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Seven Things....about me & contest!

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KnittyOtter tagged me for this interesting Meme where I get to tell you 7 random things about me. The tag came at a really great time as I have lots of knitting done but none that I can show....not just yet anyways. So here we go, 7 randomly things about the Purling Sprite.


1. The first thing I do when I get in the shower is shave my underarms. I shave my legs every day too--even during winter. I can't stand the little stubs! If I ever go anywhere and I forget a razor, I must stop at a grocery store and buy one. When we went to NY, I lost my razor (maid threw it out!) at one of the hotels and I had to buy an entire bag so I could have extras.

2. If my yarn gets tangled too much, I prefer to throw it out rather than to sit there for hours unkinking it! It drives me nuts.

3. My favorite movies are usually comics come to the big screen. Have been playing with the idea to subscribe to different comic books :).

4. I like to read the last page of a book first (crazy habit!)

5. I have suffered from vertigo since I was little--hate it! It is worse when I am going to bed and the entire room just goes around in circles around me.

6. When I was a child, I ran away from home three times. Once at age 5, once at age 6, and once at age 15.

7. I got my first real kiss at age 12...he was twice my age.


Pictures: Mystery projects I have currently going.

Now...c'mon tell me at least one (1)  random juicy tidbit about yourself. :).

*I just realized that I am really close to hitting 3600 comments. So as a result of this and to celebrate that I survived a really close call on my bike (I'll tell you about it on another day, promise), let's have a contest. Tell me one (1) juicy tidbit about yourself (just leave a comment) and I will enter you into a contest. You have from now until May 31st to leave me a comment on this post, with one (1) juicy tidbit about you. It will be fun :) and I'll have a way to get to know you.

What will the prize be: 1 skein of STR--yep, you can win 1 skein of Socks that Rock!


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Once upon a long long time ago as teen I went to a sleepover and I was dared to streak from my friends house to the stop sign. I agreed to do it and got to the stop sign only to be greeted by a cop whom was a friends dad who was more embarrased than I was. He covered me up with his jacket and walked me back the the party and woke up her friends parents who then called my parents. Funny thing, is that I never got grounded. My parents shook their heads but thought it was a pretty funny.


Well, I am a pretty clean cut kind of girl. I could only really thing of one juicy thing... when I was 21, I studied abroad for a semester. My good friend and I would go out and party a couple of times a week. We would start off at our dorm, and then head to the bar. We often couldn't make it to where we were going without having to go to the bathroom - so we would 'go' at a car dealership right by the train stop. After we left the bar... this is the really juicy part ... we would of course, have forgotten to go there... so we would go up to the castle ... yep the real castle (not going to say where!)where the king and queen live and relieve ourselves there. Kinda gross, huh? But when a girl's gotta go, a girl's gotta go! (later we found out it was kinda illegal to pee in the king's front yard....) :)


Hmm, juicy tidbit...

OK, here goes. I once kissed three different guys in one day! Little slut, I was. :)

So glad you are OK after the biking thing!


I hate going over bridges with water! I have to pass over one every week when I visit my mom to knit with her. I've seen how to survive if your car goes in the water, but am afraid I would panic, and I do know how to swim. I even practice holding my breath daily, so that just in case I would go off that bridge I could hold my breath long enough to get out...LOL Crazy! I know!

Dianne P Carroll

This one isn't juicy but I thought about it today because today is my 30 yr Anniversary. When I met my husband I was divorced with 4 small kids. Now my husband had never been married, never wanted kids and several months before he met me he had Tarot cards read with a friend. The lady told him that he would get married and have lots of kids. He blew it off as bunk because he knew he never wanted to get married and didn't want any kids. Well I knew when he asked me to marry him that he must really really love me and I definitely said yes. He turned out to be the best father that they could ever have (especially since their real father wasn') and the kids and grandkids adore him and call him "Poppy". Sorry it was so long.


One juicy thing about me... In high school, my favorite book was The Wyndcliffe by Louise Lawrence (about a romance between a dead 19th century poet and a modern 15-year-old girl). That's not the juicy part. I read that book in part or in whole several times a year, every year while I was in high school. My name was the only one written in the check-out card until my senior year. (That's not the juicy part.) The juicy part is that I couldn't stand leaving my favorite (and out-of-print) book behind once I graduated, so I checked it out near the end of my senior year and told the librarian I'd lost it. I stole a library book. Yep. That's the juicy part.

But then I returned the book, during my freshman year in college, due to a bad case of contrition. I never saw another of its kind again until the age of the internet and Now I have a *legal* copy of my own...and its sequel, Sing and Scatter Daisies.

Whew. I feel so much better now.


We are long-distance and so I often bribe my cutie with phone-lovin' to wear my girlier/embarassing handknit stuff (kitty ear hats, scarves, etc) for free advertising!


Funny how everyone loves to share secrets!!! It's great!! Except I can't share mine!!! lol Hope you are doing good, girl!!!


A juicy tidbit? Hmmm...

Well, I met my husband on July 3, 1991. We had our first "real" date one week later and we started living together in August 1991. Our son was born exactly 1 year, 2 weeks after we met - July 17, 1992. We wasted no time!

...I'm afraid that's about as juicy as I can get. LOL!


Juicy tidbit: I use my Wonderloom to do two parts of the same project at once. Like a left sock and right sock, or left mitten and right mitten. I do one row on the left, then repeat it on the right. It helps when I improvise patterns, because I always seem to come out with a different number of rows each time I count, and never end up with matching sets if I do them separately. No SSS for me!


Let's see. Sometimes I look at people and get this creepy crawly feeling. I'm convinced I can detect evilness. That's pretty wierd. :)


Losing myself in sensual music and daydreaming about hot sexy adventures.

Brenda GA Dome-Dweller

Although I'm a conservative wife & grandmother on the exterior, I'm a rebellious mad woman from the 60's inside who uses art & crafts as an outlet for my runaway mind. Also, because of insecurities, I usually avoid large social gatherings. So now the secret is out :D


hmm, something juicy... oh, there are so many inappropriate things I could tell, but which one to choose? Oh, here's a fairly innocuous one. I have the exact same size feet as my father. Lemme tell ya, as a femme, these feet are something of a liability in the shoe department, and they hurt all the time, but I love my big guy feet anyway. Men's size 10 1/2 EEEE (width). Dad and I trade shoes sometimes!

Elizabeth Posey

Hi Isela, My big thing is, if a project is too easy I will get bored with it and put it aside. I have three projects in this state; one is from 1983, that is a long time to sit and wait to get finished. I just love the little bag, will try it. Liz

Kathryn Baptista

I have been with my partner for 17 years, but we'll have been married for 3 on June 5th. We live in Massachusetts where they legalized same-sex marriage three years ago, and we were second in line to get our license in Salem, where we live. Now our son is working for MassEquality, an organization working to keep it legal.

lyn lewis

Just found your link and had such fun reading your info, since here I am off work with a bandaged up foot after an op but hadto be on sick leave, so WAHEYyyyyyyy time to knit, stitch and browse!
Juicy bits about me? I SO agree with you about the razor thing.........Im the same, cant be doing with stubble!
BUT the even more insulting thing is that as I age, like in years Im 57 ( but with such an interesting past believe me!)
I have started to grow Quills, Im certain thats what they are, on my chin!
I mean I HAVE to tweeze odds eyebrow hairs each day, though god knows Im fair and they cant be seen, so its irrational right? BUT NOW............I have to tweeze out what can only be described as burgeoning feather quills which have started to grow in my chin, on one side only.........think that means anything in itself? They are so resistant to being tweezed out too! When I do finally pull the darned things out they are like the width of cats whiskers..........oooh hadnt thought of that! After years and years of cat rescue work, maybe Im growing cats whiskers? Now this has only just occurred to me!
Could I be morphing into a new species? A Felineish-Knitting -Ninny? lolol watch this space but please dont hold your breath!
Lyn in UK........... where to be fair, a furry covering helps in cold weather!


You wanted us to share a tidbit a day until you reached 3600 comments, right? OK then, here's my tidbit for today:
I was on Romper Room when I was a kid. I remember my Grandpa picking me up in his light blue van and taking me there. I remember holding my left hand over my right heart and having Miss Diane correct me. And I remember this song...
See me walk so straight and tall
I won't let my basket fall
eyes ahead and don't look down
keep that basket off the ground!


I'm patient with most things and people in my life, but with my crafting projects, my attention span is fairly short. I have yet to finish a really large project--I get frustrated with how long it takes and just stop.


I'm embarrassed to show my mother my knitting because it'll never be as lovely as hers. She's 83...

I love your blog!


Hi Isela! I'll detangle your yarn for you - for a wee percentage : )

My tidbit: I still love video games! My poor kids have to ask when it's going to be their turn. Fortunately for them, I am a grown-up and only find free time in little bits. Also, nine times out of ten I will go for my yarn instead of a controller. Playing productively... yep, I'm a grown-up now - sigh. Favorite video games: Final Fantasy games! Zelda games! and I LOVE Crono Cross! I think I need to go "waste" some time...


When I was like 3-4 I would go to the end of our walk to get the newspaper but on the way back I would hit myself over the head...why? who knows? Also at about 3 I would take the knobs off the big tall radio(this was one of the ones that used tubes so was large in size)and put them in the potato sack and most time I did this almost nude(just my undies) again why? :-)


lovely blog..


I'm glad you're okay. There are a lot of crazy drivers out there. Be careful out on the roads!

A juicy thing about me... Hmmm...

I went through most of college without a bra because they were uncomfortable. And when I got my first job and was invited to a happy hour celebration, I had to stop to buy one because I realized halfway there that it might not be appropriate to show up without one on!


My tidbit is really rather morbid. I have to read the obituaries of the cities I have lived in long enough to get to know people, so that I can see if they have passed away. The morbid part is that it really bothers me when obits don't tell how the person died. "Peacefully at home" doesn't tell me much, and I don't know why it bothers me, but it does. I don't need the gory gross details, but I do want more details (did they have cancer? did they fall off the empire state building? did they die doing something they loved like bungee jumping off the roof of the Sears Tower?) Anyway, terribly morbid, I know, but I feel it's one of those things I HAVE to know. Especially if it's a young person, because I don't think young people should die, and if they do, I want to know how, so I can try to avoid it I guess.

Pati :)

Not sure if this is juicy enough... but it's embarrasing so it should count. I still sleep with my lovey from when I was a little girl... yes, my doggie sleeps in my king-sized bed with DH & I.


When selling a pair of heels that didn't fit on ebay, the winner ended up being this foot fetish guy who offered me extra $ to send him photos of my feet and dirty socks along with the shoes. We were destitute so I did it (never did tell DH though).

Cindy in Oregon

Hmmm. Juicy tidbit, eh? In college, I once went on a date with a guy who took me to dinner and dancing at a club and ended up leaving with a different guy. In my defense, guy number 1 had spent a lot of time telling me how if I was ever going to have any money, I'd have to marry someone like him because there was no way a woman could make as much as a man. This was in 1975 (yeah, I'm old). I told him I would rather be poor and alone than to be with him, then ditched him to leave with the other guy (someone I knew from school). Only time I ever ditched a date. Oh, by the way, I've always made my own money and I've done pretty well for myself. :)


I am afraid of the dark, and afraid of moving from one city to another.


My juicy tidbit: It usually throws most people off when we talk about past jobs when I tell them how I used to work for a Porno Magazine. I ran their mailroom for a year and used to fill in for the receptionist when when she was on lunch, had the day off, or on vacation. I used to help the editors, when they would run contests. Nothing like stuffing mailing envelopes with underwear,, dont ask! There were perks tho,,, the publishing group also put out health and fitness mags,,, I used to get so many freebies. But I was the life of the party when it did come to bridal showers,,,of course I was the one elected to bring the "party toys"!


One juicy thing . . . Well, maybe this isn't juicy, but it's something I always feel kind of embarrassed owning up to: I'm afraid of the dark (always have been). Especially when I turn out all the lights on the main floor before I go upstairs at bedtime--I always feel kind of creepy, like there's something/someone behind me. So I open the stairway door and sort of back through the doorway and onto the stairs. How silly is that!

Kimberly Storey

huummm something personal?

I always have too many WIP~!!

and I have a severe fear of the dentist.I mean its soooo bad I need therapy! Thank God Ive never had a cavity, I dont know what Id do!

Im flat footed......

oh, I could go on and on!~


my tidbit: I not only hoard yarn, but I also hoard canned vegetables. Now, this is strange, because I DON'T cook!! I guess its because my mother always had a pantry full of vegetables, and for some reason, I just feel unsafe without a pantry full! Recently, my husband was in the pantry and he pulled out a can of peas that had a date of 1989 on it! I just said..."it'll still be good!" LOL

I love the dictionary description of hoard: to accumulate for preservation, future use


my juicy tidbit...
One of my nicknames in college was Nips. One halloween I dressed up as a little piggy to go trick-or-drinking. I wore some pink one-piece long johns, sewed on some baby bottle nipples, stuffed a pillow in the front and one in the rear, made a curly tail with some ribbon, then hit the bars. Oh, I used to be so much fun!!!

another alice

Tangled yarn - felt it, couch it down on a project, use it for stuffing or (the best) donate it to an after school program - kids will send hours untangling it to make macaroni necklaces for their moms.

Juicy tidbit - in my hippy days, I only owned one bra for when my parents were around. when it finally wore out, I didn't know what size I needed so, instead of asking, I purchsed a double A as it sounded bigger than an A which I knew I had back in middle school. Big mistake! :-)


Once I said 'yes' to two different guys for a highschool formal. I had plans to meet one guy inside and show up with another. Turns out that guy was expelled though and wasn't allowed to come in, so I guess it worked out in the end!


OK, confession time. In college, I was madly, passionately in love with my Computers instructor. I'd spend hours pouring of stacks of cards at Hallmark to find just the right one, then sneak into the Division Office and slide it into his mailbox. I'd skip Economics to have lunch with him 2-3 times a week. Alas, it was all one sided. He was married, to his wife and his career. I graduated, met and married my husband and started a family of my own. But when I ran into him, unexpectedly at the Farmer's Market, I instantly knew he was coming by the tune he was whistling. For but a moment I was 19 again, and my heart raced with the excitement of seeing him (after many years). He knew me, altho I'm not that naiive girl I once was. I still blush thinking of it! God help me if my Teen Queen daughter ever reads this.


Okay, let's see. One random juicy tidbit. I don't know if it is really juicy or not, but I guess it might have been at the time it happened.
-When I was in 8th grade a boy tripped me as I was walking to my bus after school. I fell smack dab onto my left knee (scraped the other one, too) and ended up getting fluid under my kneecap (see it was juicy!). I still have trouble to this day with that knee and have to use a knee-brace on it when I am doing anything strenuous. Every time it hurts I think to myself, "I should really make Eric ---- pay for my doctor and chiropractor bills." Oh well, he was just a little 6th grader at the time and probably felt bad about it after he saw me limping for the rest of the month ;o)


I am the most boring person alive. *L* Yeah, okay... This will be news to you. I was raised to manipulate men and do it without really thinking about it or being aware that I'm doing it until I'm getting what I want. Part of coming from a family of women, I think. ;^)


I've gotta say - yours are some of the best random things I've read yet! Hmmmm, me? - let's see... I type all day, for a living, enough to wear the letters off the keys and go through a couple of keyboards a year, yet right now, with the letters worn off, if you ask me to point out a certain key, I can't do it. I just know where they are when I type and don't have to think about it.

Leslie  Terry

When I was 17-20 I worked graveyard shift at a carpet mill. Lugging 80 pound cone of heated yarn off of the machine to be sewn into carpet. The juicy part, I loved it! It made me feel like I wasn't such a small boned person if I could lift one after another cone of yarn night after night. At the time I only weighted 100 lb if I was lucky (not the case anymore). I am woman, hear me ROAR!!!


When I purchase things regardless of where I am I have this habit of wanting the item to be as perfect as possible. If it is a book or magazine it must have no wrinkles or signs of being mad-handled. If its yarn it needs to be in a nice little ball or a near perfect skein. I also look for the the most apealing items to me. Food, yarn, clothes, etc. If there is something not perfect about it I feel cheated somehow...


Not really all that juicy, but I'm still afraid of thunder. I keep thinking I'll get over it "when I'm an adult," but I'm not sure when that is...


I was on the Dating Game, and went to Hawaii. :OD


Here's my tidbit. I had 4 different moms growing up and 4 different fathers, too. I wasn't in foster care though, so figure that one out! hee hee!


I hate to have any of my food mixed up on the plate. Except pototoes, carrots, and parsnips from pot roast. Those I mash all together to eat.


I am opposite of your #2. I cannot stand by and have my yarn tangled. I will sit for hours to untangle it. I wont even consider to cut it, even if it means I can get it done faster.


One thing about me?

I have to have the bed absolutely perfect before I lay down. If it's not all straight and the sheet on perfectly, I cannot get comfortable. yes, I'm a smidge oddball.


Something odd about myself...Any time I go shopping (Grocery Store or Department Store) if I pick an item up to purchase, I absolutely CANNOT take the first item off of the shelf. I have to grab the one that's two or three behind the first one...even though that box is identical to the one in front of it. It drives my Husband crazy that I do this!!! I've tried to change...really I have! Honestly though, I have no clue why I do this. In fact it's become such a habit, that I don't even realize that I'm doing it!


Something odd about myself...Any time I go shopping (Grocery Store or Department Store) if I pick an item up to purchase, I absolutely CANNOT take the first item off of the shelf. I have to grab the one that's two or three behind the first one...even though that box is identical to the one in front of it. It drives my Husband crazy that I do this!!! I've tried to change...really I have! Honestly though, I have no clue why I do this. In fact it's become such a habit, that I don't even realize that I'm doing it!


hmm whenever I eat a slice of pumpkin pie I eat the filling first and then the crust seperately. There.. now give me that STR!!! heheheheh


I'm 33 years old, and still sleep with my pink baby blanket (worn out, holey, and faded though it might be!), that my dad brought me home from the hospital in. I can't fall asleep without it (yes, it's true!). When I was hospitalized for emergency colon surgery 6 years ago, my husband brought the blanket to the hospital for me. My dad passed away 2 years ago, and so now the blanket has extra special meaning for me.


A juicy bit? If I use it here, I won't have one for my 7. :) Ok... I once dated someone for 8 months that was twice my age. I was 24.

ACK! I assume that you are ok or you wouldn't be posting. Don't they have some type of wierd crossing the street system there in SLC? Something having to do with flags and such? Or am I thinking of the wrong town?


My juicy bit? I robbed the cradle, hubby is 7 years younger than me though you'd never know it since he's balding on top and going grey while I still have no grey at all.


When your yarn gets tangled don't throw it out. Send it to meeeeeee!

Also, I too suffer from vertigo. It's sometimes not so noticeable and sometimes sickeningly noticeable. Especially when I lie down to go to sleep. Just like you. Not the most fun, eh?


Hmm... something juicy... I don't know how juicy this is, but it's kind of weird... I'm a huge Backstreet Boys fan. I've seen them in concert seventeen times in the last 8 years including flying to Orlando twice for the weekend to see them and driving thirteen hours to Ottawa to see them. Hehe... I once saw them five times on the same tour, and after seven years I finally got to meet them all and it was the Best Day Ever. :o)

Here's the recap of meeting them, with pictures...


I frequently find myself in the car (when I'm not driving) subconsciously lifting my feet up to "jump" over the imaginary lines that would extend out into the road from lightpoles. I also jump when going over bridges. This can be a good ab workout when going over wide rivers.

Okay, maybe that wasn't so juicy as it was just bizarre? Oh well.


1) When I find a little mistake in my knitting, I would rather start the project all over than try to "tink" and "lrup" to fix it.

2) One of my Pet Peeves - Women who wear open toe/heel shoes that are too small resulting in the toes/heels hanging over the shoe edges. Freaky I tell ya. What are they thinking - "I wear a size 9 but a size 8 feels so good I think I'll get a size 7"? Sheesh.



Crazy? I hate pineapple in pizza. Is that crazy?


I put on one sock, the corresponding shoe, then the other sock and shoe! ;)


I like to read the last page of a book too! I've been tagged a couple of times for this meme, so look out for a post soon!

Kansas A.

Oh my Isela! I wouldn't have guessed half the things you posted about yourself! LOL I'm an open book...had my first child at 18, my last at 38, and one at 33. Used to party like a mad woman, have really settled down, regret it sometimes but love my kids! :) Only shave my legs when I really, really have too... and that might be once a year, really! See, pretty much an open book :) LOL LOL

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