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Contest Winner Announcement...

Shhhh.....I am working. On what? I am playing at being publisher-webdesigner-guru for the next issue of Loom Knitters Circle will be up shortly. So exciting! Shh...don't make too much noise or I'll get distracted/sidetracked.

Mombryant_2But, to distract you from the lack of content, I have some news about my loomy-knitty-gritty episode. Yep! It is going to air...I had my doubts of it airing (knowing fully well that I completely sucked at the taping!). Anyways, DIY is airing the episode in July and the topic is: Loom Knitting--colourwork on a hat.

And today is the first day of June and this brings us to our contest winner.Our contest winner was chosen by our friendly and ever-so-popular Random number generator. We received 62 entries into the contest, so I gave each entry name a number and the number chosen was....number 18 and this goes toooooooooo....Lori from Yarn Beans. She receives a beautiful skein of STR.

But wait, my contest was way too much fun and you guys not only made me reach 3600 comments but 3700! Yep, 3700, and thus I made the executive decision to give the 3700 commenter a little something! Our 3700 commenter was Marisol. Marisol, check your email for a wee little surprise.

Thank you everyone for participating. I am still getting a kick out of reading all the entries....some of them are juicy indeed!


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How exciting about Knitty Gritty! Will you let us know when you know which date it is for sure? I don't want to miss it!


OMG! Here I am in the middle of a working marathon and not reading blogs and I decide to have a glass of wine at midnight and read blogs and I find out I've won? YaaaaaaaaaaaY! Thanks so much! I'm totally jazzed about this and it's just what I needed!

the other Marisol

haha I got all excited for a minute, seeing my name and "contest winner" and the I thought ..I don't remember being a part of this contest LOL.. but lo and behold its another Marisol. Congrats to her and Lori.

So ..uummm ya ..hows the magazine coming? I am so anxious to see it. Do contributers get a sneak peek?

*twiddles thumb, refreshes page, sits here grinning and excited*

Knit and Purl Gurl

Yay! Can't wait to your episode on Knitty Gritty! I'll give you a hint to who I am. I was also on a taping of Knitty Gritty. But I can't tell you when or which one! Happy hunting! Have a great weekend!

- Lily Wigworthy ;)


Ooh, I'm so glad your episode will be airing when I'm off for the summer! I'm so excited for you!

Congrats to the lucky contest winners. I bet I was number 19, right, just one away from the big win! LOL

Love the pic of you and Bryant!


I can't wait to see you on Knitty Gritty! I've been recording the shows to my DVR ever since I saw they were showing new episodes, just in case your show was coming on. I don't want to miss it!

Congratulations to your contest winners :) Such fun!


Yea! We'll be watching for you on NG!!


What! I won somehting? Oh my goodness girl! I can't wait to see what it is! I feel like I just won the lotto! Well maybe not but Knitting related items are always a close second:)


Yippee! I can't wait to see the show.

Congrats to the contest winners.

The picture of you and little boy is just so precious! That child LOVES his momma.



Yay for the show! And congrats to all the winners.

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