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February 2007

Building Memories

A few days for us...building memories and getting rosy cheeks and noses. The snow has come again to the valley and this time around we are fully prepared to enjoy it: red sled on hand, mittens for everyone in the family, hats, and even some yummy treats that Dad picked up just for us--chocolate covered marshmellows--yuum! Even Mrs. Snowman came by--she is modeling the latest knitwear: a pink ribbed hat and a garter stitch scarf, she requested a pair of mitts but the designer couldn't find a spare pair.


Stop by tomorrow for a great Loomy surprise--Loomy friends you don't want to miss the post, it is of mighty importance--I am so excited! Oh, and also a contest is around the corner as I am nearing my 3000th comment....I may hit my 3000th comment at the same time of my blogiversary, exciting indeed!


Crap!! I just burned myself with extremelly hot oil! I am such a ditz! I was putting onions to fry and I for some dumb reason had my left hand under my right and I was putting in the onions on the frying pan with my right and when I threw the onions in, the oil jumped into my left hand (which I had it cupped too!). It hurts so badly. My middle finger is puffing up and I took out my wedding band just in case my ring finger gets puffy too. Ouch, ouch, ouch! My middle finger hurts the most than anything else...ouch! sniff, sniff, sniff.

Eclectic Post

I was recently asked as to the reason for my test knitting others patterns...were there really reasons beyond the obvious ($) one. And I have to say that the answer is a resounding yes! Let's see....

1. I get to try out new patterns (who doesn't want new patterns with sometimes new techniques to try out)

2. I get to try out new yarns (being the first to touch a new yarn is always tempting!)

3. I get to try out new colors that otherwise I would not try out (now this poses a new experience on its own!)

4. And to top it all off, sometimes I even get paid to knit! Now that is really cool.

All the reasons above make the test knitting fun and something that I look forward to doing...the only down side to all of this is that I can't really show you many of the items that I am knitting, but I can show you little bits of them...I just can't tell you what they are.

Currently, I am knitting a hat from a new book that is coming out. The book is one that I really want to get too and this test knit is giving me the chance to see one of the patterns. And although the pattern is really neat (I am trying a new technique that I had not tried before--a top down hat), the main focus is the yarn color. 


The color is out of my mainstream, I wouldn't have chosen this color if I had gone to a store to pick yarn out, but seeing it knit up makes me feel that Spring is almost here and I want to knit something Springy and fill my house with flowers and even do some Spring cleaning! What do you think? Does seeing other people's choices of yarn influence what you buy? Or better yet, how many times do you purchase the same color of yarn that is shown on a knitted garment?

On other knitty news, I am still looking for a pattern for Little Benny's knee highs. They are just in the back-burner right now (that just means that I sometimes sit down and think about them and even grab a book or two and try to see if any of the designs would work).

On loomy news, the Inara Scarf pattern is ready, I had a report from two of my test knitters and the pattern is ready to go. I can see so many possibilities for this scarf design, if I had a bit more free time on my hands I would love to knit a few more pattern repeats and knit a shawl, or a mock mobious scarf by just twisting the scarf and joining the two ends together (mock because you are seaming the ends and thus it is not knitted like a true mobious).

And on more loomy news, I received my complimentary copy of the book. Yay! Now, what do I do with it.....hmmm...oh look there is a fly....thunk!


And on exercise news, I have been going on my recumbent bike and although the workout is not as arduous as the elliptical (if you can call going on the elliptical arduous), it does have the great advantage of allowing me to knit while I pedal. A big fat plus on my book! Now, I know some of you have bikes and you exercise on it, am I going to see any results from the pedaling--noticeable as in inches off my bottom or even my love-handles? I have had the bike for awhile but I have never solely relied on it to shape up (not that I ever was in shape, other than a round tubby shape).

On the quest to find the perfect pair of knee high socks...

I am on a quest, an important quest! A quest that may take me to a side where I have not dared go before...I may have to design a needle knit pattern if I don't find a pattern soon. I have 4 oz of sports weight Gems Opal in a beautiful pink color--definitely not enough for a pair of socks for me, but enough for a pair of knee highs for Little Benny! She is little and has little legs--nicely shaped calves and cute little toddler feet.


I thought I had found the perfect pattern today and I sat down to knit the swatch and then after finding the gauge that was *supposed* to shrink the pattern down to her size, I failed. The sock fit Wonderboy--he willingly allowed me to put the sock on him despite the pink color...okay, he laughed and told me that those were not his, he wants orange socks not pink (yeah, you can laugh about it too, hehehe). The sock pattern in question comes from the SocksSocksSocks pattern book and while it is a very nice pattern, I am afraid that I have to sit down and do some little math to make it work to her little legs size. Here I thought that all my math classes were for nothing...I was being prepared for my lifelong hobby. More updates on the little socks to come soon...after I take out the calculator and pencil and measure Little Benny's legs. In the meantime, if you know of any little toddler (2yr) knee high patterns, let me know.


In other designing pursuits, I finished the project I started on the knitting looms, it is blocked and the blocking made it bloomed beautifully! I used Lion Brand Cashmere Blend, a nice soft yarn with a little puffyness to it. (Click the picture to enlarge )


The pattern is currently being test knitted by kind loomy friends who kindly poke me when I write the wrong number of pegs, hehehe. I truly enjoyed loom knitting this scarf, the pattern sequence is not difficult however it is not boring either, it has just a touch of interest to it that makes you want to keep going.

In sickness news, there is nothing new, I am still sick and I love to share so much that I even shared it with Little Benny, poor munchkin. The boys seem to be oblivious to the germ which is a good thing as they are pampering us left and right...Hubby brought home brownies for me two nights ago (along with some cold medicine) and little Wonderboy picked a beautiful Calla Lily plant to brighten my day and to make me feel better (I am preparing him so well!).

Cleaning...organizing...I must be sick!

*Updated* Listings on Ebay found for this type of box--see below.

Where is that measuring tape? Oh, yeah in the green bag down stairs. Where is my row counter, oh it is in the little lunch box that got converted to a notions case. Notions here, notions there, notions downstairs, and notions upstairs.

For a few weeks, I have been frustrated with the fact that I didn't have one place big enough to fit all my notions, yet small enough to carry around the house. Then last night between nasty dreams of snakes and living in a nasty basement apartment infested with vermin and snakes, I remembered that 2 years ago I had acquired a small box at a garage sale. I bought it out of pure wantoness as I didn't have a use for it, but no more.


This morning, as everyone left to church and I stayed home nursing my cold (and making lunch and cleaning the house), I dashed downstairs to my craft room and dusted the cute little box. It is perfect for all my notions. It has 4 small compartments and 1 big one at the bottom. See all my notions, I am so organized now!

Notions Notions2  Notions3  Notions5 

And seeing all my gear in one place, got me motivated to pick up my loom and take it for a whirl. I'll show you in a couple of days what the loom created with some help of yarn (a yummy cashmere blend by Lion Brand--feels sooooo soft) and a knitting tool.

Oh yeah, today, I was introduced to this Etsy Shop...they have the cutest needle felting kits. I would love to get one....the little penguins or the little turtle. So cute! Well, hope you have a great Monday :).


I found these boxes on eBay, they are similar to my notions box above. If you do a search for Vintage Sewing Wood Boxes you will find some more, but here are a few. One of them is selling for more than $150! I should sell mine, hehehe.

Still sick, but got a mini-tutorial done for the knitting looms

I am still a little sick...okay, quite a bit. Today we had plans to drop off the kids at Grandma's and we were going to go to dinner and a church dance, but I was feeling miserable and the last thing that I want on my date night is to be blowing my nose and littering the table with tissues. So we stayed home.

I did however called my sister in Mexico :). I have been calling her every weekend and even my little nieces look forward to my calls. One of them even made me a special card for Valentine's, Arelis (my sister) is saving it for me for when I come to visit. It is such a great feeling to have a relationship with my sister :).

Well-back to the knitting loom and the tutorial, despite my runny nose, I was able to do the Bellita Thumb tutorial--ignore my sniffles...some of the "director cuts" were due to my sneezing in between shots.  Hope you find the tutorial helpful.


Achoo! I think I am a bit sick. My head is pounding, my throat hurts, I keep sneezing, and my nose is starting to feel like I have sparklies inside.

Although there is no knitting content, I have something knitty related to offer. For some weird reason, I have been receiving two copies of Interweave Knits, this is the second time. Anyways, I have an extra copy of IK, if anyone out there wants it, please drop me a note. I don't know what to do with the extra. I also have the previous issue too (just don't know where in the house it is, ha!). But I do have the current issue handy, so if you need it--holler!

Pass me a tissue pleaasee.

Happy Valentine's!


Just a shout out to wish you a happy Valentine's day.  May you be showered with a bit of extra hugs and kisses this day.

I had a misconception of Valentine's--I always thought it was a special day for your and your squeeze but this year, I found the real meaning of this day. It is the day my little tykes shower me with extra kisses and little love notes with hearts. Little Wonderboy surprised me yesterday with this note--he knows how to spell Mom and write it too!


And lastly, I received a postcard from my she is.....if you see her, please give her a lift, she is coming all the way from the UK and she is a bit dusty and running low on her little supplies pack. I can hardly wait!


Feather & Fan Socks & the book!

Update: I was just informed of something...r u a member of Crafter's Choice group? Apparently some members have received a copy of Loom Knitting Primer. No, I don't have a copy yet and I probably won't have one for another two weeks. Publisher emailed and said that the first batch of books was grabbed right away. hmmm, sad, please, if you have the book, email me and be honest in your review.

Reviving old projects and starting the good habits again is a difficult task. I started these Feather & Fan socks about a year ago and I quickly forgot them. I am one of those people would go outside wearing one sock of one kind and the other of another. I never knew I had such a small attention span until I began knitting....socks are great and I love them, but making 1 sock gives me enough satisfaction that when it is time to cast for the second one, my heart finds something else to concentrate on.


The same concept applies to my exercise routines....I get distracted so only takes one of my kids to come and give an excuse and I am off the machine and next thing I know I am doing something completely different that has absolutely nothing to do with exercising. But, I am trying hard to stay on track. Today, I decided to go on my recumbent bike and I added an extra 10 miles to my Runagogo mileage. The beauty of exercising on the bike: it allows me to knit! I knitted a major portion of the second Feather & Fan sock. If I continue knitting and exercising, I can have this sock done by the end of the week. I think I have found something to keep me occupied while exercising!

A little love...

This weekend, our Loomy Q &A day is on vacation and instead we bring you a small pattern to use for the upcoming holiday. It is nothing fancy, but added to a special project it will add a little extra.

Laceyhearts Heart_1

The small lacey heart design will provide a great accent to any loom knitted item. Add it to a scarf, a dishcloth or even to a hat, whatever you do with it, it is sure to add a little something extra! You can easily add more than one heart motif to a scarf, you can even move its place around just make sure you have enough stitches to knit the entire chart repetition. A finer gauge knitting loom is recommended for this type of project. I used a fine gauge knitting loom with 40 pegs.

Happy Valentine’s!


Knitting Loom: Fine Gauge Knitting Loom (peg spacing ¼” from center to center). Sample was knitted on a 40 peg fine gauge knitting loom by Décor Accents.

Yarn: DK weight. Amount depends on what your project will be. Sample was knit with Knit Picks Andean Silk (less than ½ a skein).

Notions: knitting tool, 2 stitch markers.

Gauge: 2 inches = 10sts and 13 rows

Size: Dishcloth size= 7.5” x 7.5”

Pattern notes:

  • Knit stands for the knit stitch (done like an upside down purl).
  • Knitted as a flat panel going around the loom in a clockwise direction.
  • Lacey Heart instructions are provided charted and written.

How to notes:

yo: Move the loop from this peg to the next peg, peg is now empty. E-wrap the empty peg, when you knit the row, leave this peg as is.
Knit until you reach the peg where you need the k2tog, move the loop from the previous peg to this peg. When knitting this peg, be sure to treat both loops as one.

ssk: Slip, slip knit: a decrease

Knit until you reach the peg where you need the ssk.

  1. Take the loop off this peg, hold it on your knitting tool.
  2. Take the loop off the next peg and place it on the previously vacated peg (from #1). Place the loop being held on the knitting tool on this peg. Peg should have 2 loops, next peg should be empty.

dlb dec: Central double decrease

  1. Locate the peg where you need the double decrease.
  2. Move the loop from the peg to the left to the peg from #1. Peg from #1 has 2 loops on it.
  3. Now move to the right and take that loop off the peg and place it on peg from #1.
  4. Center peg should have 3 loops on it. Treat the three loops as one. Pegs to the sides should be empty.

Garter Stitch Edging Instructions:

Row 1: knit

Row 2: purl


k = knit (knit stitch)
p = purl
ssk = slip, slip, knit
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
dlb dec = Double decrease
yo = Yarn Over



Place stitch markers on pegs 23 & 35, starting on row 7, begin the Lacey Heart Instructions on these 13 pegs.

Cast on 40 pegs with the chain cast on method. At end of cast on, be sure your working yarn is at peg 1 (at far right to begin working the pattern).

Rows 1-4: Knit 2 repetitions of the Garter Stitch Edging. 

Row 5: k

Row 6: p3, knit to last 3 stitches, p3

Row 7: knit to last 18 stitches, follow the Lacey Heart instructions in next 13 stitches, k3

Row 8: p3, knit to last 3 stitches, p3

Repeat Rows 7 & 8 until you reach the end of the chart instructions.

*Next row: p3, knit to last 3 stitches, p3

Next row: k*

Repeat from * to * until item reaches 4 rows less than desired length (here is where you can knit as many rows as you would like, if you want a scarf, keep knitting until item reaches the desired scarf length).

Last 4 rows: knit 2 repetitions of Garter Stitch Edging

Bind off with basic removal method.

Pattern available in PDF form, click here to get it. *Updated with a whole dishcloth chart*

And I leave you with this picture of my lovely Wonderboy--he is knitting a scarf for Mom in her favorite color--pink! Look aunt Becky--he is using the set of knitting looms you sent us :).

Bryantknitting Happybryant

It's Alive! Alive!

Death called: 9:25pm, February 1st.

The paramedics rushed in 18 hours later to examine the specimen to find out the cause of death. After much proding and poking, the paramedics decided that the specimen was actually not dead. The specimen only needed a little proding and a little fuse tighten. A few twists on the fuse brought the specimen back to life! And again it lived! It is again keeping us nice and toasty and we are appreciative of its service. Long live the Furnace!!!


My Hedera sock is finished and ready to ship out to Cookie. The pattern is sure very well written.  I love the fact that it doesn't assume that you know how to turn the heel--she walks you step-by-step through it all, and for me that is a big plus!!! Also, the toe is a bit different than all the other types of toes I have knitted before, I usually finish the toes in a pointy finish, but this pattern calls for ending the sock with 12 stitches on each needle which leaves a more flat toe--I love it and my toes love it too! They don't feel so trapped.

Next project: undecided. I think I am going to take a little time and do some work on the looms. I have neglected them for awhile and they are calling my name.