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A weekend project is hard to come by around here, but lookie, I have a finished project! I present you Bounce by Wendy from Knit and Tonic. She released the pattern Thursday night and my fingers quickly pushed the mouse and I was set for the weekend. A quick trip to the stash room and I came up with 2 skeins of Katia Jamaica in number 4010.

Bounce3 Bounce5

I would have finished this cute thing by Friday night if it hadn't been for my lack of attention while watching the movie Deja Vu. I realized about two inches into the work that I twisted my stitches when joining in the round...instead of a nice circular skirt, I was knitting a mobious skirt! Not much damage was done to the yarn, just my ego...and I did get to watch a second movie so I was able to recoup the lost time (still, you would think that after knitting so many circular things that I would have paid more attention, but I had my eyes riveted on the movie-happenings).


Overall, the pattern was sensational! I had a blast knitting it and seeing the colors of the yarn develop. The pattern is an A+, well written, just like Wendy's other patterns. And most importanly, my little Benny loved it! She is looking forward to seeing our neighbors tomorrow to show it off!

Pattern Specs:

Pattern: Bounce by Knit&Tonic

Size: 2yr

Yarn: Katia Jamaica: 1 skein and a few yards of second skein

Pattern deviations: I didn't have any elastic, instead I crocheted a long chain and added two beads at each end. I then threaded the long crocheted chain through the ribbing area (around the 3rd row from cast on edge).


And here are some other shots of her wearing the little skirt, she tried bouncing a few times just for the camera :).


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She's too cute! Nice job on the skirt!! Makes me want a little one again!




The Katia worked so well!


Benny is just beautiful and the colorway of the yarn looks so good on her. Great work!


Beautiful job on this skirt! Ehhh, that sometimes happens to me too while watching a video.LOL
She's so cute boucning around and getting so tall.


That skirt is adorable!


Wow, your daughter is gorgeous--and I am so impressed with how quick you knit this up!

Is your daugher 2? I have an almost 2 1/2 year old and my daughter has barely any hair compared to yours!

Melissa (Fraggle)

Such beautiful pictures (it helps that the subject is so beautiful) they belong in a magazine...


I can't believe how big she is getting!!!! I remember you in the group for loom knitting a few years ago when you announced that you were pregnant...and now look, she's so big! And looks just like her beautiful mamma :) Oh, and the skirt looks good too :)


That little Benny is just too cute for words! I love how she's lovin' her new skirt from mommy. Love the new look of your blog too!


Wow! This looks liek a super quick awesome knit! Oh How I wish I had a little girl:) You are so blessed! The skirt is really pretty and your girl is too:)


Wow- thanks for letting me know about the slideshow! That is great- I'll have to try it :-)


She is so cute! Love the skirt!


The skirt is pretty, but Sweet Girl wearing it is too cute for words. She loves the skirt her Mama made for her - that is obvious.



That is too adorable on your cute little kidlet. :D

Love the colors too.

Oh and I tagged you... if you're into that sort of thing. ;)



It is SOOOO cute!, and she's even cuter :o)

Kristi aka Fiber Fool

Positively adorable!!

Kathy N

She is so cute!


ooooh Isela!! She is looking more and more like you every day! A mini Isela! Beatiful!!!! hmmm What size does that pattern go up to? I am going to have to look into it to cheer up my poor Chickapock girl!


She looks adorable Isela.


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