hugs)))


So glad she is okay!


Isela - My 2 year old has an immune disorder. We've been there, with ambulance rides and unconcious child. We've been there. And as a mother - its something you wish no other mother had to experiance. Our love is with you.


Isela, my Derek (now 20) had 3 febrile seizures at the age of 18 months old. I will never forget the terror of that ambulance ride and the long, helpless hours spent in the hospital finding what he DID NOT have. I won't ever forget either the sleepless nights for years when he had a fever. His seizures never repeated, thank God. I keep you and little sprite in my good thoughts. Rest and be well.


Isela-your daughter and the rest of your family are in my prayers with hopes for continued strength.


Isela - thank you for sharing that. It is also the first time I have ever heard of such a thing. My husband and I are trying to start a family and I am reading all I can .... thank you for sharing this experience. Blessings to you and your family.


Isela!! When my Kaylee was 4 years old we had the same experience! It's so scary and it's something I wish NO parent had to ever experience!! I'm sorry that you had to!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey, I am so sorry!!!! I can't imagine what you must feel, how scared you were. I'll keep your family in my prayers!!!!! I'm glad everything seems to be ok now, and that she is doing better! *hug*


OMG! That's freaky scary. I'm so glad she's going to be okay! Please don't blame yourself for any of it - you were right there and reacted very quickly!
I hope you get over it soon too!


I am so glad to hear she is OK. I would have been beside myself too, as any mother who reads your blog would. Be strong! She is in my prayers


PS - Chantal took 7 balls of Big Wool


Hi Isela, That is so scary. I had a similar experience with one of my children when he was 5 months old. In his case, it turned out to be RSV. I felt so vulnerable and helpless as I stood by his side in a children's hospital for a week and they didn't know if he would make it. He did though. God hears our prayers and you and Nyah are in mine.


Isela, I teared up reading your post. I can not imagine how scary that was. I wish I could give you all a hug. I prayed for ya'll throughout the day today. I'm looking forward to hearing good updates and reports on little Nyah.


Hi Isela - I got chills reading your post. What a horrible experience to go through. This is a strange time to de-lurk and write to you, but after reading your blog over the last two months, I feel like I've gotten to know you and your family a little bit. You are due a lot of good karma for all the inspiration and sharing that you provide on this site. I hope this will be a one-time episode for your little one and the she will continue to be healthy and spunky. Sending good thoughts your way and a HUGE thank you for your looming instructions, patterns, and expertise. :)

Kansas A

Oh my goodness! Thank God she is okay...makes me want to scoop up my two little ones (and even my 22 year old) and protect them from everything, even stuff that is out of my control. Lots of prayers and hugs for you and your family Isela. Take as much time as you need...


im so glad to hear she is doin ok i remember my mom telling me about the time i was in the bath and i had a really bad fever and i was just staring into space and they rushed me to hospital and im 24 now and havent had only that one seizure when i was 2yrs old


Oh my Isela! I know it is scary when our babies are sick.

My youngest son, who is now 22 years old, got hold of some poison when he was 3 years old. He spent 2 days in the hospital. I remember vividly how scary and upsetting it was.

My nephew, who is 2 years old, recently had the same type seizure as Nyah.

Know that your precious family is in my thoughts and prayers. Here is a BIG hug for all of you!

God Bless!


Oh, my, that is so scary!!! I'm so, so glad she's all right and hope she never has another one ever again!


Oh Isela I'm so sorry about what has happened. We are praying for you and little Nyah here in Austin. I remember assisting others with seizures, but to have it happen to your own child! I can't imagine the terror you felt and the shock you are still experiencing. We love you so much and once again, our thoughts and prayers are with you:)


Positive mommy thoughts to you. That must have been terrifying.


I hope she is ok...thinking of you both


Our nephew by proxy has had three grand mal seizures in the past year and it is a scary thing. Best you can do is make sure there is nothing bind and nothing sharp about and call 911. Sorry you had to deal with that. It isn't all that uncommon but it is horrifying for a parent.


Oh Isela this just scared the crap out of me reading it! I'm so glad she's okay. I'm hugging you TIGHT. Give her a kiss from me okay?


Oh my God! Isela, I am so sorry that you and your daughter had experience something so awful. Thanks God she is O.K. My heart goes out to you and get well prayers for Benny also.



I'm so glad that your daughter is alright...what a horrible experience. I'm a new mom (my daughter is only 7 weeks old) and I NEVER knew that condition existed. You and your family are in our thoughts and Prayers.


Wow! Glad to hear everything's ok...


Isela, I am thinking of you and sending your family all the good thoughts (and a hug too) to get through this. It's been a long time since either of my kids has been ill, but it's a dreadful feeling you never forget. I hope your wee one will continue to be well and seizure-free. Take care.


Isela, my thoughts and prayers are with you. I had a very similar experience when my daughter was 6 months old so I know what you were going thru. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Thank god she is okay other than the fever, poor little thing.


Isela, I popped over here on your blog to see if you and the little one were doing better and my heart just sank as I read your post. I am giving you the biggest cyber hugs to both of you. God bless your little one and hope she stays seizure free from here on out. My daughter always ran high fevers as a baby but this is the first time I have ever heard of this. This smart of you to post this valuable infor.


How frightening! May she continue to improve and never put you through that experience again!!


I am so glad she's better! That is a Mom's worst nightmare!! Very scary! (big hugs) to you all! Take care! :)


What a horrible day! I'm so glad she's home with you, where she belongs. Thank goodness your husband was home. I hope ya'll have a quiet and boring weekend together. *hugs*


{{{{isela}}} wow.. I had no idea that something like what you described actually existed! I'm very happy to hear that she is ok.. and I understand how scary it is to nearly lose your child. Our thoughts are with you and your little one!


That sounds absolutely terrifying! I'm glad it sounds like she's going to be okay though. I couldn't imagine how awful that was for you.


Isela, that's scary. Febrile seizures happen, but it's waaaay different when it's your little sweetie. Love to all of you.


Dear Lord, I am sorry you all went through this. Febrile seizures are very scary. Hugs to you all.


How scary! I would have been beside myself. (((hugs))) Sending healing vibes to your little one.

Cindy in Oregon

Oh, Isela, I just want to reach through the Internet and give you a BIG hug! I don't have kids and can only imagine the panic you must have felt. I'm so glad that (a) Sam is your rock, and of course (b) Nyah came through it okay!


My heart broke for you while I was reading that. Big hugs and prayers for you, Sam and Nyah.

It's good she has her sassy back! Relax, cuddle and play today- enjoy her with everything you've got.


{{{{{{{ Isela and Benny }}}}}}}
My heart aches for both you and little Benny. What a horrifying experience. I hope that you never have to go through anything like that again. You and Nyah are both in my prayers, that Nyah's fever comes down and stays down, and that you are able to relax and enjoy a new day.


Wow,very scary. Thinking of you and little Benny.

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

Oh my, Isela! I'm soooo sorry for this traumatic weekend. Prayers for a quick receeding of the fever and a no further fibral seizures are flying your way! *hugs*


Yikes! DV#2 had a fever close to 104 last year and we watched him for seizures, but were lucky and they didn't come. Thank goodness everything is okay!!!


What a scary experience! I'm so glad she's OK.


I'm so glad she's okay!

My youngest brother had one of those when he was small -- and I was home alone babysitting him! Talk about scared, and there was no 911 back in those days.

He's fine now, just turned 30, my baby brother! in November.


I'm so glad she is okay! My own had hallucinations with a 104 F fever from chicken pox and that was scary enough. Here's hoping she gets well quick!


I remember when my son had his seizure (with a fever of 107 F). Terrifying. I can tell you, though, that they don't remember it when they're grown, or so my nearly 20 year old boy assures me. It's more frightening for the parent than for the child. It is the nicest feeling when they reach 5 with no more seizures!


Oh gosh Isela. I hope that everything is okay with your baby. I have four children myself and I never had this experience before. But many friends that I have, have had it happen to their children. There is something you can do for the fever. Place cold compress on her forehead. It keeps the fever down. Try to have a ear thermometer closeby. Maybe you have one already. Usually a fever that reaches close between 103-104 degrees F causes these types of convulsions. It is very scary for parents. for the child doesn't even realize it happened.
I actually wanted to leave a comment to tell you how much I have benefitted from your Knitting Loom Help site. I actually am going nuts with these looms. I knit and crochet also, but I love loom knitting. I have made your blog and site my favs. I can't wait until your book comes out. I would have to wait until someone comes to Egypt so I can have my own copy. Much success and may you and your family be safe from harm.

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