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Sheepish Thank Yous & Contest Winner

Loomy Surprise...and the 3000th comment contest!

Are you ready to see....I can't wait to tell you. It is something I have been working on for the past two months. There was so much involved with this new adventure, so many things to take care of, so many little details. The process was arduous and there was much stuff that had to be re-learned. My desk at one point had every single textbook that I own on the subject opened up and I probably went through 100 sticky notes marking the different pages that I needed to consult.

But, I would be lying if I told you that it is all me, no, this was a team effort. I partnered with another loomatic friend--we have decided to call each other the Knit Stitch and Purl Stitch respectively. If you are a loom knitter, the chances are that you already know Knit Stitch, she is another popular loom knitter and she even has some book writing experience under her belt, if you guessed Denise, you are right! While I messed around with website stuff, she tirelessly worked on proofing all the content...she even got the new OneNote to keep track of all the emails and information going back and forth (unfortunately, I doubt it will remind her of the dinner she has in the oven, so no help in that department--yet!).

But, even between the two of us, we couldn't have accomplished what we did without the mad designing skillz from our friend Cynthia from Hula-la. She gave us the LOOK! The image for our new enterprise, and she did an awesome job too! She is just amazing! You can tell her an idea of what you want and she takes it and makes it a reality! We love ya girl, thank you from all of us loomies!!!

And even with the three of us, we still needed a little more help and this is where the loom knitting community really came through and made the impossible, possible!

I present you our very own, LOOM KNITTERS MAGAZINE!


Amuse me and go check out our new LKCMag...and let us know your thoughts. We have many big plans for the future of the magazine, expect regular Columns, Tutorials, and loomy patterns and articles and once I get the hang on Forums, even our very own forum to talk about the patterns. So exciting!!!

Here is a button to place in your loomy blog :) us spread the word about our very own mag!


If the Loomy Surprise wasn't enough excitement this next thing surely is a high note in my excitement-meter. I realized the other day that I am a few hairlines away from reaching my 3000th comment and it is before my 2nd year anniversary(coming up in April). I know it is nothing compared to what notorious bloggers get, but I am so thrilled! Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me feel so great! And to thank you even more, I am having a little contest from now until the number 3000 is reached. The 3000th commenter will receive:

If she/he is a loom knitter

a)Copy of Loom Knitting Primer


If she/he is a needle knitter (there is no way a needle knitter would need the book above, so a different prize shall be given)

b)A knitting loom so you can experience something new, hehehe, just joking! How about---a skein of sock yarn--Trekking XXL.

I thank you for making me believe I am amusing ya by dropping me comments--it makes this gal happy.



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Oh Isela i am so happy for you! You have achieved so much in your life and you are so young, yet i can't imagine what more is instore for you.I just know it will be more wonderful and i hope i will be able to witness it from afar.Love the magazine just know its going to be a winner in everyway. I can't wait to buy your Primer as soon as i can.Love and hugs from Jacqui in Oz

Anne B.

If we add the button to our websites does it show you where the people are directed from? Hopefully this note won't post three times like the last one did.......


The e-zine looks great! I'm a needle knitter, but for some reason I'm suddenly intrigued by looms . . . I gotta give this a try! Thanks for putting the magazine together.


Hi. I checked out the e-zine! I love it! What a wonderful job. I saved it as one of my tabs.

Sue S

Great job on the ezine. And so timely! I was just going to start looking around for instructions using a fine gauge loom to knit some fingerless gloves. Lo and behold ANIKA is in the ezine. I can't wait to make a pair up. Thanks for all your hard work. It is appreciated greatly.

Sue S. - Allentown, PA


Wow, i'm the 87th comment! That means a lot in itself. i haven't even looked at the magazine, but i know it's got to be great if your talkin' about it!


Congrats on the magazine! I know that kind of thing takes a lot of work and co-operation. Rare are the people who actually manage to get past the "what would happen if...." stage.


congratulations to you guys!! you did an excellent job on the site!! i was very glad and excited to have helped you with it- yay!!!

Looming Laura

I think the magazine is great!
It is a wonderful resource for all of the Loom Knitters out there. Thanks.


Woohoo!!! It looks awesome Isela!

Michelle Naiman

I think all the things you put out are great & don't know where you find all the time to do everything....Congrats on the new e-zine!


I love the new e-zine! It is bookmarked and I will be visiting often.

Anita O

Congrats on the new Loom Magazine! Can't wait to check it out. I look to your site for inspiration and looming more than just hats and scarves. So many neat stitches... looming is truly an alternative to knitting with as good results in quicker time! Keep up the good work.


congrats, isela ! as usual, an outstanding job. i am in awe of your talent !

(the other) sprite

Congratulations on the magazine! That's hugely exciting!

Kristy Konst

I just love the magazine. I know that it will be a great sucess. I wish you and Denise great thing with the magizine. best wishes


Hmm ... my mother-in-law gave me these looms for Christmas, and I had no idea what to do with them. Thanks for the great ideas!


Isela, This is the greatest venue yet!! Congrats, Best Wishes, and GoodLuck!! I think this is the best thing that could hit the electronic world yet, and help promote the age old craft of loomknitting yet. Such great and well thought articles and pics., Thank You and Everybody Else that put forth the efforts to make this possible, Elizabeth


I'm not a loomer (is that a word?), but your magazine looks amazing. Very impressive.


The magazine looks great! I can't wait to read it.


That is great ... you guys always do so much with this craft!!


Hooray for the both of you. You are awesome to have done such a wonderful job on this e-zine.
Thank you both so very much...I know we will all gain a lot of knowledge in our quest to become better loomers. You do great work.


Fantastic!! Keep up the excellent work-

Angela C

WOW congrats on the loom mag. It is AWESOME!!!!!! YOU are awesome, you never fail to amaze me with all that you do and can do and try to do. Thanks for being the best loomy ever.


How WONDERFUL, the new site looks FANTASTIC!

Congrats to both you and Denise on your new venture! I am not currently a loom knitter -- but who knows, maybe this is just the push I needed!


LOVE THE MAG!!!!! I can't wait to dive in deeper than my first cursory glance this morning! I really hope to be able to contribute someday...will tell ALL my "Loomy" students about the new and excellent rescource!

Tamara Johnston

What an awesome surprise and a fantastic magazine! Kudos to all involved in getting the magazine out! I look forward to coming issues!!


A really great job! I loom knit and "knit" knit,, but I still promote to newbies to give looming a shot and always direct them to your little looming space here on the net. Isela,, you've got it all covered!


Y'all did a FANTASTIC job. I love it!

Jessica Berglund

No problem for the plug! I was very excited to see it come out, and I will be looking forward to all the issues. Maybe it will inspire me to strengthen my looming skills so that someday I might be a contributor:P A little ambitious, but a girl can dream!

PS. Thank you for the wonderful e-card! It was so unexpected and sweet!


Thank you so much for the magazine. You have done so much to promote loom knitting. The instructions on your site have been a big help. I also enjoy your blog. I am excited, my DH finally ordered my Valentine's day present the other night----one of your fine guage Wonderlooms.


Congrats and thanks! Your efforts in sharing your knowledge and experiences is much appreciated. Keep up the excellent work!

Michele Judd

Congratulations on the magazine! It is sooooooooo wonderful and beautifully put together!!! You ladies did a fantastic job. I cannot wait for the next issue to come out. Keep up the good work.


Congrats to you and new mag. It looks great so far. Can't wait for more.

Carmen T

What a terrific gift for your looming friends. The magazine is wonderful. You guys did a great job. Thanks!


Congratulations on the e-zine launch - the whole look is fun and polished. You are tempting me sorely to take up this loom knitting :)!

Kristen Stuart

I say that the mag is a long awaited and I myself will be visiting it when its up. I am also amazed at the time and creativity that you have to put in deveoping new stitches and test knitting and all the support you give to other loomers. Thank you very much for all the other things you do too to help us along.


I love your site, and have been lurking for a while. Your videos really have helped me with loom knitting, and I'm anxious to start on your Inara scarf pattern. Congrats on the magazine. I'm looking through it right now.


Congrats on the new magazine!

Viki Banaszak

I'm glad I found your site. I will definitely have to take some time here :)I look foreward to getting a copy of your book so I can finaly make use of those looms in my closet.


The e-zine looks great. I love it. the articles are nice and those patterns. Can't wait to see more. WTG. And Thank you.

Brenda GA

The E-Zine looks wonderful!! Thank you for all you do to promote loom knitting. You are the greatest!


I love the new magazine! Please tell me how the two of you have the time to do all that you do?


Thank you so much for this!!!! I love it and have added it to my faves


Hi Isela,
Congratulations & Good Luck & Best Wishes!! I am so looking forward to all that you do & will do.
Always Jan


Great issue Isela!-----guess what, it's snowing here by leaps and bounds!


You and Denise did a fantastic job. I am already looking forward to the next issue. This is what we need and it doesn't surprise me that you two made it happen! Great Job!


I checked out the magazine!!!! It is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone involved should be very proud!

Patti Talbot

The magazine is awesome!! I just received the Loom Knitting Primer book the other day and I am completely thrilled with it!


Great job Isela and Denise! We've all been wanting this for awhile, trust you guys to make it happen :) Looking forward to see how this grows, it looks like a great resources!



Awesome job on the magazine! Love it and am looking foreward to more fun projects and information. Well done!


congrats on the book! there really is a need for knowledge on loom knitting.


Love the new magazine! Thanks for all of your hard work. Heather


Congrats on the new mag! Reading your blog has gotten me really interested in trying out a loom... you may have another convert!

Maria Elena

WOW! Your new magazine is fantastic!! I love it! Here is a round of applause for you and Denise. M.E. :-)

Anne in MN, Loom Knitting


Awesome job on the e-zine. You should be proud.

And why is it that loom knitters read needle knitting magazines, but not the other way around? ;)


oooh the mag looks fabulous! i can't wait to read it all! you guys did a wonderful wonderful job! :OD


Congratulations on the new site! It looks great. I've never used a loom, but I always look at them at the craft store thinking I'd like to try it. I sent the web site to a friend of mine who loom knits, and I'll definitely keep it in mind if/when I get my own loom!


What a great magazine! I've not yet ventured into Loom knitting...have thought about it as regular knitting still leaves me perplexed and scratching my head at times and I've heard such great things about loom knitting...and seen all of your awesome creations!!


Wow! what a wonderful job you all have done. I can't wait to get started on some new projects. Looks like I might need another loom :-)

looking forward to future issues.



You ladies did a wonderful job!

Marie L

WOW!!! Way to go Ladies. The magazine is fantastic. Love the format, articles, patterns..everything! thanks for all the time you both put into this. Loom knitting has come along way with a lot of help from you!

Helen J.


The magazine is fab and I will pass around the link:)

I was impatient - your book doesnt come out here in the UK until March 20th on Amazon UK :(

guess I will just have to wait a bit then but will get one, one way or another.

Loving your blog, ideas and patterns, plus the look and feel is just so welcoming. Thank you so much

Raising a glass for your 2nd anniversary :)

Helen J.


Wowza! Congratulations on being published in the magazine! How very exciting for you! Hmmm just how close are we to the 3000th post? How do figure this out anyway? I need to figure it out too:)


How do you count how many comments you have received?


Fantastic! The magazine is amazing and I can't wait until my lunch break to read every word. A huge thank you to you and Denise for advancing the craft (sport?) of loom knitting!!



Wow! Look at all these comments!

Way to go on the LKCMag that is AWESOME!!!!!


Yay! I was so excited when I read about Loom Knitters Magazine, I wanted to clap my hands and giggle! Thanks for all you have done and are doing to help others learn about loom knitting. You are angels! Hugs and kisses to you wonderful ladies! Signed with a very happy heart, Jenny : )


Isela & Denise, you did a fabulous job! This is a great thing for the looming community!

I know this is a huge undertaking, and I thank you so much for doing it.

Huggz to you both!


This is just so great that you started this magazine. I have not looked at it yet, but I am going to as soon as I post this! I am very excited about checking it out.



congrats... it looks neat. Are you guys going to add a link where people can submit their patterns? Cant wait for this to really get rolling. also, is the book going to be autographed? b/c if its not, its not worth it. ;)


What a great job you two did. I sneaked around your "coming soon" screen so that I could show my mom. :)

I already have a buttone on my blog!


I LOVE IT!!! You two are amazing and have done a wonderful job. I'm still reading it right now, but just had to let you know how great I think it is.
You should be patting yourselves on the back right now - I imagine you're both very proud, as you should be! How exciting!

Kathy N

It looks really good!


congratulations!! I love the look of the mag!


Yay for you both! Very exciting news.


Well! All this excitement sure negates the evil thoughts I was having about Yahoo not sending my mail this morning! What gloriousness. I so look forward to each magazine issue, and congradulate everyone involved.
Isela, you and Denise keep me in stitches with your blogs - I hope you'll still have the time to keep them going as well. Best wishes always.


This is too exciting!!! You must be so proud - thank you so much for all you do. Loom knitting is taking off!

julie s

Congratulations on the beautiful site and thank you for a great new resource!!



I really love the new mag, I makes me want to pull out those looms that I have in my studio.


I've always thought we needed a magazine :) That's AWESOME! My first to-do will be the Anika Mitts. I hope I can contribute one of these days ;)


I tuned in just in time to see your first issue! Yippee for me! You and Denise did an awesome job. Congrats!


Congatulations! I'm a needle-knitter, but I have to tell you that reading your blog has made me look at the looms in my local AC Mooreon more than one occasion and think... hmm... maybe I should give it a try! And looking at the patterns in your new endeavor, well, I might just have to pick up a set!


Congratulations! I'm really happy for you - but I'm still wondering how on earth you do all of these things in the span of a normal day!!


WE did it!!!!!! Woo hooo!


Congratulations!!!!! Finally a mag for loomers, way to go!!! You and Denise should be proud. Thank you for providing us a place of our own.

Bravo, Bravo!!!

Teresa Harper

I love this idea. What a great magazine. You ladies did a great job on it. You never cease to amaze me with all that you do.


I think you did a marvelous job. I hope to be able to venture with my knifty knitters in the near future, after I help my grandson meet his goal of 250 hats for needy children.

Thank you for all of your input and patience.



I think you did a marvelous job. I hope to be able to venture with my knifty knitters in the near future, after I help my grandson meet his goal of 250 hats for needy children.

Thank you for all of your input and patience.



I think you did a marvelous job. I hope to be able to venture with my knifty knitters in the near future, after I help my grandson meet his goal of 250 hats for needy children.

Thank you for all of your input and patience.


Dora Renee' Wilkerson

I just love the magazine!! You know I have been e-mailing everyone now and telling them about it. It's very cool and I am so glad that looming is just get this much bigger..

All I can say, "What next?!" lol.. You are a very busy girl.

I love the magazine. I need to try to go back to sleep now (Ya, like that is going to

Well congratulations on the magazine!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Kansas A

Okay I've been staying up late just so I could post the first comment :) LOL And the curiosity was killing me! Congrats to both you and Denise on the Loom Knitters Magazine, what a huge step forward for us loom knitters!

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