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Feeling the Love & a Video on Creating a Pom Pom

Edited: To add a more meaningful title (alright, I was told it is easier to find the videos when there is a subject line with the word "video" on it.)

It happens to all of us, we reach a stage in life where picking up the mail is no fun anymore. Where once there was fun an excitement, soon we realize that all we get in that little box is bills, bills, bills bills, with the occasional box of yarn, but usually, just bills! But not last week for me. Last week, I was sent a wonderful thank you gift for my help in the loom knitting community. Jennifer S., hand embroidered something especially for me:

Sheepyforewe Sheepy2

She knows of my love for little sheep and still remembered my post on them so she went with that theme. Look at the beautiful embroidery: on my left side I have my knitting needles and yarn of course, and on my right side I have my knitting looms, and I am hugging the cutest little sheepy. Thank you Jennifer! I am definitely feeling the love this week!

Even hubby got me something too for my craft room: he cut the word "Knit" out of wood. We picked up some paint painted it pink. I sprayed it with sparklies too but they don't show very much. My craft room is sure looking like a place where I want to go and spend some quality time.


I am thankful for all the love sent my way, first with the Thinking Blogger Award, then with my Sheepy for Ewe from Jennifer, and even hubby for helping me make the craft room "my place."

As a show of gratitude, I would like to share my latest mini-clip: creating a Pom Pom. Hope you enjoy it.


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I want to live in your craft room! ;) It looks so organized and relaxing. You need a big comfy chair and ottoman! Miss "I never get to see my craft room"

Really... I have a post about the thinking blogger award. I just need time to clean it up and get it up.


Nice idea on making a pompom! I use my fingers for mine, but will try this one sometime!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

I love all your videos. I can't get enough of them. I think I am becoming an Isela Junkie as much as I watch them.

Great job like always!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson


Wow what a lovely thing to do! I Love this picture Jennifer did a wonderful job--very creative.

Hey that wooden Knit table decoration is great. Maybe you should consider selling these on your site.

Looming Laura

Enjoy.... we all need a loving knit space.


that's wonderful! i love getting mail that's not bills. thanks for stopping at my blog. your husband did something sweet too! i love that Knit!


That is so cute! You deserve to feel the love!

Karen in OR

I had to smile abit about you being excited about your craft room as I feel that way about mine. I painted it about 3 years ago when son left home and this last weekend I painted my computer room this springy green color that I almost makes me want to repaint my craft room with the left over. I have most my craft things there and I have this thing about shelves and tables that when the neighbor is ready to throw out I have to take :-) Enjoy your space.


The embroidered picture from Jennifer is adorable! She did a beautiful job on it.

How very sweet of hubby to help you "feather your crafty nest". Don't forget to give him kisses and hugs.



Good for you, Isela. You deserve good things in your life. Look at all you give to us.
Now, about that Craft Room -- I was thinking that all you need is a comfy chair or couch, something to keep the kiddos busy, and a beverage cooler so you don't have to get up too often. Add in a dozen or so Take Out menus, and I'll be right over! Love to you, hon :-)

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