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Adding Pizzazz to the Yard!

Bling, bling! We went from blah to wowzie!

Check out the before photos: It wasn't bad...it was just plain, no color, just brown and a little green. But Momma likes color! So this weekend we went in search of some beautifying flowers for the yard.

Yardbefore Frontyard

And what once was blah...now has some pizzazz!  Flowers all around! Some mini-roses, impatients, snapdragons, hydrangeas (not flowering yet), and the hybrid yellow calla lilies that I planted a couple of months (came up this year, although they were supposed to come up next year) add up to a snazzy yard.


Our front flower area also went from boring to colourful.

Yardbefore2_2 Frontyard2  

It was a great Saturday for all of us. Going from store to store finding about flowers and the kids choosing their own little flower for the yard to finally deciding on the flowers/plants was a great family time. Work can be fun...when it is done with those you love :).

Flowers: $70

Bark: $17.50

Hose to water the flowers: $35

Beverages: $3

Memories made: Priceless!


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Kansas A.

Great memories and your yard looks stunning! Great job!


Wow, it looks gorgeous! I need you to come and garden at my house, haha!


Looks beautiful and sounds like it was great fun.


So pretty! I love hydrangeas! And the calla lilies probably came out just to welcome it's new neighbors!

Knit and Purl Gurl

Isela, the whole yard looks great. What a transformation! I love the yellow Calla Lilies. Absolutely gorgeous. You got lucky that they came a year early. They are my favorite!



Great job!


Awesome family project! The yard looks lovely:)



In my mind our yard is just as lovely. In reality our gardeners have managed to kill much of our last landscaping efforts. Although, we do have several 8 foot tall weeds that are, well, growing like weeds! Time to find new gardeners.



Oooh man! Have I said I wish we lived closer to each other lately?? hehe
come on.. move to ohio! I need my yard redone!It's nice and shady!!

Alice Schnebly

Wow, such a difference! I wish our yard looked that great!


Great job, that looks gorgeous!


Love it!


It looks FABULOUS........you are definitely the Mistress of your Domain, girl!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

Looks wonderful!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson



Kathy N

It looks great!


Did you get the kind of snapdragons that "snap" when you pinch the sides, or the kind that are more like petunias?

I love showing kids how to make a snapdragon snap!


It looks beautiful Isela. Definitely more cheerful.


B. Lee

Oh yes Isela, what a great job! It looks beautiful!

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