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Pearly Satchel

Pearly Gates and The Pearly Satchel

Pearls_satchetedited_4The biking has been deathly exciting lately. When I started biking (a couple of weeks ago), my speed barely broke 10mph and my first ride consisted of 20 miles. I came back with a sore back, sore neck, sore bottom, and really sore knees. Come to find out that my bike was too small for me, so an exchange had to be made. On my second ride the soreness of my knees was gone, apparently having the right size bike and the post raised to the correct position has a great effect on the way you feel after the ride.

I have so far put about 200 miles on my bike and I am enjoying least I was until this Saturday. The ride Saturday started off nicely enough, there were a few other riders and a couple of my close friends/neighbors. As always, my speed didn't keep up with them (I average 13mph now) but that didn't bother me, I still kept pedaling. Our goal was 40 miles. I got lost a couple of times and had to ask a few of the people around me if they had seen any other bikers. Finally I was able to catch up with them and we turned around. On the way there I had to climb this huge killer hill and I thought that it was death for sure...death from exhaustion! But on the way back, I forgot that I would have to go down that killer hill too!

Going down the hill, I rode both of my brakes down, but when I reached the end of the hill and saw thePearlysatchetbwpink  ominous red STOP sign, my bike just kept going, my friends started whistling and screaming for me to stop but I just couldn't, my bike was going too fast and I was pushing the brakes all the way down. I looked both ways on the intersecting road and on the side closest to me there was a golden car a few yards away and on the other a silver truck. I really thought that was the end for me. The golden car honked and stopped just a couple of yards from me and the truck stopped too. Finally, the bike stopped in the middle of the intersecting road, and me...well, me I looked like a deer right in the middle of the road. My heart was pounding, my cheeks were red, and my mind was just seeing my children faces. I am grateful that both drivers were alert enough to their surroundings because if it hadn't been for their quick response, I would probably be road kill.

I rode the rest of the 10 miles home as fast as I could (I averaged 18 miles on those last 10!). As I got home, I waved goodbye to my neighbors and came inside, as soon as I closed the door and told hubby, I broke down. Hubby inspected my brakes and come to find out, my back brake needs a huge adjustment. I have to push it all the way down for it to click in, while his bike only needs a little push and it clicks all the way in.   

Now, I am afraid of going on my bike again, the desire is there but I know that if I have to go down that killer hill that I will be walking my bike down, not riding it down! I was too foolish the first time around, it won't happen again...I know I can control the speed of my two feet (just thinking of the if's makes me want to cry). Thanfully, the days have been rainy so there have been no bike rides but I wonder if I will be able to push my fear back and climb on my bike again in time for the 40 mile Little Red Ridinghood tour


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