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Gryffindor Socks FO and other bits


I can finally be accepted into the Gryffindor house with honors! I finished my first pair of socks on Friday but I didn't kitchener til Sunday evening; I first wanted to take some step-by-step pictures of the process for the next issue of LKC mag.


I love the socks. The fit is perfect. Many of my previous socks have been a little loose and the toe too pointy but these came out just right. I implemented some new techniques--like a wider toe finish.


Pattern: my own

Yarn: Kona Superwashed in DK weight. The yarn was custom-dyed for me by Dani from Sunshine Yarns (she dyed it about a year ago)

Needles: Size 3 dpn (Crystal Palace used in sample)

The pattern is pretty basic for a 48 stitch sock pattern. It has a 2 x 2 ribbing on the cuff and then straight stockinette for the body, a flap heel (not very fond of the short-row heels), and a nice wide toe finish (kitchener with 12 stitches as opposed to my usual 4-love the wider toe finish).

Verdict: I love the socks and I know that my little brother wanted a pair of Gryff-Socks and right now he wears the same size shoe as I do (which will soon change as he is still a growing boy) so I am tempted of sending them to him--but only if he does well with his grades. We shall see--maybe if I feel extra generous ;).

Just wanted to also say a huge thank you to everyone who stopped by and congratulated me on my 20 mile bike ride. I am looking forward to my next ride, I was hoping to find someone to go with me this morning but the "fast riders" already booked their ride and I don't have anyone slow like me to accompany me (or anyone willing to go slow), so I will either go solo or stay home. Going solo is a bit scary as I don't have much experience and am afraid of getting into an accident and not having anyone around to help me out. We shall see--if the urge is too much, I may just get courageous and go out.

Almost forgot: I have added a free loom knitting pattern, it is for a garter stitch scarf. You can find it on the left side bar under Free Loom Knitting Patterns, or you can just click on this link.

Hope all of you have a great Monday!

20 miles---oooh yeah!

This morning was the morning when I left my fears behind and climbed on my cool monster (Anniversary-Mother's day gift from hubby), put my helmet, sunglasses and camelback on and went out with the girls for a 20 mile ride.


Before leaving, I was sure that I would end up as a decoration in front of someone's car but I am back and I have conquered 20 miles of bike riding. I was the very last one of the group but I conquered it. I was so scared when crossing the major three roads but I am here to tell the tale. If you remember, it was only last August when I learned to ride a bike and now, I am on my way to riding more than just around my neighborhood. I feel empowered and so proud of myself (despite my sore bottom). Next bump to overcome: wearing the clips and the special shoes....maybe in a month.

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! I will go now and sit on something with lots of cushion!

Socks, Socks, Socks

Well, not that many socks have been knitted on this blog but I do have plans to knit lots of them, especially now that I have this terrific book, Favorite Socks. I have seen a few of the patterns in the different IK magazines but it is so great to have them all in one place, don't get me wrong, I love my magazines, but it is rare when I take them out of the shelf to look at them again. The folks at IK had a terrific idea when putting all the sock patterns in one place. I love this book!


And to enhance my sock experience, a lovely friend was kind enough to share with me her SweetGeorgia Stash, and now, I have three of these hard-to-come-by skeins. The colors are so lovely, vibrant, fresh, they scream SPRING IS HERE! Close up of the fibery them!


And really, I do knit with my sock yarn, it doesn't appear like I do, but I do. Currently in progress, my very own Harry Potter socks. My goal was to show them to you today finished, but I couldn't knit a stitch yesterday at Wonderboy's soccer game. I just didn't want to miss a minute of the action on the field. The one sock is finished and the other is past the heel flap, so a couple hours of knitting and I will have this beautiful pair done.


(I also got the book Fitted Knits--but I don't think my chubby composition will allow me to knit many of the items in here and show them to their best, not unless I lose a few of my spare tires first, talk about an incentive!)

Feeling the Love & a Video on Creating a Pom Pom

Edited: To add a more meaningful title (alright, I was told it is easier to find the videos when there is a subject line with the word "video" on it.)

It happens to all of us, we reach a stage in life where picking up the mail is no fun anymore. Where once there was fun an excitement, soon we realize that all we get in that little box is bills, bills, bills bills, with the occasional box of yarn, but usually, just bills! But not last week for me. Last week, I was sent a wonderful thank you gift for my help in the loom knitting community. Jennifer S., hand embroidered something especially for me:

Sheepyforewe Sheepy2

She knows of my love for little sheep and still remembered my post on them so she went with that theme. Look at the beautiful embroidery: on my left side I have my knitting needles and yarn of course, and on my right side I have my knitting looms, and I am hugging the cutest little sheepy. Thank you Jennifer! I am definitely feeling the love this week!

Even hubby got me something too for my craft room: he cut the word "Knit" out of wood. We picked up some paint painted it pink. I sprayed it with sparklies too but they don't show very much. My craft room is sure looking like a place where I want to go and spend some quality time.


I am thankful for all the love sent my way, first with the Thinking Blogger Award, then with my Sheepy for Ewe from Jennifer, and even hubby for helping me make the craft room "my place."

As a show of gratitude, I would like to share my latest mini-clip: creating a Pom Pom. Hope you enjoy it.

Thinking Blogger Award


Two years ago when I started blogging, the main purpose was to keep track of all my knitting and loom knitting projects. Soon, it evolved into something more personal, I started sharing more about my personal life, my past, and even some of my future plans. At first it didn't occurred to me that I will be meeting people and actually interacting with them, or even traveling just to meet some of them. As I hopped from blog to blog, I realized that I visited some to cheer me up, others to gain knowledge, and others to receive inspiration. It appears that I am not the only one, many of the blogs out there have something that makes our minds go "bling" and others that make our hearts pump a little faster.

I was surprised and overjoyed when I saw that Kim aka ChefMessy had nomitated me as one of those blogs that made her mind go "bling". It is with a humble heart that I receive the nomination of the Thinking Blogger Award and it is with a full heart that I spread the Blog Love with the following nominations. Thank you Kim for nominating me and most importantly for making me feel special!

The participation rules are:

  1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think.
  2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme
  3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote.  Click here for the buttons:  Gold Version, Silver Version

Just like every other nominee out there, I had a difficult time too choosing only 5 from my evergrowing bloglines list. Without further delay, my list of nominees are:

1. Now Norma Knits : Norma is one of those special human beings whom you feel at home the moment you meet/chat with her. She has a love for others that comes through with every email; even if she is being a smarty pants. She has a huge heart that gives her a glow of goodness--don't let her fool ya. She inspires me everyday with her charity knitting and her kindness towards others.

2. Knit Together Wonderfuly Made: Lynda's blog is full of light and cheerfulness. She sends you a little note when you least expect it bringing you a bit of sunshine and a smile. Her blog is happy and even when her knitting is not going her way, she sees the silver lining.

3. BrooklynTweed: His work is amazing: knitting and photographs! His knitting is beautiful and I admit, it makes me green with envy. I highly doubt he even knows of me but his entries never go unnoticed on this little corner of the world. I even pull hubby to come and see his creations. Inspirational for sure!

4. Purling Dervish: Stacey--she is a such a sweetheart (despite her making me crazy with all the different themes on her blog). She tries to fool us all with a mean streak but the truth is that she is just awesome. She inspires me to keep on knitting--even when I have burned my little paw, why you ask? Well, this gal just had her paw injury and when she was faced with the possibility of not being able to knit with needles for a few weeks/months, she decided that she wasn't going to let that stop her yarn buying habits crafting, she took a knitting loom and decided to give it a try. Her enthusiasm and her determination in life makes her blog one of the first blogs I check every day. She is an inspiration to me.

5. TechKnitting: I recently discovered this blog and there is only one word to describe it--WOW! She prepares each of her entries carefully and with a lot of detail. Her posts have helped me greatly in getting a better understanding of certain techniques. 

Again, I want to say that making my list was a difficult task, I wanted to mention so many people and others whom have already been nominated. I thank you Kim for giving me the chance to mention those bloggers whom I find special and who touch my life and my heart.

Happy knitting everyone!

Finished Projects to show

My first project is not a knitted item but it is definitely knitty related. Check it out: it is my new yarn storage space. My craft room was becoming a bit overwhelming to the point that I didn't want to step inside, looking for a specific yarn was becoming a hassle, digging through all the different bins made my work a bit difficult.


The new set up has all the yarns for my current/in-progress projects and the bin on the right side has the portfolio with the proposed projects for the yarns.  And to keep me inspired, I have put all my beautiful sock yarns in one of the little cubes.

Not a knitted FO for sure, but the new organization will make my job (finding yarns for my projects) a bit easier. Speaking of jobs--this is an FO for one of my latest jobs--this was a sample test knit for Knit Picks and since the catalog has been sent out, I can now show it to you. 

I knitted the Trio of Lace Headbands with the CotLin yarn in the Desert Turquoise color. Hop on over to KnitPicks to get the pattern--it is free! I am kind of happy about this sample test knit as I suggested a few changes to the pattern and they were taken into consideration and I think they make the pattern a bit easier to understand--perfect pattern for a first time lace project. And have you seen their new website set-up--I like the new Knitting Room, nice addition!


Oh btw: the dressform's name is Lolita. Lolita is modeling a mini-version of Icarus--the original mini-version knitted by Mim herself :), one of my prized possessions.

Contest Winners

We've got some contest winners to announce. Let's see, the numbers were put in to the Random number generator (a very handy dandy little tool).

1st Contest: This one is easy: anyone who dropped a comment was put into the pool.
Prize:  1 skein of Plain and Fancy  by Sheep & Wool Co. in a blue shade. 400 yards (4.5 oz)
So who is the winner of this purty skein that I got at Estes Park last year....the winner is: Mandy:
2nd Contest: This one was a bit more difficult and if you remember, you had to come up with a mnemonic for the Kitchener Toe. Many of you had wonderful ideas but the one that I actually did was Jeannie's (she doesn't have a blog but she frequents my blog). She said: "I use an index card when I kitchener" and of course, I realized that this was the easiest fix to my problem. So an Index card will go into my accessories box--I will tape a little plastic to the inside of the box and insert the index card in there.
Jeannie wins: 3 skeins of Noro Silk Garden #39.

Proud Mama Moment--Go B go!

We had our first soccer game and it went splendid! Despite the fact that our team lost, we still had the bestest time watching the kiddos and seeing them swarm around the ball. My Wonderboy even managed to score a goal! But what made this Momma proud was the teamwork of this little group of bees. They all gave their best and they tried so hard to get the ball.


Of course the funny moment that all parents have to face was seen--you know it, the moment where all the kids swarm around the ball and they score--except they score on the wrong side of the field. But, even that didn't stop all the fun we were all having--parents and children were all excitedly screaming encouragement to all the little ones. For many, this is their first time playing as part of a team so for most of the parents this is a big deal. For us--one of the best family moments ever! Check my boyo in action!


This is the very moment when I wish I had my dream camera stinks when it comes time to shoot many frames in a few seconds. Kimmy send me your camera for a couple of months...or better yet, hop on that private plane and come take some professional pics for me :).


On the knitting front--let's not go there. Let's just say that my Rusted Root is not even half-way there and my other two projects: one is done and the other had to get frogged. I have until the end of this month to complete them.

Just call me Milli...

Yep, that is my new name as assigned by a random Harry Potter name generator. Now, I know it is nothing fancy like my indecent "Isela" name but it works, it is a very decent name (not like Isela, hehehe, if you have ever googled my name you will know why it is not a decent name-now, don't you all rush at the same time to google it).


But why in the name change? Well you see, I am officially accepted into the Hogwarts School of Wizardry Hogwarts Sock Swap. Not only did I get a new name but I also got sorted by the infamous hat! And guess what house I got in? No, not Slytherin, I do have a little bit of a good streak in me--I got into Gryffindor. Gryffindor in da house!!!


Gryffindor's I wanna hear some if you are out there, drop me a note, I want to hear ya shout! Rah-rah Gryffindor!

Now for some logistics for my sweet sock swap pal. I have small feet so you will have an easy time knitting them. Don't forget to say a small spell while knitting them so they last me forever.

1. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into?


2. Shoe size?

6.5 US sizing

3. Foot length?

9 inches

4. Foot circumference?

8.25 inches

5. List your three favorite double-pointed needle brands, including size and length.

  • Crystal Palace. Sizes 0-3. Length 5-6 inches.
  • Plymouth. Sizes 0-3. Length 6 inches.
  • Susan Bates-the old style--white. Length any. I only have one set and I love them.

6. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so which brand? Size? Length?

Considering that it is a wish, here it goes, my wildest needle wish: I would love to try the Lantern moon dpns, preferably in the small size 0-3. Length: the shortest the better.

7. If you are Ravenclaw do you prefer the colors from the book or the film?


8. Are you willing to have an international Hogwarts sock pal?


One last shout out to my house--Gryffindor!!! Let's get us some house points!

Too many pots on the stove!

Have you ever tried to cook and have 4 pots/pans on the stove with food in them? You jump from one to the other, stirring, and lowering the heat, and checking the other, and trying to blow the foam of the 4th that it is at the verge of spilling.


That is the feeling I am getting right now, I have a few projects with deadlines around the corner and then my personal knitting--my Rusted Root. I am jumping from one to the other in hopes that I may finish them all with plenty of time before deadline. So far, I have completed two halves--a half for one project and a half for another. But, my Rusted Root is losing in the cookout--it has been thrown onto the "warm" burner and it hasn't advanced more than a row here and a row there. I really don't think I will have it done by Saturday, unless I forgo all the other burners and concentrate on this one. 


Although there are too many things on the burners, it does make for some fun knitting time. I don't have enough time to get bored. I have a couple of projects on the knitting looms and a few on the needles which makes things even more interesting.


Here is a little video for my loomatic friends, this one shows the M1 (make one) increase. (Blogline readers must click out to view the video, sorry for the inconvenience).

Pictures: Pink stuff--a top secret project. Green project, a test knit--sorry can't tell you what it is, but it is a cool project that's teaching me a whole new concept, Note my goKnit pouch in this picture--I really love it. If you don't have one, try to get one, they are really great. I usually knit in the car (every 5 minutes of knitting counts!) and my yarn always use to go either in my purse or on my lap, now I just put it in the goKnit pouch and hang it from the door and it works great!  I am saving the pennies to get a couple of more--another small one for my sock loom and a large size one for my bigger projects, oh, heck, one of each! Scout rocks! She just keeps getting more and more cool stuff in that store of hers and her supersonic shipping services make the shopping experience even better!

Hippity-Hoppy Fun


We had a wonderful weekend as a family. Hubby took Friday off from work (I twisted his arm and coerced him to do it) and we took the little ones to Baby Animals Day at the historic farm. The kids saw some baby animals--nothing impressive, just chicks, goats, cows, sheep and baby horses. Their favorite thing: pony rides! Their favorite animal: a little donkey.

Bryantandpony Nyahandpony

Then in the evening we had a bbq with the neighbors in the cul-de-sac: there was food, games, and an Egg Hunt.

Kids Nyahandeggs

Little Benny is sporting the fashionable and very original Nantasket Basket designed by Susan. While everyone had plastic little bin, she proudly strutted down the field with the little basket that momma knitted for her. She told a few of the little kids "Mommy knitted it for me". Wonderboy trying to appear very tough, decided to use a gray water bucket.

Here is a slide show of more pictures of our weekend. Hope you had a beautiful weekend too.

k1f&b loop on a loom & bloggiversary contest

Rusted Root is on its way! Needles arrived and I am a couple of inches into the pattern--almost 2 lace repeats and so far, I am loving it! Have any of you knitted this beauty of a top? I have a row of purl stitches running by the beginning of the sleeves--is that correct? I am using Cotton Fleece and I had to bump up to a size 8 needle to get gauge. My goal is to have this top done by April 14th--it is our 6th year wedding anniversary and I really would like to wear it on that special day.


In loomy related news--hmmmm, I have a little mini-clip showing how to achieve the k1f&b loop increase on a knitting loom.  I worked a needle knit swatch and a loom knitted swatch to see how they differed from each other. Needle knit friends, I would love to know your opinion about the two swatches, especially the loom knitted one (of course).

Bloggiversary Contests--are you ready? I have been officially blogging for 2 years! I can't believe it that I have kept the writing coming for that long--I know I am long winded but I didn't think anyone else would be interested in my life and my knits. Anyways, to celebrate my 2 year bloggiversary, we will host two contests--yep 2. One for each year I have been blogging.

1st Contest: This one is easy: anyone who drops a comment on any of my posts from today til April 14th will be entered to win.

Prize:  1 skein of Plain and Fancy  by Sheep & Wool Co. in a blue shade. 400 yards (4.5 oz)


2nd Contest: This one is a little bit more difficult but the rewards are a lot more. I have always wanted to have a mnemonic for the Kitchener Toe--if you can come up with a cool mnemonic/saying/rhyme so I can remember it your prize will be:

3 skeins of Noro Silk Garden #39.

Deadline: April 14th. Winner will be announced April 15 (or 16th)

Little somethings...


The weekend was seen through half-opened eyes, it all started Friday night when I started with a sharp pain in my right eye. I figure it was nothing, just probably dirt in my eye, but the next day I woke up with my right eye all puffy and my eye could only open to half its original size. The pain had also spread to include my cheek, forehead and my right ear. I was in a pickle! Thankfully, it is all gone now and my  eye is back to its normal size. Sorry no pictures--no need to show you roadkill here.


But even the pain in my head couldn't stop me from picking up my needles and knitting a couple of little things for a few expecting Mommies in the neighborhood. I first saw the little booties on Tricotrine's blog and I followed the link to Christine's Baby Booties. The variegated pair was done with left-overs from the Tulips socks and the solid color are from left over yarn from another pair of socks. So, if you are like me who hates to waste those few left over yards of yarn after completing a pair of socks, hop on over and get the pattern, they are so quick and easy to make.

In more knitterly news--I broke my no spendy-rule. I just needed a little something to hold me up for awhile and these little goodies were my first choice. I have been saving diligently to go to Mexico but sometimes I am just too weak--and well, I gave in (but, I want you to know that I de-stashed some items in order to get these little things).


So what made me break my no-spendy-rule:

Item A: A GoKnit Pouch in a vibrant green. I have been eyeing these little bags since Scout set them up on her store. They are just so great to knit on the go. I am usually chasing the kids outside and sometimes I just stand there and watch them and I needed something portable to keep my yarn (I tried a grocery bag and it wasn't very pleasant). Now, I can put my sock yarn in there and chase the kids around the cul-de-sac.

Item B: Baby Suprise Jacket with Meg Swansen-DVD. I don't have any of Elizabeth Zimmermann's books and I have been wanting to make this popular sweater so when I saw it was available in DVD, I grabbed it. Can't review it yet as I haven't had a chance to look at it.

Item C: Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose & Knickerbocker Stockings by Veronica Gainford. No, I won't be knitting hubby any kilt hose, although his ancestors are Scottish, he prefers to hide his shapely legs. The reason behind this book is simple: research--input, need more input!

And the last splurge. No justification--it is simply put: stash-enhancement!


*Edited: the statue of the little duckies was acquired this weekend at Hallmark. I enjoy to have things around the house that show a Mommy and children. I fell in love with it the moment my eyes saw it.