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Logging in the miles: with yarn (an FO) and the biking

No yarn? No Needles? Not a problem, knitting continues on!


For a few days, I have had the urge to take out some of my beads and wire and try something out. The idea kept coming back, so finally, I gave in and set my needles down and went in search of the wire and beads.


I used 26 gauge copper wire and beads that I picked at Michaels a couple of months ago and with loom in hand, I started playing. I first threaded all the beads that I wanted to use onto the wire and then I used the single stitch to knit a tube long enough to go around my wrist. I still need to find a "good" way to join the two ends, something along the lines of a clasp but I need to go to my local bead store to find something appropriate.


After completing the first bracelet, I wanted to keep playing so I knitted a 2-stitch I-cord with the beaded wire and made a thinner version.


I am really digging this type of knitting and although I would like to try it on needles, I really don't want to "scrape" my addis with the wire. Have any of you tried knitting with wire? What type of needles do you use?

I didn't write a pattern/guide down for these two bracelets but if anyone is interested (just let me know in the comments), I will be willing (hehehe, anything to try loom knitting with wire) to make a couple of more bracelets and I will post the instructions. 

Happy Monday to all!


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Oh I love this... please write the directions down for us and share.


Okay, I admit defeat. I figured since I make jewelry with wire fairly well, and can loom fairly well, I should have been able to do this without a pattern or more detailed insturctions from you - But I Can't! What I made looked more like Impressionistic wire design than jewelry - in other words - a mess. So, I would love a pattern for this, please!


Ooh, your bracelets are lovely! I love the bead colours. Maybe I should try crocheting with wire too.. Thanks for the inspiration!


That is so cool! I'd probably get some inexpensive metal or bamboo needles to do this with, don't blame you for not wanting to ruin your addi's!


What an awesome idea to use beads and wire! You're so creative and your bracelets are beautiful! I have a feeling you're going to inspire a lot of people (including me) to "play" and see what they can create.


So beautiful on you!! Your so crafty, I love it.


Yes would love instructions! Please!


Yes would love instructions! Please!


Isela, I did the same thing with a spool knitter! It came out great! It looks similar to your I-cord version, but to be honest, it is still on the loom, unfinished! One of these days.....

Your version is gorgeous. Did you do circular knitting on the flower loom?


Knit and Purl Gurl

Isela, those are gorgeous. You are a creative thing aren't you!

- Lily Wigworthy ;)


I would love to have the pattern for knitting a bracklet on the loom...

Paula Lynn

Love love love the alternative knitting. I made "invisible" bracelets and necklasses last year using the stretchy cord, and I found that the best way to keep the plastic stretchy cord from becoming undone was to use a clamp bead, and a dot of glue. then using the clasp findings that you screw the cording into the clasp with the little tiny screw and driver that come in the kit. My youngest dd played with one for about a month as dress up before she pulled it appart (the cording broke, not the join.

Hope this helps
Paula Lynn


Very cute!


Uhh, your goin' to catch the beading bug, just wait! Oh, guess what? I picked up a pair on knitting needles! Pooey!


Lovin' 'em!

Janice B.

Love the bracelets!!! Would love to know how to do it myself.


Annie Modesitt has a book on knitting jewelry with beads and wire that you might enjoy. Google it or look on amazon. Your bracelets look great. Love the color of the beads!


Very pretty! :)


Hi Isela! Those are so pretty! I have seen crochet with wire but not knitting. I would like the instructions too, if you don't mind. Thanks! Have a great day!



Very nice! You are hereafter known as "Isela the Crafty" or "Her Craftiness"!

I have a little kit that includes the "corker", the wire, the beads, the tool, as well as a book of instructions & jewelry patterns. The corker is made of very hard resin/plastic, and the pins are metal - in sort of a bent "U" shape.

I bought it to give as a gift to a niece, and then changed my mind. I never opened it.

You make me want to get the kit out and play!



beautiful... and yes please write out how you did it for us.


At most beading places you can find findings or crimper sets to help you do the final finish for your pieces. Even WalMart carries a small supply of such things, but if you want higher quality try the bead stores.

Oh no, beads are another of those addictions. I have that bug as well as the others I have picked up over the years. Watch out, next thing you know you will have beads from the huge ones to those very small seed beads. Oh where to put them all.

You did a lovely piece. Thanks for showing us. MaryJeanne


Very cute! Why not get a cheapy pair of Boyes?


That is fab! Well done, you!

I'd be afraid to use needles, too, for the same reasons. I think your loom is perfect.


Nice. I like the pretty blue beads:)


This looks really pretty :) I would love instructions, I think my mum would like this for mother's day. Thanks Isela!


Oooh, very cool! Looks tricky! I love all of the floaty blue beads!

Elizabeth Posey

OOOHHH !! Isela, How neat!! Please, send the directions!! This is something I have seen done a year or so ago; but, like you, I didn't want to scratch up my needles.
Pretty please, tell me how!!


Love your bracelets.
I have knit quite bit with wire and like the Wild Wire,26 gauge or higher, bought at Michael's. I haven't noticed my needles getting scratched, but do prefer bamboo needles so that I don't have to listen to metal on metal. Don't like the feel of it either, personal preference.
There are getting to be a lot of knitting with wire books out on the market, but I think Nancy Bush was one of the first to come out with it.
I have discovered, for myself it is easier to crochet with wire and looks quite similar to knitting,
Good for you for trying on the loom, hadn't thought of that and will give it a try.


There is a book about, called something like Knitting With Wire. I've loaned it out thru the Library. As I recall, most patterns were designed for use on a knitting machine, but there were splendid photos and tons of inspiration. Follow your muse!

Pam K

Oh Isela... how pretty! Very creative!! You never cease to amaze me with the beautiful things that come from your ideas!!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Very pretty!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson


You just never stop creating! Another check in the win column.


They turned out really cool Isela. When I knitted with wire, I went and bought some really cheapy bamboo needles. They worked great.

I don't know if my mom will be coming back to blogging anytime soon. She has dial-up, which makes blogging a real pain.



Very pretty! I haven't tried knitting with beads yet.. but I DID find a craft kit at a yard sale with a very small circular loom in it! I'll let you know how that goes.

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